Monday, 6 April 2015


Ken Livingstone said:-

"I was raising in parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home
where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were
hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland.
They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley's MP's - and they never did
- and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there's been an awful
lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and

The statement above, proves that politicians from all parties knew for decades, about MI5 and the RUC/psni, being involved in the Child Rape of innocent Irish children. It further demonstrates that MI5 and the RUC/psni are not just involved in the cover-up of such crimes but are actively using Child Rape as an instrument to control politicians and judges.This power over politicians and judges in Occupied Ireland, has given MI5, the instrument to create a Police State, where organised criminal activity of  this insidious, rogue, secret service, is conducted with impunity and protected from public scrutiny.

The Rogue Police State, known by the British as Northern Ireland, runs International Drug Trafficking, the Child Rape business industry, which includes, illegal child trafficking and child sex trafficking. This Rogue State, run by MI5 is in reality, a highly sophisticated Criminal Network, which through the use of filmed Child Rape, guarantees secrecy, by blackmail,  arranging that only the plebs, who are not allowed a cut, from this highly lucrative, criminal activity, will, if caught, be prosecuted. They will prosecute anyone, who would expose their Criminal State, while protecting those useful to them, such as paedophiles in Sinn Fein and DUP. 

The Criminal State of Northern Ireland, operates a cell like structure within the Police, Intelligence Services and the Judicial System, while perverting the the course of justice for every man, woman and particularly children in Occupied Ireland. They have for decades destroyed the integrity of Irish society, extending their paedophile rings, to also blackmail, the police, intelligence services and Judicial System in the south of Ireland. Using blackmail, death threats and bribery, that has almost destroyed, the entire Irish civil justice system and perverted Irish Justice, into the service of an even bigger and more dangerous Criminal Organisation, the City of London.

The motive by the elite in the City of London, to permit and enable all of this, is to control the politicians by blackmail and the Irish communities through fear of the drug gangs on the street. M15 routinely, have police from the RUC/psni, seconded to them and visa versa, blurring any distinction between civil police and political police, with the full co-operation of compromised politicians, of the ruling Junta, Sinn Fein/DUP. Independent evidence of MI5 Paedophile Rings, has been seized and suppressed by MI5, while they persecute fall guys, for their crimes, while shielding their protected perpetrators. By these methods, they protect their Criminal Organisation and elite Paedophiles, in False Flags Operations such as the Omagh Bombing and Dublin/Monaghan Bombings.

Seamus Daly, a totally innocent Irish man, is the latest fall-guy, for their involvement in the Omagh Bombing, while the Craigavon 2, like the Guildford Four and Brimingahm Six, are other examples of MI5 perverting the course of justice in Ireland. Human Rights Activist, both in Ireland and abroad, should demand that MI5 and their servants in Dublin Castle, hand over all evidence, without delay or omission, related to these matters. They have the video's, photographs, the names related to these matters, and also know many of those who murdered Irish children, after first raping them. All genuine Irish people, must demand to see the complete records immediately, before they too are destroyed. We also demand the immediate release of both the innocent Craigavon 2 and Seamus Daly, prior to the removal of MI5 perverts of justice, from Ireland.

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