Sunday, 5 April 2015


Mi5 and Mi6 Perverting the Course of Justice in N.Ireland Video Link

During my tenure as Chaiperson of Newry Sinn Fein, while running the office in Newry, a son of a British serviceman who was shot, came to my wife's door one night, and held a knife to my wife's throat, to wait for my return. I had to report the incident to a C/O in Muirhevnamor, a Republican stronghold, outside Dundalk, at the time. However, it transpired a few weeks later, that a complaint of child abuse, crossed my desk, against the still acting C/O, who had been moved out of another part of the North, because of other allegations, but was still serving in this senior capacity. In subsequent events, before I resigned from Sinn Fein, it became clear to me, that a considerable part of the leadership, was compromized, and I resigned. It further became quite clear to me when MI5 were trying to turn me into an informer, that they had also compromized the Judiciary in Occupied Ireland, because I was told, that they could arrange, that I was would be tried by specific judges, that they controlled. Obvioulsy as a result of their cover-up of child rape and their paedophile networks, MI5 control all of the justice system in Occupied Ireland, and as a result are perverting the course of justice, which is an extremely serious crime. This is obviously happening in the case of the innocent Seamus Daly, with regard to Omagh and also the Craigavon Two. It's the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four, all over again.

With such damning evidence, how can any British Government, claim to have anything remotely resembling a justice system in Ireland?

How can they claim to have anything remotely resembling a democractic system in place, with compromised politicians, in their ruling junta there?

How can they claim to have anything remotely resembling a Peace Process of consent, when it 's politicians and political parties, are remotely controlled by MI5?

How can they claim to have a genuine police force, when a secret service such as MI5, are the unaccountable overiding authority?

Obviously the prosecutors office in Belfast, are aware of all of this and are co-operating with a completley corrupted judicial process?

How can any genuine Human Rights activist, campaign for justice in such a corrupted society, which has assassinated human rights lawyers and journalists?

If you listen to the tape below the  anomalies and contradictions in the internment of Seamus Daly are obvious, as is the case with the Craigavon Two. I ask all readers to contact your local politcian, wherever you are in the world, to campaign to end this nightmare of Britsih injustice in Ireland. Please share this restricted blog and articles as best you can. Please organize a broad front, to protest this monstrous crime against humanity and the mentored networks of Child Rape, being used by intelligence networks, to expand their power-base far beyond Ireland. Please organize internationally, to end this. Please contact the UN to start taking responsibilty. The British are withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, because of obligations they cannot comply with. Before they do, please bring this to the attention the European Parliament. Please exert whatever pressure you can on the mainstream corporate media, to investigate and highlight this matter further. I make a special appeal to all mothers, not just in Ireland but across the UK, to organize and protect your children. It is not an exaggeration to state, that these MI5 mentored Paedophile Networks of Child Rape, are reaching epedemic levels, across Occupied Ireland and in Britain. It could be your child next! We must organize to stop it.To those who are already helping spread the word, a special thank you.

Spread the Word! Protect our Children!

Organize to Smash All MI5 Child Rape Networks !

Free Seamus Daly !  

Free the Craigavon Two !

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