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Provoking World War III
Antagonizing the Dragon and Bear

By Andre Vltchek

June 07, 2014 "ICH" - "Dissident Voice" - -  It is not prudent and it is not safe to stick an iron rod into a dragon’s mouth. Whatever they say in the West about dragons… but here in Asia, the dragon is revered as the greatest fabled creature on Earth and in the sky. The dragon is wise and patient, and it hardly ever uses force first. But if treated with disrespect and aggression, it is capable of retaliating in a deadly, determined and powerful way.
It is also thoroughly idiotic to go and start terrorizing a sleeping bear. It is obvious what would follow if one descended into a bear’s hole and then started poking a hibernating creature in the head. Nothing good would follow, nothing good at all.

But it appears that those who are ruling the Empire are not obsessed with prudence. They seem to be tired of tiny conflicts, which they are continuously stirring all over the globe. Libya is not enough and Congo is not enough. They need something big, really big; even much bigger than what they had already ‘achieved’ a few decades ago – like the destruction of the entire Indochina or Indonesia.

The Empire needs a mortal fight with mighty opponents.

Instead of helping to build a decent and peaceful world, it needs to cover our planet with innumerable corpses.

This time, if it will be allowed to do it, like it was some 70 years ago, tens of millions, and maybe many more, will vanish.

Once again, it would have to be a dragon and a bear, this time in unison, facing fascism and fighting for the survival of the world.

The anti-Chinese and anti-Russian propaganda howl is reaching a deafening crescendo, especially in Asia. Western media outlets are in the highest gear, spreading propaganda through both their own outlets and through their local media affiliates in the client states, mostly owned by big business.

China and Russia are now vilified, openly insulted, and blamed for the escalation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the military build up. The entire mighty Western propaganda machine is now at work, demonizing China, Russia and other independent countries.

It is because the West is obviously pushing this planet towards the war. Not to see it would require truly great discipline.

Politicians are parading, one after another, in front of television cameras, pledging allegiance to capitalism, the Western-style regime or simply put, to the Empire. All those derogatory and inflammatory speeches against their ‘enemies’ are embarrassing, see-through, but nobody in North America and Europe is laughing, as they are becoming the norm.

Many are warning that this can lead to a world war, that the West has lost all restraint and is ready to bathe the planet in blood, once again. A quarter of century ago it appeared that with the destruction of the Eastern block and with China then increasingly on a capitalist course, the West had finally got what it had fought for centuries for – the total and absolute control of the planet.

But recently, something went ‘wrong’ for the West. Latin America rose and most of it gained freedom, then spat on the Monroe Doctrine. China began pushing for socialist reforms in medical care, education, culture and many other spheres. And Russia refused to get bullied and humiliated, reminding both Europe and North America that it is as always powerful and will not be stepped on as happened in the era of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

North Korea and Iran (countries that have never attacked anyone in modern history) realized that the only way to survive and not to be reduced to dust is by having their own nuclear capacity.

And all these nations: several in Latin America, China, Russia, Iran, joined forces and decided: “Never again!” Never again will they allow the world to descend to the horrors of Western colonialism.

The wet Western dream of unopposed rule over the world is beginning to disappear into thin air. Is the West going to risk the destruction of our planet simply because it cannot own it?

“Stephen Harper attacks Vladimir Putin and ‘evil’ communism”, reported the Canadian news outlet, CBC News on 31 May 2014, in reference to the “lengthy keynote speech” at a fundraising event that the right-wing Canadian PM gave in Toronto. The speech was spiced with “language reminiscent of the height of the Cold War”.

Grotesquely, the President of the most aggressive country on Earth, the United States, Barrack Obama, was promising to ‘curb the aggression’ of Russia and China, two countries that have not invaded anywhere in the last few decades.

In a speech clearly aimed at provoking China, the US Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, spoke more like a thug than a politician: “The United States will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged.”

‘Which order?’ Some would ask. Was he talking about the order that is being imposed on the world from Washington and European capitals and has been for centuries, at the cost of hundreds of millions of human lives? Quite an order!

Christopher Black, a leading international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, provided an analysis for this report:

The speech made by President Obama at West Point, the American military academy, that the fulcrum of American policy will be to curb the “aggression” of Russia and China immediately followed by his Defense Secretary Hagel in Singapore accusing China of destabilization in the South China Sea, rightly characterized by Lt. General Wang GuanZhong as “threats and intimidation”, express the clear intent of the United States to wage war in all its aspects against the two most powerful nations that dare to develop independently of American domination.

The United States has attacked China several times since World War II, first in the Korean War, followed by decades of attempted sabotage and isolation and then by the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. It now has continued that pressure by trying to destabilize China internally through various mechanisms of infiltration of “human rights” groups into Chinese society and within China’s military and administrative mechanisms and a constant propaganda campaign to defame China and its people around the world. The momentum of this strategy has been stepped up with the recent attacks by fanatical Muslim groups from western China against Chinese civilians in key cities and transportation hubs and use of provocateurs to attacks Chinese interests in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa and the recent absurd charges against Chinese military officers for cyber attacks.

The recent events in Ukraine show that the pace of this aggression is accelerating as America attempts to complete the encirclement of Russia and China by advancing NATO to Russia’s borders and by repositioning of 60 per cent of US military assets to the Pacific.

But now the true aggressors are blaming the victims for ‘aggression’. And it is nothing new under the sun. Nazi Germany and its propagandists employed the same ‘logic’ and arguments, before and during WWII. And the French used it in Algiers and their other colonies, as did the Brits all over their ‘dependencies’.

In Asia, on a local level, the servile press in countries like the Philippines is taking orders and often surpasses its handlers in the West by its zeal.

On May 25 2014, The Philippine Star began with lashing out at China, continued by quoting the words of Admiral William Locklear III, the commander of US Pacific forces, that “Russia has its own ‘pivot’ in Asia”. Then the newspaper finally produced a few pieces of ‘brilliant’ analyses: “Official sources said Russia’s incursion into Ukraine has raised concern in Washington that China may try something similar in staking its territorial claims, in the guise of protecting its citizens overseas.”

‘Russian incursion into Ukraine?’ That sounds more like propaganda shouting from the pages of the North American or European daily press. In some 15 years of work in the region, after interacting with hundreds of media people from all over Southeast Asia, I have to testify that such a thought as quoted above, could never have come from a local journalist. Here, knowledge about Eastern Europe is very near absolute zero. And after being brainwashed in London, New York and elsewhere, local journalists do not compare. Someone else wrote it. Who did it? We all know it. It is the same source, which sends trolls biting at all my reports written for RT.

Most of the local Philippine press generally concluded that the US has basically no choice but to expand militarily, because of ‘China’s aggressive moves.’ Almost all the newspapers mentioned the high cost of the permanent US military bases in the region, also arguing that ‘spokes’, bases belonging to local countries but wide open for use by US forces, are the real way forward. Such bases would also be located on Australian and Japanese territories, and possibly in Singapore and Thailand, as well as Malaysia.

Now Thailand is certainly ‘secured’, after the army that has been killing millions in the region on behalf of the West, overthrew the progressive and elected government, and took control of the country. The coup is truly timely, isn’t it?

As if it would not already be enough to have countless bases in Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Oceania and those few client states that are still left in Latin America. But of course, those are too far from the main targets – China and Russia.

The mainstream Philippine media is not even bothering to question the integrity of such a military agreement, which is in direct violation of the nation’s Constitution. It is because the journalists in Southeast Asia are not paid and flown for training abroad, to moralize. They are paid to write what suits the elites and their foreign handlers.

Eduardo Tadem, Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Philippines, explained, during our recent conversation in Manila:

The recently signed agreement between the Philippines and the United States is called EDCA (Economic Defense Cooperation Agreement). In this agreement the Philippine government offered virtually all the military bases in the Philippines for total access to American soldiers, for a ten-year period. But who knows for how long, really… This is very dangerous, because all military installations of the country are now open for ‘entry’ of the US forces. And this certainly goes against the Philippine Constitution, which bars the establishment of foreign bases on our territory.

Then what really happened? Why the sudden change?

It has to do with certain factors. One, of course, is the factor of the so-called ‘US pivot’ to Asia. Under Obama there is this strategy of ‘pivoting to Asia’. Second has to do with the so-called Trans-Pacific partnership proposal of the United States; to build some sort of integrated market in the Asia Pacific region. Except that the Philippines is not part of it for now… The third one has to do with the territorial disputes that are taking place in this region, both in the South China Sea and the North China Sea.


It is mainly an issue of nationalism. And it is also because here they were always asking for more assistance, including military assistance. And this is the way to get that assistance. Also remember that Philippine Presidents were consistently supportive of the US. You probably saw the survey that shows that the Philippine people love the United States more than Americans love themselves. So for the Americans it is easy to get support for their China policy here.

I asked both Teresa Tadem, Professor of Political Science at the University of Philippines, and Professor Eduard Tadem, how was it possible that a country, the Philippines, that suffered so severely during its occupation by the United States, during the colonial era, when there were human rights violations, massacres… How come it feels so positive towards its former brutal colonizer?

It has to do with the extremely intensive American propaganda machine, which depicted the colonial era as a benevolent type of colonialism. Atrocities during the Philippine-American War at 1898–1901, which saw 1 million Philippine people killed, which was then almost one tenth of the population, were made to disappear from the consciousness of the people… the genocide, torture… The Philippines was known as the ‘first Vietnam’… all of this has been conveniently forgotten, hidden in the history books. And then of course the image of Hollywood that we are bombarded with…

How dangerous is it to antagonize China and even Russia? For centuries, China had been a very peaceful country, and it still is to this day. Many Filipinos come from China; it is a natural, historical ally… While the West is liquidating, and bombing entire countries into the ground, overthrowing governments, China pulls one oil-rig into disputed waters, sprays a few boats with water cannon, and it is immediately defined as the aggressor.

“It is again all about propaganda. They depicted China as Communist and here they always attach a negative connotation to that word”, said Professor Teresa Tadem.

For me the most dangerous country on Earth now is the United States”, continues Eduardo Tadem. “It has been the most aggressive… intervening in many countries all over the world, thousands of miles from its shores, trying to impose on the planet its vision of a global capitalist system. So, if you compare what China is doing in the vicinity of its territory, and compare it to what the US is doing in all parts of the world, on every continent… then you clearly see the disparity in the image that has been created, depicting China as a danger to peace in the world.

Both professors then expressed deep concern over the fact that the Western propaganda is igniting Sino-phobia in the Filipinos and in other Asians. They pointed out that what the US is doing is actually fanning ultra-nationalism, which can easily mutate into fascism. This is, according to them, an extremely dangerous situation – planting seeds of Sino-phobia all over the continent.

“This can lead to a point of no return”, explains Eduardo Tadem. “I am afraid that this is what is happening now in the Philippines, as well as in other parts of Asia where territorial disputes are taking place.”

And it is clearly not only Sino-phobia that can lead to the destruction of the world, although Sino-phobia is partially, definitely is. Stirring hatred against Russia is also clearly on the menu of the Western masters of propaganda. Stephen Harper of Canada, Polish and Baltic politicians and their irrational anti-Russian speeches, is all leading to a frightening outcome: manufacturing racism against those nations that are standing in the way of US and European domination of the world.

Dehumanizing a potential enemy, unleashing racist and derogatory sentiments against him or her, is the first step in the Western ‘art’ of war, the first step towards a confrontation.

One should seriously question what is being planned? One should demand to know, because what is being planned is most likely really awful.

People are beginning to speak up. Geoffrey Gunn, a prominent Australian historian and Professor Emeritus at Nagasaki University in Japan, wrote to me, for this report:

The international media big notes the “China threat,” yet who is the provocateur? We observe the Japanese Prime Minister in Singapore (May 30) offering to lead an international coalition to check Chinese aggression offering ‘quality’ Japanese naval vessels to obliging clients as with the Philippines and Vietnam. This is madness coming from a nation without official contrition seeking as well to unpick its god-save, the “peace constitution.” Meantime, the neo-con government in Australia overreaches with matching rhetoric, together snaring the US Defense Secretary to offer his own “pivot” to the South China Sea. My spin is to let Asian nationalisms (China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea) resolve their own problems diplomatically – after all the central kingdom has been in place for several millennium – outsiders keep out, militarists watch your step, and China rise peacefully.

From Vietnam, saddened by the new wave of hostilities between two Communist neighbors, Vietnam and China, a renowned Western artist who did not want to be identified, explained the situation:

I have no doubt the West is delighted at the turn of events and will do all it can to further exacerbate the China-Vietnam etc. rift. Of course it serves the pivot to Asia and other nasty US-NATO agendas. But the Vietnamese are just angry at bully China and one can’t argue with them about it. The Vietnam’s PM has been sending text messages to the entire mobile network warning people not to listen to “bad guys” and to only protest within local and international law…

It is striking how emboldened and self-assured Vietnam is becoming, lately, considering that it is actually doing an identical thing as China is – drilling in the disputed area.

Many see tensions between Vietnam and China as dating back to the Chinese punitive expedition to Vietnam (after Vietnam entered Cambodia and deposed the Khmer Rouge), known as the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979. And it is almost bizarre to observe how unforgiving Vietnam is towards China, but how reconciliatory it has become towards the United States.

During the Sino-Vietnamese War some 10,000 Vietnamese civilians lost their lives – definitely not an insignificant number. But how could it even be compared to the millions of Vietnamese civilians who died in the “American War” (or the “Vietnam War” as it is known in the West). During the American War, entire cities were leveled into the ground, fields poisoned, women raped and people burned by napalm and other chemicals.

But, as in case of the Philippines, the creeping Western propaganda erased many of the horrors from people’s minds.

I spent 3 years in Hanoi. Holding US citizenship, I was treated with respect and never insulted. In a stark contrast, now Chinese businesses are being attacked and going up in flames, while Chinese people (from Mainland China, but also from Taiwan and elsewhere), are being chased, beaten, and even killed.

In the meantime, RT reported:

Visiting Washington, General Fang Fenghui also blamed the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia as a reason for heightened tensions in the region. He said some Asian nations have used the strategic shift to create mischief in the South and East China Seas.

Are we being dragged into the final global confrontation, to a possible WWIII? Observed from Asia Pacific or from Ukraine, it clearly appears so.

Christopher Black has no doubts that provoking, antagonizing and insulting powerful independent countries like Russia and China may be the next step towards the destruction of our human race:

All these actions are preparations for war. In fact, the positioning of American anti-ballistic missile batteries in Eastern Europe is in preparation for a nuclear first strike on Russia. Those batteries are deployed solely for the purpose of trying to intercept a retaliatory strike by Russian nuclear forces after a US first strike. They have no other purpose. These preparations for a war of aggression, in fact nuclear war, are a clear violation of the UN Charter and all international laws and can rightly be characterized as war crimes. But since the United States has contempt for all international laws and civilized standards of behavior we can expect these preparations to continue.

Mankind rests on the brink of annihilation for no other reason than the American pursuit of unlimited profit. They are the extremists of the capitalist system. We must hope that the skillful diplomacy we have seen employed by both Russia and China, the increased pace of their bilateral cooperation with each other and their increased steps to achieve multilateral cooperation throughout the world from Latin American to Africa and Europe and Asia will change the power dynamics of the world sufficiently to prevent the Americans and their allies from achieving their aims so that the peoples of the world can live in peace and devote their energies to solving mankind’s pressing problems.

André Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker, and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His critically acclaimed political revolutionary novel Point of No Return is now re-edited and available. Oceania is his book on Western imperialism in South Pacific. His provocative book about post-Suharto Indonesia and market-fundamentalism is called Indonesia: The Archipelago of Fear. He just completed a feature documentary Rwanda Gambit about Rwandan history and the plunder of DR Congo. After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in East Asia and Africa. He can be reached through his website.

KUALA LUMPUR: The mystery of how the flight MH370 went missing and its tragic end have given rise to numerous conspiracy theory, from very convincing ones to the outlandish.

Amidst all this, Malaysia suffered "bad media" especially from the Western press and specifically the CNN and these criticisms, from good journalistic practices to malicious and agenda driven, furhter give rise to more conspiracy theories especially when the likes of CNN is involved.

The Mole is reproducing an article below written by Matthias Chang, a lawyer by profession, a social activist, a writer and political analyst.

He reveals how the MH370 is multi-dimensional and why the Zionist Israel hands should not be ignored.

Even though it is a bit lengthy, a read is worth every word printed:

"Before proceeding with the exposé of the dastardly and insidious Zionist Israel’s propaganda on the disappearance of MH 370, let me take this opportunity to convey my personal and that of my family’s condolences to the families whose loved ones have perished in this tragedy and we wish them strength to overcome the pain of their loss.

I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud the efforts of the Malaysian government in the SAR Mission involving 26 nations which is unprecedented. Unfair and unfounded allegations against the Malaysian government were made by many in the social media who have no clue and or expertise to comment on the operation of such scale.

It is an understatement to say that all the relevant personnel went beyond the call of duty to recover the plane and its passengers. The dedication of the personnel involved in the SAR is beyond reproach and we trust they will weather the unfounded criticisms with dignity and prove their critics wrong.

I am sure many Malaysians are aware of several foreign news media lambasting the efficacy of the government’s efforts (which is to be expected) but I am certain that only a handful are aware of the insidious and dangerous propaganda by Zionist Israel’s news media.

This is to be expected of the Zionist war criminals who never cease to use such opportunities to further their global agenda generally and their anti-Muslims campaign in particular.

While I have no intention to give any reasons for the disappearance of MH 370, the insidious propaganda by the Zionist news media have aroused my interest as to how Israel intends to exploit MH 370 from an Intelligence / Black Ops angle.

Let me explain.

Times of Israel alleged without any evidence whatsoever that Iran was behind the disappearance of MH 370. We quote at length from the newspaper:

Former security chief for El Al said that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 points directly to Iran.

Isaac Yeffet, who served as head of global security for Israel’s national carrier in the 1980s and now works as an aviation security consultant in New Jersey, said,

“What happened to this aircraft, nobody knows. My guess is based upon the stolen passports, and I believe Iran was involved,” he said. “They hijacked the aircraft and they landed it in a place that nobody can see or find it.”

The entire allegation is based on his belief and the propaganda against Iran should be accepted on account that this Zionist is a security expert. In any Court of Law, his assertions would be thrown out as it is not supported by any credible evidence.

Typical of Zionists, they cannot resist trumpeting the alleged “might” and “efficacy” of the Israelis. He went on to boast,

“This would never have happened on an Israeli plane. An El Al aircraft was hijacked for the first and last time in 1968. Since then, there has not been a single flight where security did not check every single name.”

From a personal experience, if the Israeli intelligence were so good and mighty, how was it that the Malaysian ship in 2011, MV Finch carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza penetrated the infamous security zone surrounding the Gaza port and reached approximately four hundred meters from the shores of Gaza before the Israeli navy and commandos detected our presence and attacked our ship.

None of their so-called sophisticated radar and other surveillance equipment (air and sea) detected our presence until we almost reached the shores of Gaza.

“From the United States to China to Japan, everybody is searching for this aircraft or piece of it. And there is no sign. So in my opinion, the aircraft was hijacked. And it was an excellent plan from the terrorists, to land in a place where they can hide the plane and no one can find it.”

Once again, there are no evidence to support his assertions. But, it is only his opinion that terrorists are involved. But, Israelis are the biggest terrorists. It has been documented and exposed that post 9/11, Israelis were caught masquerading as Al Qaeda terrorists before they could complete their dastardly acts of terrorism.

Just Google and you will find this despicable episode. Israel is a terrorist state and it was by terrorism against the Palestinians that they were able to establish the racist state with the aid of Britain and the US.

The Israelis cannot even be consistent as the following statement by Lt. Col. (Res.) Eran Ramot, a former IAF fighter pilot and the head of aviation research at Israel’s Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies reveals:

“We don’t know any better yet,” he said. “One of my theories is that the airplane landed in Bangladesh. It could reach there, it’s very close to Afghanistan. It could have landed on airstrip there, and everybody on board is still alive. It could be done.”

Wow, it is a mere theory!

But, what is revealing is the final sentence, “It could be done.”

What this means is that as a matter of theory, the plane could have landed in Bangladesh. But, it is a stupid theory because the government of Bangladesh would have known had the plane landed there. And there are not many airstrips that a Boeing 777 can land in Bangladesh. How convenient, Bangladesh is also a Muslim country.

The assertion “that it could be done” is an indication that Israelis may have conducted such operations as part of a future “Black Ops” and knew precisely how to execute such an operation. Has the Lt Col. inadvertently let the cat out of the bag?

Like Yeffet, he could not resist boasting about Israeli intelligence capabilities. I can only conclude that this parting shot is a message for the intended target audience.

I will now quote again from Lt. Col. (Res.) Eran Ramot who was asked what would happen if the plane was in Israeli occupied Palestine airspace:

“It would not go unnoticed, that’s for sure. Action would have been carried out, the least of which would have been an interception to escort it.

“It’s a matter of atmosphere. Here, every blip on the screen is suspicious because that’s the way we live. That’s our daily program. I can’t imagine they pay as much attention, but if a blip runs wide or runs strange, I would expect them to notice.”

Pini Schiff, one of Israel’s top aviation security experts has another take on MH 370. This is what he said:

“… there’s a good possibility that it has been brought down, intact, on a hidden runway in some far-flung corner of the world.

“It will be found. It may take a month or a year, but eventually, it will be found,” he said. “This aircraft didn’t vanish. It exists somewhere in the world, and it will be found, probably in one piece.”

Source: Ex-El Al expert: Iran likely involved in MH 370 | The Times of Israel

The Zionists not contented with these three experts to spew nonsense against Iran has even obtained the services of a multi-billionaire in the person of Rupert Murdoch who twitted as follows:

Obama should call Chinese President following today's incident and say "we both have the problem of Muslim terrorism. Can we work together?"

3:50 AM - 2 Mar 2014

777 crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.

4:15 PM - 9 Mar 2014

World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance. Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden, perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like Bin Laden.

2:23 AM - 15 Mar 2014

777. Still think this a reminder that US and China should be working more closely on Muslim extremist threat.

2:26 AM - 15 Mar 2014

Does it surprise anyone that Murdoch, a rabid Zionist Israel supporter would do Israel’s bidding and spew similar propaganda?

Before I proceed further, I want you to examine all the quotations from the three Israeli security experts. What is the common thread that runs through all of their observations?

It is staring straight at your face!


This is a most unusual observation and one that have been asserted with confidence by all three.


It is linked to the Israeli allegations against Iran being responsible for the disappearance of the plane.

The Rationale?

It is an open secret that Israel has always wanted to destroy Iran and to use the US as the Bully Boy to do the dirty work. Netanyahu has declared his intentions in every international forum in which he has appeared most notably the U.N. and in AIPAC annual conference in the United States

But this is not the first time that Israel has fabricated evidence against Iran so that a war can be launched against Iran. Before the Geneva Talks between Iran and US on the nuclear issue, Israel made every effort to persuade the US to attack Iran and when that failed, they concocted evidence that Iran was embarking on a nuclear weapons program and therefore must be destroyed as Iran is a threat to world peace.

It has now been exposed that the dossier prepared by Israel for IAEA was a pack of lies similar to the dossier on Iraq that Saddam Hussein had WMD. Please see Appendix 1 & 2 for more details.

In the event the plane is not found, what would be the likely future scenario?

Since these Israelis have offered opinions, beliefs, possibilities and theories to support their propaganda, I am entitled to offer my own opinions, beliefs, possibilities and theories as Counter Propagandato Israel’s disinformation.

The Counter-Propaganda Premise

If Iran can be accused of causing the disappearance of MH 370, it is equally reasonable to accuse Israel of doing the same.

We have a stronger case against Israel, because Israel has a long history of using terrorism to achieve its geo-political agenda ever since the establishment of Israel. Every Israeli Prime Minister has been connected directly or indirectly with Israeli sponsored terrorist organisations, the most notorious being the Irgun Zvai Leumi.and the Stern Gang also called Stern Group or Lehi, formally Loḥamei Ḥerut Yisraʾel (Hebrew: “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) both responsible for mass scale massacre of Palestinians - men, women and children.

If the MH 370 has landed in an undisclosed place, it can be weaponised and used in a subsequent False Flag operations against the US and subsequently lay the blame on Iran, with the two Iranian passengers as patsies, replicating a 9-11 scenario. This is much too risky for the Israelis. There is a better alternative.

The more likely scenario is Israel playing the pivotal role. This scenario entails the total destruction of MH 370 with all the passengers in such a way that no trace of the air plane can be found in some ocean where the possibility of recovery is close to zero.

The non-recovery is critical to the modus operandi which has been set in motion in 2013. Bear this in mind when reading the below analysis.

In the weeks following any announcement that the SAR mission has ended, an intense propaganda campaign (following the same lines as asserted by the three Israeli experts) would be launched that the only logical conclusion would be that some terrorist organisation (e.g. Al Qaeda) has stolen the plane.

Israel would conduct military exercises to pre-empt an aerial attack on Israel. In fact, following the disappearance of MH 370, this was what the Israelis have done.

As reported by (owned by Rupert Murdoch),

Missing jet, Iranian threats, prompt Israel to tighten air security

By Paul Alster, March 17, 2014

HAIFA, Israel – Top Israeli defense officials have hurriedly put in place a confidential list of secret security measures in light of the baffling disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jumbo jet that experts fear could become a weapon of mass destruction if in the wrong hands.

Then, if there is in fact an aerial attack on Israel, the Zionists would declare that the weaponised plane must be that of the missing MH 370!

You would definitely scream, “Are you mad Matthias? Your theory cannot be right because there is no air plane as it has been destroyed by the Israelis. Where can they get another Boeing 777 similar to MH 370?”

Surprise, surprise!

Do you know that Israel has a Boeing 777 just like MH 370?

It will surprise you further that Israel has acquired such a Boeing 777 from Malaysia in 2013. The details are as follows:

A Malaysian Airlines sister airplane Boeing 777-200 was sold to GA Telesis and was then re-registered and sent to Tel Aviv on 4/11/13 where it was stored.,N105GT-GA-Telesis-php

Malaysian Boeing 777 manufacturer serial number 28416 registered as 9M-MRI was sold to GA Telesis in 2013 and now registered as N105GT.

It is now stored at Tel Aviv.

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