Friday, 3 April 2015


The Omagh bombing, was an inter-agency False Flag operation, with many victims, designed to discredit the armed struggle, against British Occupation in Ireland, and to consolidate a Pseudo Peace Process, built by Pedophile Rings, controlled by MI5. In my capacity in running the Newry Sinn Fein office, I found a written communique, regarding an appointment by British Secret Service, with an agent, within the Republican Movement, related to British facilities in Ballykinlar, for military training.

I have written in previous posts of my efforts to clarify, with senior Republicans, the status of certian matters in Newry. Unfortunately within Sinn Fein, it was not possible to find at that time, someone trustworthy, with regard to this and other critical matters. I concluded from personal experience, that pedophile rings had considerable influence, not just within Sinn Fein but also MI5, the RUC, the Judiciary, Special Branch, the DPP or PPS office in Occupied Ireland. I consequently resigned.

Everything I have witnessed since the signing of the Peace Process confirms my previous conclusions, in fact there is considerable evidence, that the problem is now consolidated within all of the political establishment in Ireland, who collaborated in both False Flag operations of the Omagh and Dublin/Monaghan bombings. The truth is still being witheld, with regard to both False Flag Operations, within Dublin Castle, and is directly resposnible for the ongoing political internment of Seamus Daly.

Thruthtellers on such matters are generally assassinated or meet an untimely death, in the ongoing Dirty War in Ireland. I believe the lawyers Pat Finnucane and Rosemary Nelson were assassinated by the British, because they were repositories of considerable client privilged information, that would confirm all of these facts. They were also the two most effective lawyers in garnering international help, with regard to the systemic corruption and perversion of the course of justice, within all elements of the establishment in Occupied Ireland.

Seamus Daly is yet another innnocent fall guy, politically interned by remand, like the Craigavon 2, the Guildford 4, the Birmingham 6, to fill the vaccum created by an absence of a proper conviction. The Omagh Bombing, was as much a British Secret Service Operation, as was the Dublin and Monaghan bombings by British agents and the use of Pedophile rings by British Intelligence, is the glue that binds all parties together, in secrecy, in an age where loyalty is at a premium. There were more than 62 casualties of both atrocities and the British still have not found the perpetrators, which creates the vacuum, that requires an innocent fall guy, such as Seamus Daly.

The considerable number of  victims, from such atrocities, creates the false political climate in Ireland, to enable the British, to use Ireland, their first colony, as their backdoor laboratory, perfecting counter-insurgency techniques, to be exported worldwide, to Governments, who use this expertize, to quell all internal dissent. A byproduct of this activity, is a generted climate of fear, that prevents many, asserting their rights and empowering their communities with their natural birthrights. The internment by remand of the innocent victims of politcial internment in Occupied Ireland, requires the collaboration of politcians, lawyers, judges, police, state prosecutors and the Prison Adminstration, which is the result of an extennsive, network of blackmailed pedophile rings, which administer Occupied Ireland for the British. Mentored Child Rape, Political Internment, division, dis-information and paedophile blackmail are the principal tools used by Britain's Secret Services, to perpetuate their oppression.

Please follow the video link below and it will also take you at the end to another video  of Annie Macheon, a former MI5 agent, who elaborates on this matter.


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