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The term astroturfing denotes political or public relations campaigns that are formally planned by an organization, as opposed to genuine community grassroots issues. AstroTurf is a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like real natural grass. British agent astroturfers in Ireland, attempt to orchestrate the actions of diverse individuals and groups, by both overt and covert means. Beneficiaries are not 'grassroot' activists but the imperialist British who use Mi-5 and MI-6  to orchestrate campaigns in Ireland. The primary goal of such campaigns is to disguise British efforts of shaping Irish political life.

British black propaganda used extensively in Ireland is their information, purporting to be of Irish origin but is actually British. Most British astroturfing is really black propaganda pretending it has an Irish source and its British source is hidden. When British black propaganda used the same means as astroturfing, the distinction is less clear, as in the case of forged letters from the Irish politician Parnell or the falsefied gay diaries of Roger Casement, who was discredited and then executed by the British.

Astroturfing by the British Secret Services in Ireland is the manipulation of the media in Ireland, quite often on the internet, particularly with media that is designed to look like Independent media or grass roots campaigns. It shows up often on articles about Irish politics, social issues, climate change and controversial matters relating to the British presence in Ireland. While it is relatively new to Ireland in the form of bloggers, supposedly online independent newspapers have been using it for a long time.

During the last forty year phase of the British war on Ireland, the British have used it extensively for covert censorship purposes, or to emasculate serious political issues or activity and image issue with British occupation in the whole island of Ireland. Black propagandists such as the media manipulation an art of perfidious Albion, learned over the course of its global colonialism, that it is not so much reality that is important in shaping public opinion in Ireland generally, about their occupation in the north, as opposed to what the general perceptions on the island are of British occupation.

Thus after they took control of all independent media in Ireland that is not already censoring, they proceeded to use them to shape or mould public opinion, hearts and minds in Ireland, especially at times of public anger at their atrocities in Ireland, such as the British slaughter of innocent civilians in Dublin and Monaghan, with no warning car bombs or Bloody Sunday. Astroturfing by the British is also used to give a platform to their chosen, sanitized alternative, politicians, in both parts of their Irish scum states, as opposed to genuine activists for real change in Ireland who are censored systematically.

The purpose of British astroturfing in Ireland, is to derail real political conversation, to discredit and undermine real politik in Ireland and replace it with the distractions and fostered divisions of ideological notions. Over the course of the last forty years in Ireland independent journalist have been forced to publish their articles on Ireland, in Indymedia international outlets overseas, where there is no censorship of what is really happening in Ireland, as opposed to censored Irish outlets such as Indymedia Ireland.

Another function of British astroturfing and hijacking independent media in Ireland, is the dissemination of dis-information and to lose articulate and intelligent comments, amongst their white noise of personal abuse and discredit of genuine Irish commentators. They also serve to create acrimony amongst Irish commenters on each other and turn it into a personal fight, instead of a discussion about important Irish issue.

The Turfman From Ardee

Attributed  to a Patrick Akins by Waltons, sung by Margaret Barry who used to live outside Cross, died in Laurencetown, recorded in 1965.

For sake of health I took a walk last week at early dawn,
I met a jolly turf man as I slowly walked along,
The greatest conversation passed between himself and me
And soon I got acquainted with the turfman from Ardee.

We chatted very freely as we jogged along the road,
He said my ass is tired and I'd like to sell his load,
For I got no refreshments since I left home you see,
And I'm wearied out with travelling said the turfman from Ardee.

Your cart is wracked and worn friend, your ass is very old,
It must be twenty summers since that animal was foaled
Yoked to a cart where I was born, September 'forty three
And carried for the midwife says the turfman from Ardee

I often do abuse my ass with this old hazel rod,
But never yet did I permit poor Jack to go unshod
The harness now upon his back was made by John McGee
And he's dead this four and forty years says the turfman from Ardee.

I own my cart now, has been made out of the best of wood,
I do believe it was in use in the time of Noah's flood
Its axle never wanted grease say one year out of three.
It's a real old Carrick axle said the turfman from Ardee.

We talked about our country and how we were oppressed
The men we sent to parliament have got our wrongs addressed
I have no faith in members now or nothing else you see
But led by bloomin' humbugs, said the turfman from Ardee.

Just then a female voice called out, which I knew very well,
Politely asking this old man the load of turf to sell
I shook that stately hand of his and bowed respectfully
In hope to meet some future day, the turfman from Ardee.

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