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Denial of Child Rape by Irish families and friends never ceased to amaze me for many years. Children are being raped within Irish families, everyone knows it is happening, but they would prefer shoot the messengers, while almost everyone, at the same time, pretends to be surprised, that the children are behaving in dysfunctional ways. Worse in the dysfunctional, island of Ireland, many Irishwomen discuss it among themselves or seretly to outsiders, to get knowledge of the situation, but are in denial about the real cause. Children are sent for all kinds of superficial “help” where for politcal reasons, the real problem, which is child rape, is avoided. These enablers relieve their conscience with this superficial help and praying, while drawing more attention to themselves, in the process, rather than confront the monster of institutional child rape, in both parts of Ireland. Even if the issue arises, there is even further denial, with the use of the term "child abuse"  being used, rather than the accurate term, 'Child Rape.'

Ireland has the fourth highest suicide rate in world, among teens in certain categories and the denial in Ireland, about this horrific crime is pervasive. It is rationalized away in communities, with conversations such as; she is like that because she was born premature; he avoids his parents because he is on drugs and it upsets them, his parents are working hard so that he can have the best, while his life is in shreds as he skims through school friends and seems to be always in trouble or stealing. Why doesn’t she want to kiss uncle Patrick? I cannot understand. Her mother is on drugs and has an alcohol problem, but she would never let her child do that. In families of drug users, promiscuity, alcoholism and child rape, they will often ask, why she shames her family, by getting into fights, running away or stealing all the time? They will usually avoid the cause of the problem or pretend it is not happening. The Criminal State method of avoiding responsibilty and covering it up, is through a network of handpicked, nepotism, with constant inter-agency referral and "professional" client priviliged confidentiality, as a distraction, from the real problem of cultivated Child Rape. When enabling politcians are confronted, they wil use soundbites, based on thes referral agencies of official denial.

Women who visit neighbours, regularly notice for example, the oldest daughter never leaving her younger sister’s side, while her Mother’s boyfriend is around, even if it causes a fight, when the boyfriend wants the little sister, to accompany him to the kitchen on some excuse. This is an example of non-normal behaviour, but Irishwomen, often pretend it is, with the mother usually taking the side of the boyfriend, forcing the little girl to go with him. Irish women often do this for financial benefit, which is part of the problem, for other women it means they don’t have to satisfy a sexual need, that they thmeleves don’t wish to perform. For others it is a fear of violence, for other selfish, self-centred, women, it is simply too much of a bother to get involved in the messy horrific affairs of Child Rape, especially if they hardly survived it themselves, so it carries on, in an inter-generational nightmare of spreading an insidious community, disease.

This is the root of the problem. Denial of Child Rape keeps every generation in such Irish families, trapped, unless it is stopped by someone telling the truth, publicly. When families and friends, stay in denial amongst themselves, they are forcing Irish children, deeper into a surreal world, which the child needs to create, in order to survive. This is why many survivors, that have been raped as children, appear to be compulsive liars when talking about their everyday lives. They are forced to survive, by bringing their make believe world, into the real world. To survive they have made both, one and the same. They truly cannot differentiate, between the true and the false. This has been happening for generations in Ireland.  A few brave women, have decided it stops with them, and they will not let it happen to future generations of Irish children. Only the truth, will set these survivors and their future generations of Irish children free. Sadly most Irish women, would prefer, if they kept quiet and allow them to keep on pretending, it never happened. This denial has enabled dysfunctional homes, to spread the crime of Child Rape, into every community in Ireland, to the point, that the whole island, that both dysfucntional and fractured in the extreme.

While this problem exists in every society, Ireland because of 800 years of British colonial child rape, and more than a thousand years of exploitaion by the Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to the Celtic Church, both secretly using Child Rape, as an excellent tool of social control over Ireland. By a combination of violence, blackmail, manipolation and mentoring their pawns, in this dark art of social control, they have created an establisment in Ireland, with a bureaucracy of secrecy, to control the island. Truthtellers are disappeared, discredited, intimidated, jailed and executed. Recent British law, now states that the secrets of Child Rape in state institutions, such as orphanages, correctional facilities or homes, housing children, taken from their family home, making them the most vulnerable, without a blood guardian, are to remain secret, under lock and key, for a minimum of 75 years. The Government of the so called 'free state' of Ireland, is currently about to introduce, precisely the same legislation. Coincidence? I don't think so, neither does the seasoned observers of the machinations of covert British Rule in Ireland. An extremely expenisve inquiry, a few yers ago in the south of Ireland, concluded, that Child Rape was both "SYSTEMIC" and ENDEMIC." Despite this horrific conclusion, neither the Government or the people have learned anything, as can be seen from the proposed legislation of secrecy. The north of the island of Ireland, is already under the oppression of existing British secrecy laws, that have excluded, places like Kincora Boys Home and Nazareth Lodge, from a British mainland inquiry, for political reasons. All of the extablishment politcal parties in Ireland, are guilty of a long, criminal history, of enabling Child Rape, as is an emerging politcal party, that may well be part of the next Governing Coalition in the south, while already being part of the Governing Junta in the north. I will post more about this in the future, if I am still alive and I hope this post, will help you realize, how important it is, to lift the secrecy of Child Rape in Ireland. Friends of these survivors, are about to go public. I urge you to support them, as they are confronting some very powerful, ruthless, extremely wealthy, powerful, people in both Ireland and the UK. This subject is heavily censored, and if you feel it is the right thing to do, it will help be of great assitance, if you can share this. In an informal chat on Facebook yesterday, you can find a way to contact these brave women, from the link below. They desperatley need your support along with the thousands of children, still being raped in Ireland on a daily basis.


An Earthbag Round House For Less Than $5,000

A Solution to Ireland's growing Homelessness?

Looking for a very stable design which does not only come cheap from the start but also makes you save money in the long run. Due to its shape and materials used, the earthbag house has less area than your normal home, so it’s cheaper to keep it supplied with energy. Don’t be scared if you never built circular structures before, because the example shown here used a technique called the compass arm which you can easily learn. Recycled or salvaged materials were used wherever it was possible, like in the door or on the floor. The tutorial has photos showcasing almost each step of the building process so if you decide to replicate the project, use it to help and guide you along the way. At the end you will have the comfort of 450 ft² with less than $5,000 spent overall.
Earthbag-House-2Starting on the rubble trench foundation. Railroad ballast was used for the rubble.
Earthbag-House-14Covering over our sediment fabric with pea gravel.
Earthbag-House-15Two rows of stem wall – 80 lb sack concrete. 2 strands of barbed wire go between every row. The thing in the middle is our building compass, made from chain link parts, used to keep the walls round and level.
Earthbag-House-16Firewood used to hold the barbed wire in place. The row of gravel bags going in.  When tamped, they are about 2 inches thick.
Earthbag-House-18Door frame up.  The bottom layer of bags are double bags filled with gravel to keep water from wicking up into the walls.
Earthbag-House-19A strip anchor to hold the door in place. Filling a bag with a mix of clay soil from on-site and “screenings” from a gravel quarry.
Earthbag-House-20Mary Jane and Morgan on right
Earthbag-House-4The little window near the camera will also be a cold storage in the winter. Note our first lintel over window in back.  This keeps the wall stable over an “open” area such as a door or window.

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