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I have attempted to explain recently, on the political whoremasters of Child Rape in Ireland with recent articles, how British secret services in Ireland, are using Child Rape, to infiltrate, control and pervert, all of the politcal parties, in the Irish establishment, including the junta in Occupied Ireland, which are, as result, subservient to London. If that were not serious enough, they are committing further crimes, in perverting the course of justice, extending their Dirty War, which employs Dirty Tricks, to infiltrate policing, the judiciary, the DPP's office and the Prison Administration. Many people voted for the now almost defunct Irish Peace Process, on the back of promises made to a war weary people, twenty years ago, that there would have be a Reconciliation & Truth Commission, along with Justice. Neither of these elements have materialized. Political policing, secret diplock courts, years of political internment without trial, continue, because the course of justice has been perverted by MI5, Britain's secret police, who have clearly compromised both the judiciary, and the DPP's office, with their perverted manipulation, and the use of their black book. The internment of both Marian Price and Martin Corey, are the best known examples of numerous cases of political internment without trial, that has happened. It is meant to intimidate and silence opposition, in what is clearly an undemocratic, sectarian, corrupt, occupation by the British, in Ireland. These Irish victims of British oppression, desperately need international help, to have justice and freedom in their own land. I am reluctant from experience to be involved in any campaign for justice, unless I am certain of all the facts. I am absolutely satisfied, that Seamus Daly is an innocent man. Do not take my word for it, you can do your own research, but once you are convinced, as I am, I would ask you to please share these facts, as far and often as you can, because they will be generally censored. I would also ask you to network internationaly on this campaign.

The Internment of Seamus Daly, mirrors exactly what happened to myself, almost 40 years ago in London, at the birth of my first born son. I was arrested going to the hospital, after i was informed by telephone, that my wife had gone into labour. I was told that I was going to be charged with several political murders in England. By the time I was released, my wife had given birth, but was unconscious, and close to death, as a result of being incorrectly medicated, following my absence, to sign the document necessary, and give the appropriate information, related to my wife's blood type and previous medical history, so that she world not receive inappropriate medication. The doctors apologized to me and were extremely worried about her survival at the time. Fortunately, they are both alive and well today in Occupied Ireland. 

The case of Seamus Daly, is the umpteenth example of the DPPs Office in Occupied Ireland, being as corrupt as it was 40 years ago, colluding with the British Dirty War, that includes sectarian, political, policing. A broad unified front, needs to be organized, to uncover, the corruption, that affects every activist, resisting British Rule in Ireland, along with uncovering the corrupt collaboratiors, of a fake peace process, that has neither a Truth & Reconciliation or a Justice element, to it. As Ms. Trainor articulated with clarity, in the above recording, this material needs to be assimilated for international bodies such as the UN, and for the public to be informed of it's consistent history and pattern of perveting the course of justice, by all the political parties and bureaucrats involved. As was clearly pointed out in the interview, this is the same method of political internment, employed in the internment of Martin Corey, Marian Price, Sean Hoey and numerous others, so there is clearly, MI5 interference in the PPS Office. It is also the same perversion of justice, that has innocent people like the Craigavon 2, serving long prison sentences, like the innocent Guildford Four and the innocent Birmingham Six. The H-Block/Armagh Commitee, is the best example, that I can remember, of a broad front, to articulate these issues. Without Unity and Clarity, this task is difficult. Many people are not getting involved, not because of fear, but because of contradictiory public statements on prisoner issues, which are muddying the waters and causing misunderstandings. The British probably believe, that they are in a win, win, situation on this, in that the more public the issue becomes, the more it refreshes the False Flag of Omagh, which causes further division. A solution needs to be found on this, and I believe a focussed campaign on what is actually happening at the DPP or PPS s Office and the serial nature of their Diplock, conveyor belt internment, needs to be internationally revealed. Maybe this is the best way forward, combined with making it an international issue, along with liasing, with the UN rapponteur Juan Mendez, on psychological torture. Replacements need to be found, for the two Irish lawyers assassinated, by the British, who were very effective internationally on these matters.

MI5 Alex McCrory a Case History

'I told spooks — I'd rather serve a life sentence in prison than work for you'

Suzanne Breen,

A leading dissident republican last night sent a defiant message to MI5 –'I'd rather serve a life sentence in prison than work for you.'

Ex-IRA prisoner Alex McCrory returned to Grosvenor Road police station where less than a week ago, spooks dramatically entered his cell and tried to recruit him when he was under arrest.

He told the Sunday World how MI5 warned him that, without their help, he could face another lengthy jail sentence.

And he revealed how his 15-year-old son, who has no involvement with republicanism, was also arrested and held by cops at the same time in what he claims was a deliberate attempt to apply pressure to make him turn tout.

McCrory, from West Belfast, served 14 years in the H-blocks for the Provisional IRA. He was one of the youngest ever blanketmen, joining the dirty protest when he was just 17.

The veteran republican refused point-blank to have any dealings with the three spooks who approached him on Monday night, ordering them to "get the f**k out of my cell".

McCrory said: "No amount of money MI5 could pay, nothing they could say or do, could ever get me to work for them. They told me their offer was just between me and them and not to do anything silly like go to the press.

"I'm speaking out because spooks skulk in the shadows, totally unaccountable. It's time to flush them out. There's no shame in being approached by MI5 – the shame is in working for them."

The republican revealed how MI5 had intensified their recruitment drive. Dozens of republicans and their friends were approached every week but most were "too embarrassed" to go public.

The entire encounter in Grosvenor Road was captured on the barracks' internal CCTV system. McCrory's solicitor, Kevin Winters, has written to the PSNI asking for the tapes.

Winters said: "The law allows MI5 to try to recruit people. What we object to is sinister developments like this where children are used to pressurise parents."

The lawyer has lodged a complaint with the Chief Constable and the Police Ombudsman.

One of the MI5 trio – who uses the name Harry – has repeatedly tried to recruit McCrory, ringing him at home and on his mobile. The republican logged every approach with his solicitor and even put Harry's phone number on the internet.

The latest attempt came after McCrory was arrested by police in connection with a local, non-political dispute in the Falls Road area. He was interrogated by detectives about allegedly making threats during the incident.

McCrory said: "After police had questioned me, two plain-clothes guys walked into my cell. Another stood outside. I knew immediately they were MI5. I said 'get the f**k out'.

"They told me to calm down. I pushed past them and told the civilian guard in the corridor these men had entered my cell against my will. He said everything was being recorded on CCTV."

McCrory returned to his cell and sat on the mattress. He picked up an autobiography of an ex-SAS man which was there and started reading it. "This annoyed the spooks because I wouldn't even look at them," he said.

The intelligence officers, one of whom was 'Harry', referred to Massereene and Constable Ronan Kerr's murder. "They said compared to the Provisional IRA campaign, dissident activity was futile," McCrory revealed.

"They asked why an old school republican like me was wasting time with 'these dissidents'. They told me I'd eventually come a cropper." The spooks claimed legendary republican heroes like Bobby Sands and Brendan Hughes were turning in their graves in horror at dissident attacks.

McCrory saod the MI5 men claimed they wanted to "build a relationship" which could benefit both him and them: "They said I could be jailed for up to seven years in connection with the charges I was being questioned about.

"They remarked it had been my 50th birthday a few weeks earlier and I was too old to go back to jail. They said they'd friends in high places who could make my current problems disappear if I co-operated.

"They said my 15-year-old son was now in trouble with the police and surely I didn't want him to end up like I'd done, spending years in jail." As they left McCrory's cell, the spooks told him they'd spend the night in the police station – in case he changed his mind about working for them before he was charged the next morning.

McCrory appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with making threats. He is strongly denying the charges. His son was released from custody but a file has been sent to the PPS.

McCrory, who comes from a well-known republican family, became disillusioned with Sinn Féin's political strategy and support for the PSNI in recent years.

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