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Brutal British Gulag in Occupied Internment Ireland

Brutal British Gulag in Occupied Internment Ireland - Brutal British Gulag in Occupied Internment Ireland -

Cead Mile Failte, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

A political prisoner of conscience and a human rights activist, who has campaigned for other political prisoners in British Occupied Ireland, Marian has had no trial, no sentence, no release date, not even a time when a Parole Commission will look at her case. She will only be released by order of a British Secretary of State Owen Paterson, an unelected Englishman or the Queen's autocrat in British Occupied Ireland.
After the so called power sharing agreement to settle the troubles in Ireland, there is no evidence of it, in this instance of the return of internment without trial, which was a major contributory factor in the first instance. Internment without trial is concrete evidence that the so called peace process has failed from an administrative and human rights perspective with what is essentially military law ruling a sectarian scum state. Marian Price was arrested under Occupied Ireland's military laws and brought before a Diplock or Kangaroo Court without a jury or due process.
Twice, a judge with the precise same intelligence reports as the English Secretary of State ordered she be released on bail immediately as she was no threat to the public. The 58 year old Marian has publicly stated her days as a militant activist are long gone but she cannot condemn young people who fight to remove the British criminals from Occupied Ireland. However each and every time the Queen's unelected Englishman has overruled the judge and ordered Marian Price be interned without trial. His excuse was that he was revoking her parole but Marian was not on parole because she received a royal pardon or the "Royal Prerogative of Mercy" when she was freed in 1980. She was then at death's door from a hunger strike. She was force-fed more than 400 times on a hunger strike.
This unelected English autocrat in Occupied Ireland now says the much publicized pardon which is common knowledge "cannot be located," that it either has been lost or shredded. Marian's lawyer Peter Corrigan told a public meeting that it is the only time in the history of Royal Prerogatives of Mercy that a pardon has been mislaid.
Monsignor Raymond Murray a veteran human rights campaigner and spiritual chaplain, said, "You can draw your own conclusions." Marian has been in solitary confinement for more than 300 days. The UN Spokesperson on Torture has said solitary confinement for more than 15 days is torture. Marian is locked in her cell 21 hours a day with a camera. She has no privacy because prison staff constantly go in and out of her cell. Male prison guards shine a light in her face at night so she can't sleep.
Marian says she feels like she is "in a zoo." Her husband, Jerry McGlinchey, says that he is "very, very worried" about her health. She has never recovered from her previous force-feeding, she suffers from such severe arthritis that she can't open her hand. He believes her health will get worse while she is in solitary confinement.
The Irish civil rights leader Bernadette Devlin McAliskey has told a meeting in Belfast, "From the government's point of view it is a clear message that no dissent will be tolerated. You challenge the status quo at your peril." This internment without trial coupled with British sponsored or mentored murder of Human rights lawyers in occupied Ireland, along with blanket censorship, political paramilitary policing, prisoner torture has made post process Occupied Ireland a brutal military state for Irish people in their own land.
Marian Price may be a political prisoner of conscience in a British hell hole in Occupied Ireland for the rest of her life without the help of people who care. She is not the only one there are many more political prisoners of conscience in Ireland who were brave enough to speak out against British brutality and occupation.
This unelected English tyrant in Ireland, Owen Paterson can be e-mailed at to tell him to free Marian Price immediately. You may alsO Organise, Agitate, Educate by going to a Bernadette McAliskey VIDEO AND OTHER IMPORTANT LINKS -
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