Monday, 3 March 2008

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned speech to Anti-War Rally

"If the truth will set us free, we must first set free the truth".

So said James Bacque in the introduction to his second book "Crimes and Mercies".

Few people have any idea how bad things are (and have been) within the countries of "The Special Relationship".

Until you have read Mr. Bacque's two books: "Other Losses" first published in 1989 and "Crimes and Mercies" in 1997 you will not know about the enormity of the crimes perpetrated on the German nation by the "victorious" Allies (America, France & Britain) under the executive order of General Eisenhower.

Assimilate the horror of a vengeance that obtained the unnecessary deaths of millions far exceeding those claimed as victims of an earlier holocaust, and combine that with the millions sacrificed in the First World War, that imperial adventure designed to strengthen Britain's power as world leader at the expense of Germany.

Then add in the casualities that grew out of that imperial aggression in the subsequent 90-year long Genocide of the Arabs in Syria, Mesopotamia and Palestine.

Finally, consider all under the expert oversight commanded by Guido Giacomo Preparata in his excellent book "Conjuring Hitler".

Then and only then will you start to grasp who is terrorising whom.

Ben Griffin is a recent addition to a long line of whistleblowers who have for many decades been trying to educate the public about the malignancy that is the British Establishment.

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