Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Today, there is a man on his 23rd Day of Hunger Strike, to highlight how he was abused by the so called justice system of British Occupied Ireland. Like Seamus Daly, another victim in the perversion of the course of Justice in Ireland by the British, Christy Walsh while on 23 days of Hunger Strike, has written regularly to the ruling Junta's First and Deputy First Ministers, to inform them of his predicament and his Hunger Strike. From reading his correspondence Christy is still criminalized by the perverted justice system, that has failed him and continues to fail both himself and Seamus Daly. 

Like Seamus Daly he was jailed in 1991, in another miscarriage of justice, where Christy spent 7 years in prison, until his conviction was quashed by a Judge, who had not been blackmailed by MI5, following a third appeal in 2010. However the corrupt system will still not clear his name. The innocent  Seamus Daly has now spent a year in jail, despite another judge, also not blackmailed by MI5, called Bernie Kelly stating in Jnauary last: “If there is, even at this stage, a possibility that this might well not be proceeded, then it is incumbent on all of us to ensure Mr Daly is not incarcerated for an hour longer than necessary. I would have thought it highly unlikely that a senior prosecutor or directing officer is going to go against the decision of a senior counsel.”

Despite this, Seamus Daly has been remanded in custody for over a year now, despite his lawyer stating, that there is not a shred of new evidence in the last 16 years against Seamus. Still the Public Prosecutors office is adamant, a full sixteen years later, that senior police in Occupied Ireland and police in the south of Ireland, will meet on the 13th of April to discuss mobile phone evidence, and find out why it has not been provided, a full sixteen years later. A spokesperson for the prosecutors office, stated that, "The directing officer does not anticipate that there will be any great difficulty about that." So what then was the problem for the last sixteen years, is an obvious question that nobody seems to asking? The prosecution commissioned an expert report, on mobile phones and it was received sixteen years later, they would have us to believe. Supposed evidence was held by police in the south for sixteen years, that is still outstanding. The perverts expect the public to believe, that critical evidence with regard to the killing of 29 people, was overlooked for 16 years, to date.

The Public prosecutors office, indicated six weeks ago, that all the material would be available by today, yet still it is clear, that material is not available. The Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory met with police, after which a decision was made to seek talks with police in the south, following which,  there was a statemnt, that it definitely was going to take place on the week of the 13th of thsi month, adding that other material was already in the process of being prepared for the trial, when the phone records arrived, they would be checked and added to the evidence papers. A re we suppsoed to accept that the overiding, unaccountable authority of MI5 in Occupied Ireland will noy tamper with this evidence, while they have no scruples about mentoring Child Rape and using it to blackmail the injustice system and political system of their Police State into submission?

Technical evidence in this day and age, a full sixteen years later is not credible for obvious reasons and it certainly is not credible, with proof of Britain's secret services, perverting the course of justice in ireland. Like the case of the Craigavon Two where tapes were perverted and portions deleted, it was tampered with and reponsible, along with the blackmaile evidence, from a witness, who is virtually blind, it neverttheless sent two innocent young men to prison, for more than 20 years, in the perverted police state. 

So much for the fake promises of Truth & Reconciliation, promised in the Pseudo Peace Process. In any other state, with even the rememblance of democraccy, there would be a public outcry of foul play, from the politcians but nothing from the MI5 groomed Junta, of the Police State of Occupied Ireland. Meanwhile the political whoremasters of Sinn Fein,  are still scratching their tiny balls and penises in anticpation of the next child sacrifice and orders from MI5, on how to handle any collateral damage.This perverted collaboration must be called out and uncovered for all to see. It must be challenged by every possible means.

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