Sunday, 8 June 2014


The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bilt, says Scottish independence will lead to the "Balkanisation" of the UK. Balkanization, is a geopolitical term used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with one another with the former Yugoslavia being a prime example. Scotland and England entered a political union in 1707, with both parliaments ceasing to exist to be replaced by a new 'united' parliament located in London. Despite the Treaty being a legally binding international treaty, the English parliament and those who regard themselves as particularly crafty Englishmen has ridden rough-shod over Scotland in the Union.

Both nations will be in exactly the same position in the EU, after Scottish Independence and the UK will ceases to exist as a legal entity! London has no veto, and thus the BritScumState in Ireland will also cease to exist, without any further pretensions of being any sort of a defunct British legal entity. Besides all of this, 90% of the UK's oil fields in Scottish waters will be under the jurisdiction of Scots Law. Thus with International maritime law, Britain will become bankrupt. The pound is also Scotland's currency and they will continue using it, which will leave Belfast and the English without a legal currency and their savers bankrupt.

The Corporate British media, particularly the BBC, all London-based, are of course supporting the Union and dedicating their resources, to rubbishing everything Scottish, to undermine the nation's confidence as they do in Ireland with the BBC and Irish Times. It is for the people of Scotland alone, inclusive of of all religions and origins, to decide. This is  the democratic right of self-determination of all peoples. Obviously intelligent Scottish voters know, that the best people to govern Scotland and grow its economy are those who live there, and not a distant foreign-dominated parliament in London. They will of course remain close friends with all their neighbours, including what is called the Republic of Ireland, as regards what happens to what is commonly known as the BritScumState and the Orangemen in Ireland remains to be seen.

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