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The life of  Richard Kerr and many others with the same experience is horrific. Clearly the whole Kincora Saga, is an MI5 Orange Order creation, and any civilized society, should be outraged.There has hardly been a murmur from the Sinn Fein element of government for the very obvious reason that their own track record is even worse.However as is often the case, with so many tragedies in occupied Ireland, I am often forced to try find a lighter side, for the sake of sanity. The article below is not intended to offend any victims of such depravity. 

Today, Irish Blog in the interest of objectivity, following complaints from Sinn Fein, that they have been receiving a bad press from us, is releasing an interview, with a Sinn Fein Pimp, to hear their side of the pedophile story. With more than 140 sex traffickers/pimps, child pornographers, and sex workers, working with them in Belfast alone, below is an interview from a spokesperson who wishes to remain anonymous, and goes under the pseudonym of Brownie. Sinn Fein sex workers and activists have been saying, perhaps "shouting for decades" is more accurate, that the debate about their sex lives is conducted by a media, who have no direct experience of sex work, as either pimps, MI5 traffickers, or sex workers themselves.

Sinn Fein Pimps feel misrepresented.

A lot of Sinn Fein Pimps hate, that people, call them pimps. "In my mind, Sinn Fein Pimp is a derogatory word," Brownie tells me. It seems that the image "Sinn Fein Pimp" calls up "Broad Black Brimmer" and is antiquated, with everyone wearing a hood now. "Sinn Fein Pimp is like the tooth fairy, from the old films, with big Broad Black Brimmer and big holsters. That's not me, I never pulled a trigger or handled a stick of dynamite," said Brownie. "There should be a different name altogether, for those who were formerly described as pimps like for example, politicians or entertainment touts." he added. Brownie said, "What's happening now, is nothing like what it is used to be, we are now repentant republicans. Now, it is just for money and career prospects. I don't know if you heard of whoremaster. I think most are political whoremasters now.

Of course, Irish Blog has to account for some self-reporting bias on these..... whoremasters. You know, people formerly known as republicans. (Should I call them WHOREMASTERS?) I have an old leftist habit, of trying to respect Sinn Fein, but maybe I will just keep calling them POLITICAL WHOREMASTERS, My audience, will hopefully understand and forgive me, if they object to the term, or at least some of them will. The consistent Brownie theme is that his reality, does not quite resemble the Hollywood idea of a pimp, as they once did, if they ever did.
Sinn Fein Pimps don't think they're as bad as MI5 sex traffickers.

There is a lot of disdain for "the international British Secret Service shit, holding Sinn Fein bitches hostage." One Sinn Fein Pimp admits, what sounds like sincere concern about their political whores, who choose the profession, strictly for the money. Brownie maintains they choose the profession because they were groomed for this from a very young age and it is more like a family tradition. Our cailin are not like the British, being forced into it, after being taken from their country, not even knowing the language. I know a couple of girls, who were locked in someone's house for a whole year, and couldn't leave with just the MI5 Spooks coming and going. How did they get there? Were MI5 just going abroad and finding them? None of the Spooks had a big enough heart to see they were trapped and didn't do anything?

Brownie expresses his concern, after self-servedly claiming, that most of his rides are not forced into sex work, claiming they are all born naturals

"No Sinn Fein girl is forced into prostitution, I am telling you the truth, if they want to get away, they always can." Brownie maintains that Irishwomen sometimes recruit Sinn Fein to be pimps. Several Sinn Fein Pimps told Irish Blog that they sort of stumbled into pedophilia and pimping ass-backward, when aspiring youngsters approached them, looking for protection. brownie maintained that he regularly had Irish women, who ask him, "Will you be my pimp?" and he answers them by saying, "I deny being a pimp, but I'll look out for you and get you a few MI5 clients."

Sinn Fein recruitment seems to start as early as primary school

One day I was leaving football practice, and my school was right there on the blade. According to Brownie, "Girl going to primary school approach Sinn Fein and say, "We're from the Shankill but we see how you handle these fleggers and that they have 've been doing it in east Belfast, since they were 13 or 14 and want to move up-market to Hollywood or a bit of smuggler action, where the real money is at, down in South Armagh. Of course,we have MI5 do a security clearance first.

Brownie admitted, that they often manipulate their sex workers.

Brownie claimed, that only about twenty per-cent of Sinn Fein Pimps and MI5 sex traffickers, would use violence, to control their rides, although Irish Blog points out, that there is probably some self-reporting bias there again and there is plenty of MI5 psychological manipulation. Brownie identifies it as a skill learned in the home. It's just a skill of talking females and occasionally males, into having sex with me and a couple of the boys. Having the gift of the gab and being able to talk a bit of blarney, to convince a young female to see my point of view. It's like a challenge and seeing how far you can get a girl or a boy to go. That's how I started at a young age. Just seeing what I could talk other kids into doing, just like politics.

That said, I learned the gift of manipulation from my father. It's like sales and marketing and how to influence people.

Irish Blog: Is there a certain type of girl who can be manipulated?

Brownie: I believe any female is doable, I mean going out to sex to make money. I have seen girls that come from school, that come from serious money, who have been changed by my process.

Irish Blog : How long does the change take?

Brownie : It can take anything from a day to a few months.

Irish Blog: Do you think that it's a difference between a day and month if they come from a rich family?

Brownie : The sex business is like the rest of northern Ireland, it's sectarian. For example, a widespread attitude among the Orange Order is that a Fenian sex worker has less value than a kid goat or an Orange kid and Sinn fein cannot charge as much. However Sinn Fein Pimps have standards and ethics. Our Pimps implement safety procedures, providing services like advertising, and from now on our Pimps will be known as business managers. They also fire those who do drugs, just like they would at Dunne's Stores."
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