Monday, 1 February 2010

British Blair Not Bush Led the Invasion of Iraq

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British Bliar

Blair the Original British Neo-con Led the Iraq Invasion 

Based on researched material of Information Clearing house, can now safely conclude Tony Blair not George Bush led the Iraq invasion, that he is delusional, probably to the point of madness. His six-hour presentation to the Chilcot Inquiry of his reasons for the neo-conned “Dubya” Bush in the war on Iraq. Thanks to access Blair gave us to the workings of his mind for six hours, we now understand. He was ahead of Bush in the war on terrorism game because he is the original pure neo-con, the real thing, whereas Bush had to be won over, conned, by America’s own mad men. Blair did not, he was always one of them.. After 9/11, quite possibly while the towers were still collapsing, his agenda was their agenda.

Though the Chilcot Inquiry is concerned only with Iraq and how Blair’s government made the decision to go to war, Blair was also beating the drum for war on Iran. He did it four times it was like listening to John Bolton or any of America’s lunatics.

At one point, Blair denied he had said in an interview with the BBC that he favoured regime change in Iraq. “I didn’t use the words regime change in that interview,” he said to the Inquiry. He was telling the truth in that he did not use those actual words. What then did he say on camera on 13 December 2009? When asked, knowing what we all know today (that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction) would he still have gone to war. Blair replied, “I would still have thought it right to remove him.” If that is not regime change, what is?!

Blair still insists that the invasion of Iraq has “made the world a safer place”. The reality is that Blair and Bush together were the best recruiting sergeants for Islamic fundamentalism and the Al-Qaeda franchise.

Blair declined an invitation to express any regret. He couldn’t even bring himself to say he regretted the loss of the lives of British soldiers and more than a million Iraqis mainly civilians. Blair described Saddam Hussein as “a monster who threatened the world.” There’s an old British saying, “It takes one to know one.”

So the really important question, in all of this supposedly communication age is how fooling the US into pointless wars is possible. After forty years of a liberation struggle in occupied Ireland, against brutal British state terrorism, Irish freedom fighters have learned much about the modus operandi of their close neighbour after its experiments with state terrorism in Ireland its first colony, for more than 800 years. Britain went on to colonize most of the peaceful world, on the basis of divide and conquer and other tactics learned in its first colony Ireland. With the decline of the original British Empire they formed an axis with their agents in the US, (WASP- White Anglos Saxon Protestant) and taught their state terrorist tactics to the Americans who now use them all over th world. This article like most expose's of the truth will be heavily censored, so I ask anyone who agrees, to re-publish or pass it on to as many readers as possible, so that the few remaining free citizens of the world, can decide for themselves what the real truth is.

"Fear is the Key to Obedience

Biblically speaking, fear was always used by the clergies to ensure that people would obey the rules that were allegedly bestowed by God upon humanity to avoid burning in hell. These rules were actually written by men to control the masses and to perpetuate the power of the religious leaders. As a result, telling the truth and challenging the establishment will only lead to ridicule, crucifixion, and death.

Unfortunately, fear is the driving force and the main psychological component of terror. Fear incapacitates people and renders them impotent. Fear is conducive to regressive behaviors by responsible adults, where people become dependent on an illusory parent figure like the government or a corporation per example, in order to protect them from the evildoers. So they become willing to relinquish their most intimate and sacred rights in order to feel safe."

" Sensationalism and misinformation are the essence of the modern media! Angry talk shows are the dish of the day, where the host abuses, yells, belittles, terrorizes his guests to ensure that their opinions are not heard, and only the host’s scripted ideas emerge as the winners, so his or her master’s agenda is served.

The media has been spreading terror for years in the hearts of the American public, in order to force them to watch their trivial programming. Just as in Orwell’s Oceania ,  the airwaves are bombarded with 24 hours news channels that would resort to any twisted strategy to keep their distorted coverage going. “If it bleeds it leads. The airwaves are also inundated with shows and stories that promote fear, exaggeration of situations, twisting of the truth, psychological propaganda, bloody and gory stories, and buzz words (i.e. flesh eating bacteria, shark attacks on our shores, weapons of mass destruction, SARS, West Nile virus, carjacking, hijacking, war of the sexes, violence, epidemics, pandemics, child abductions, gay marriages, bird flu, H1N1, and so forth and so on). All designed to frighten, brainwash, manipulate, create conflict, confuse, liberalize, and mesmerize their audiences into watching their programs where anything is acceptable. “Instill fear in them and they shall watch and follow”. This is a policy of terror not of democracy. "

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