Thursday, 12 June 2014


Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As -Militants 'seize Tikrit' after taking Mosul: Insurgents in Iraq have seized the city of Tikrit, their second major gain after capturing Mosul on Tuesday, security officials say. Tikrit, the hometown of former leader Saddam Hussein, lies just 150km (95 miles) north of the capital Baghdad.
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - Iraq: 500,000 Flee Fighting in Mosul : Militants seized control of the major Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday. Iraqi security forces fleeing as the group established their dominance over the city were joined by thousands of civilians attempting to escape even more violence.
Iraq official says Mosul "capable" of ousting jihadist militants as Syria offers help: The stunning assault by the al Qaeda splinter group, which started on Sunday night, saw black banner-waving insurgents raid government buildings, pushing out security forces and capturing military vehicles as thousands fled for their lives from what is Iraq's second-largest city.
Iraqi Jihadists kidnap Turkish consul, staff: Jihadists seized the Turkish consulate in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Wednesday and kidnapped the head of the diplomatic mission and 24 staff members, a police colonel said.
Turkey calls for emergency NATO meeting on Iraq: Turkish official: Turkey has called for an emergency meeting of NATO to discuss the security situation in Iraq after militants took 80 Turkish citizens hostage during a lightning advance, a Turkish foreign ministry official said.
The Arrogance Of Power! White House calls on Iraq government to 'step up to the plate' over Mosul: “The United States is deeply concerned about the events that have transpired in Mosul over the last 48 hours where elements of the Islamic State of Iraq (Isil) have taken over significant parts of the city,” added the State Department in a statement.
In case you missed it; Cheney Was Unwavering in Desire to Go to War : Powell and Armitage called this the Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it.
Al-Qaeda Jihadis Loot Over $400 Million From Mosul Central Bank: Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) militants took over the key northern town of Mosul, where an unknown number of US-made Black Hawk helicopters were parked and have been captured by Al Qaeda (potentially the same forces that have been trained by the US across the border in Syria).
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