Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer was in Newry again today dressed as a radical Muslim cleric.He was again wearing a long black robe, skullcap, a false beard, another eye-patch with a hooked hand. Frazer was protesting at an upcoming White Picket Protest in Newry against British Political Internment and he claims, that Islamic preachers and Irish republicans.

The loyalist, from Markethill, County Armagh, who was recently in court, for possession of a prohibited weapon and encouraging or assisting an offence to be committed was found not guilty as British loyalists while hundreds of Irish Republicans are remanded or political interned for years on trumped up charges prsecuted by a force under the command of the disgraced RUC who are proven sectarian murderers.

Willie aside from insulting Allah and Muslims was displaying his displeasure at Newry, where an up coming protest against Internment by remand, is being held on the 28 th of June on Monaghan Street at 3.00 p.m.

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