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Peaceful protesters worldwide are now met with police wearing body armour, face shields, helmets, batons, with other weaponry such as tear gas, rubber bullets, plastic bullets, sonic grenades and internment without trial, all developed, refined and show cased in British Occupied Ireland.

Political assassination under the cover of British mentored loyalist and recently pseudo republican groups, are controlled by British intelligence, from a recently constructed state of the art complex, appropriately called Hollywood. Indeed British intelligence in an ever more complex web and in the form of M15, also controls the mentored media and censored public perception to such an extent in Ireland, that they also control who is elected to a totalitarian Stormont without a legal oppostion, boasted to be a sectarian parliament for a sectarian people.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights restricts the use of internment. Article 9 states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile."

During the 20th century, the arbitrary internment of civilians by the state, reached a climax with Nazi concentration camps in 1933–1945. Because of the negative connotations of the term "concentration camp," it has been replaced by the British in Occupied Ireland, with newer euphemisms of more sanitized terms, such as detention facility or internment by remand in gaols, with kangaroo jury less courts, on trumped up charges which remand politcal prisoners of conscience for years without trial.

Regardless of the actual circumstance or terms, political internment without trial in British Occupied Ireland has been a political reality, since the formation of the British mentored sectarian scum statelet called "northern Ireland" since its creation. Based on a sectarian headcount in the north-eastern corner of the small island called Ireland. The truth is that despite the recent surrender by certain nationalists, virtually the entire apparatus of government in occupied Ireland has been militarised right down to education in schools.

The organizing of state violence to protect the British theft of part of Ireland, includes the executing of state violence, in the name of "security" even in matters of civil disobedience or for example in the instance of Marian Price for simply expressing political ideas for a united Ireland and the removal of the British monarchy from Ireland.

The reality facing any irish person who genuinely supports a united republic, is that the entire system is bent on breaking dissent and protecting the status quo to the point of political internment without trial and political assassination by an unelected Englshman on he rmajesty's service as Secretary of State and another Englishman head of a paramilitary political miltary police expediting it, both unaccountable to anyone elected in Ireland based on secret service dictats that never see the light of a democratic process..
The state approved filtered media tell Irish people who live in the south of Ireland, that they live in a great free republic when in fact the reality is that it is still a neo-colonial statelet. The British approved media tell people that live in occupied Ireland or the north, that their institutions are democratic, that they are a free and self-governing and British indoctrinated people want to believe that but the censored reality is that it is now too much, even for a loyalist joke and political internment without trial is the odious proof of it.

Sectarian and income inequality, currently in Ireland, isn't just about justice and making ends meet, it's about freedom, too. The perception of freedom for some, minimizes the role of Government in an individual's life, while maximizing greed, others see the obligation of the state being to protect, so that individuals can feel safe enough to be what they want to be. Either way political Internment without a fair trial is counter productive and as even that revered British Tory, Winston Churchill, said, "The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist - Winston Churchill, as quoted in In The Highest Degree Odious : Detention Without Trial in Wartime Britain (1992), by Professor A. W. B. Simpson.

The totalitarian British Stormont regime, which since its very inception, has depended on the deception and betrayal of fellow Irish men and women, both orange and green, continues to be so inwardly corrupt, that it can only support itself with constant lies (i.e secret service media control including censorship), along with brutal repression and political internment, instead of justice with free expression and genuine debate. Marian Price and her protestant brothers and sisters of imprisoned political conscience, have been silenced, interned without trial and censored by two un-elected English despots in their own land. You don't have to be a political Einstein, to see that this degree of injustice begets future revolution but then that would facilitate the lucrative British intelligence-industrial-war complex, which appears to fall within their explanation of "operational reasons".

Any serious student of the recent phase of the troubles in Ireland, is aware of the complex Kitsonian experiment in counter revolution being conducted by the British in Occupied Ireland and the undemocratic control both covertly and overtly of political puppets wielded by British secret services. As Oliver's Army put it at the start of almost 40 years of low intensive war in Ireland. "Down through the ages successive soldiers - flying the flag of British rule and peering out over hostile territory from their forts - have served in Ireland. Their presence and actions were aimed at suppressing the right of the Irish people to self-determination, but also contributed to the erosion of democracy inside Britain. In the 19th century Karl Marx had said that ‘a nation which enslaves another can never itself be free,’ and noted that ‘the English republic under Cromwell met shipwreck in Ireland’.

He also warned that Ireland was being used as a training ground and that the repressive measures implemented there would eventually be used at home. Two centuries before Marx, a Leveller, John Harris, had expressed similar views about Cromwell’s war in Ireland: ‘How contrary this is to the common interest of mankind let all the world judge, for a people that desire to live free, must almost equally with themselves, defend others from subjection...’ .."

The Political interment of Marian Price without trial may not directly affect us all personally today but as sure as night follow day it will eventually affect family, whether, trade unionist, student, mortgage holder, demonstrator, etc., sooner or later. Marian's political internment without trial by an unaccountable despot, is the political internment of everyone, to a lesser or greater extent. Whether you agree or disagree with Marian's politics for a united Ireland you can tell the Queen of England what exactly you think at the petition on this link !

A Chairde there are 4,225 people petitioning for Marian Price at the following CAUSES on Facebook, which have been censored and  the active administrators all removed, censored or blocked by British intelligence and their agents in Ireland. We will carry on with this petition here on CARE2.
British intelligence in Ireland whose activities in mentored, state sponsored loyalist assassination and murder is rarely documented but now they have gone rogue. Besides being involved in drug rackets all over Ireland, they are engaged in politically shaping all political parties and their agendas on all of the island.
While Labour has been bought and paid for by the unions who are already compromised, Fine Gael, bought and paid for by the culchies and Fianna Fail bought and paid for by everybody, their latest projected replacement PSF are paid and run by British intelligence. 
The British Intelligence-Industrial-War complex in Ireland, have a vested interest in prolonging the last 40 years of troubles with the internment of traditional Irish republicans like Marian Price and other Irish republicans released under the Weston Park part of the peace agreement as provocation.

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