Monday, 11 January 2010

Police Car Bomb In Ireland Inside Job

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Intelligence officials and fellow policemen are to be questioned in
connection with the car bombing of a policeman in Ireland this week.
Initial reports of the incident, strongly suggest the bombers had
access to classified material which should have been kept
confidentially in an office or police station..

The level of inside knowledge required to carry out the bombing in the
manner it happened, suggests that the bombers had precise inside of
confidential material. Despite the spin, the nature and timing of the
attack, pre-supposes very specific details that are unlikely to be
anything other than highly significant, according to one source.

A highly secretive embarrassing internal inquiry will be
investigating, recently recruited
nationalists suspected of Crown force collusion, including the role of
forces within the Special Branch and covert forces within British army
units who formerly had their offices raided.

According to one official, the leaks further expose the weakness of a
force mixed with all sorts of conflicting interests, including
nationalists and the fact that there are no mechanisms for democratic
accountability of the various British departments in Ireland or their

Moreover, the British government's failure some time ago to implement
Patten's requirements, for a new beginning for policing, has left
everyone powerless to investigate this matter.The various forces have
a force within a force, immune from accountability and immune from
scrutiny. Recent recruiting of nationalists and promotion of Special
Branch into senior positions of authority throughout the paramilitary police, have
polluted any new policing ethos within the force, with security
breaches, left right and centre.

The bomber's iuntelligence accomplices recently passed through
security checkpoints, staffed by armed guards, gained entry to secured
coded keypads and opened secure cabinets. They knew exactly what they
wanted and they knew exactly where to look.

They initially gained access through a ringed 20-metre steel fence with
watchtowers, floodlights, classed as impenetrable. They then cracked a
network of elaborate security systems, designed to protect some of the
northern statelet's most dangerous secrets and intimate details of all
paramilitary police personnel.

Clearly operating with insider's knowledge, the bombers intelligence
operatives, penetrated the heartland of all covert operations. They
targeted also an office which runs the network of informers, agents,
an important nerve centre for military intelligence and the inner
sanctum of counter insurgency operations.

According to confirmed reliable reports, having breached the outer
security cordon, the masked unit entered the first floor office. One
of the men had a Dublin accent. A British agent on the premises was
subsequently bound and gagged.

The unit gained access to secret files and removed a number of
documents, described as highly confidential. They apparently made copies of all
the material. They downloaded information from all of the computers.

A paramilitary police source has admitted the raid must have involved "someone
closely involved with us". 'Very close'; not every officer would have
had specific knowledge to access the security systems protecting the
most 'highly sensitive' material the British have in Ireland. A former
officer admitted, "I worked with the secret services for 30 odd years
and I wouldn't know how to do this thing."

Nevertheless the paramilitary police remains unacceptable to both unionists and
nationalists, because it is widely acknowledged, that no government has
the power to curtail the forces within forces. The paramilitary police operates in
exactly the same manner that forces within the Special Branch, and
forces within MI5, controlled the RUC.

"Castlereagh was at the heart of operations in the Six counties for 30
years. It is from Castlereagh that, shoot-to-kill operatives,
collusion with loyalists and the torture of republicans was directed."

There are also recent revelations, concerning Crown force collusion in
the attempted murder of three RUC/paramilitary police members. Further, of the 20,000
official complaints made against the RUC/paramilitary police in recent years only
nine have been successfully prosecuted. More 6,000 files were sent to
the DPP arising out of the complaints.Of 24 recommended for
prosecution, just two police have been found guilty and jailed, one
received a suspended sentence, six fined.

These figures clearly show the DPP and the system in the six counties
are not capable of policing the police. It confirms what nationalists
have always known. The RUC/paramilitary police are a law unto themselves, regardless
of what crimes they commit.


Don't even give them a chance to launch their Bullscutter !

Oh, no. Brutish Bullscutter Coperation. Don't come fucking near me today. Dear Jaysus, you Kerry fucking recruits and gobshites all over the Irish media are their by-product. There are so many things I could say to express my deep mistrust and yes, anger of these new media Irish opinion makers. Their world service can be a titillating export but their rampant censorship of the restless native's replies stinks to high heaven, of arrogance, cultural imperialism and age old repression.

I don't vote right wing as far as I know, so maybe that also explains my antagonism to them. I don't believe the Brutish Bullscutter Coperation, which henceforth will be simply called the BBC, offer anything approximating legitimate alternatives for this country, indeed any country but thats their business. I disagree with their monarchy, class system of commoners, lords, inherited privilige and intolerance of diversity or alternatives.

Lest you think nationalism is blinding me, do not confuse my rants against Brutish Bullscutter with the many Scottish, English and Welsh friends I have known down through the years, most of whom are the salt of the Earth in my opinion and great people.

It goes against every fibre of my being and tradition to be rude to people but you have got to stand up for your identity these days or become a smiling zombie product of their pundits and seductive manipulating bullscutter.

Brutes are people too but we must take this tour d'arse with all of its insanity, as a relief from the bland sanitized, couldn't give a fuck mercenary BULLSCUTTER ! of our age.
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