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Whores of Stormont Castle

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Shame Fame
A boy walks into Stormont Castle and tells the whore master he needs a prostitute. The boy smacks a100 pounds on the desk and shouts, "Now!" The whore master asked, "Wee fella, can I ask you what age are you?" The wee fella replied, "I'm 12." He then slaps a DEAD frog on the table with another100 pounds. He further demands, "I need a prostitute with HIV and every venereal disease ever given to man." The Stormont Castle whore master shocked then said, "Are you mad?" The wee fella puts another100 pounds down.
Whores of Stormont Castle
Whores of Stormont Castle
A boy walks into Stormont Castle and tells the whore master he needs a prostitute. The boy smacks a100 pounds on the desk and shouts, "Now!" The whore master asked, "Wee fella, can I ask you what age are you?" The wee fella replied, "I'm 12." He then slaps a DEAD frog on the table with another100 pounds. He further demands, "I need a prostitute with HIV and every venereal disease ever given to man." The Stormont Castle whore master shocked then said, "Are you mad?" The wee fella puts another100 pounds down. 

The whore master is now looking at 300 pounds, so he says, "Whatever." He informed the boy to go upstairs and go in the last door on the left. So the boy goes up and does his thing and then comes down. The whore master asked the young lad on the way out, "Its not my business how you got here or how you got all this money but I want to know why you wanted a prostitute with HIV and every disease known to man?" The lad replies, "Since I have done my business I don't mind telling you. When I go home I will ride hell out of my babysitter. When my dad takes the babysitter home he will screw the shit out of her. Then when he gets home, he will have sex with my mother. When he goes to work in the morning, my mom she will screw the the local MLA politician... AND THAT'S THE SON OF A BITCH THAT RAN OVER MY FROG!!!

Whore: (verb) To debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.

The kind of arsehole you find in British Occupied Ireland
Political whores lining
their pockets with gold,
mined with the blood
of Irish youth

1. political whore 32 up, 1 down
A politician who will sell out their constituents if it means they might get one step higher on the ladder. They will completely flip-flop on an issue that was the core of their campaign platform just because they think it might help them get elected to, for instance, Lake Forest City Council. They will even sell out the person who threw them proxies to get them into office. They become so "whoreish" that in the end, they are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.

The Born Again Whores of Stormont Castle in British Occupied Ireland are proud of being called dirty cute whores, they see it as a political art form. For example campaigning on the streets against cutbacks while enacting them in Parliament or alternatively in the matter of internment of Marian Price the same duplicity in reverse. This art form born in slavery where slaves learn how to speak out of the side of their mouth, to survive with the fake demeanour of whore touting business. We can of course get very upset about all of this or try to attain some composure by observing occupied Ireland where the truth is stranger than satire.

There was a time in both parts of Ireland when superficially it had the appearance of being a half-decent Christian country. The rape of society by the bourgeoisie and gentry in the form of Landlords and Roman Catholic princes, did most of its damage out of sight, to the most defenceless, the children of the people of no property. In Ulster God-fearing Protestant men could walk down the street without being assaulted by filthy male and female Irish whores abusing them. However with the rise of the repentant Fenian barstewards and Shame Fein, those days appear to be over but appearances are often as deceptive, as an old Irish political cute whore. As Ian Paisley said, "They breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin."

Lord Muck as he is affectionately known locally in his UK City of Culture, Londonderry has taken the art of pog mo shon to another level as a compulsive collector of shit stool samples. He was appointed Her Majesty's groom of the stool for her last visit to Ireland, when with a team of Shame fein helpers, they followed her around Ireland with a bacteria free portable bog, with Lord Muck to complete the gravy train and clean up any of her arse slops.

At his house he has a collection of more than a thousand stools, as he was proud to display when recently interviewed after an Irish hack was given British security clearance.
"I started off lickin the arse of a few slippery local characters, he says. Then a few visiting creamy English lads years ago, which progressed eventually to some Orange sauce, from the Big Man in Ballymena to today's more constipated Paterson's arse-biscuits. 

It would be difficult to pick a favourite, but, I will say this; they all looked, felt and smelled of genuine shit, particularly the latest offering from Shropshire. People don't always seem to understand the skill and delicacy involved. My nose which has become slightly orange during the peace process and over time has evolved into an instrument of expensive faecal detection. I can smell laxative butt cheek at a mile on a good day. So I have to act fast and get stuck in down on my hands and knees, down the shorts, starting with a few gentle kisses, then out with my rasping tongue, as quickly as possible."

The above is just a cameo of contemporary Ireland but standards of decency and morality in Occupied Ireland have sunk so low, that Her Majesty was forced to bring in a Born Again Virgin from London, as their police chief. However the whoredom with impunity from prosecution has gotten much worse since his arrival. Even his paramilitary officers now pout and tout for business on Irish streets like common prostitutes and it's even considered cute to ply their filthy trade in schools. All of these streetwalkers proudly flaunt their Nazi uniforms to try get attention from the S&M crowd but both communities despise them. Now the London bag lady can be found wandering the streets of Londonderry chanting, "Get thee behind me, oh ye whores of Babylonderry."

When interviewed about his transition to a born again holy roller, he said, “I’m abstinent now. I realized that with abstinence, if you really, really believe in yourself like I do, you discover your own self-worth. Abstinence means you refrain from any sex in every manner, thinking about it, doing it even to myself! I’m a born-again virgin and whilst I am very fond of Lord Muck, I am saving myself for the right guy. I had a few slips since I came over here, its difficult, what with all those rasping tongues but I have learned from my mistakes. So now, it’s okay to wait, a long lasting relationship is a goal of mine, not because I need it, but because I want it. There is a big difference.

I will never find him but he will find me. I think the right one will see me. I want some old-fashioned courting. It is going to happen. Have you seen me ? My hymen is starting to regenerate, ask Lord Muck if you don't believe me. Do you like the latest peroxide blond hair of a lot of my boys in uniform ? their contour-hugging outfits, and their surgically-enhanced chests, I want them to look completely different from their former incarnations in the RUC. 

Some tradtional Christians think we are just cheap harlots and tell us so, but to be honest we really don’t care, what is a tradtional Irish marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many? No we born again virgins are the future, even if you have to repent a thousand times daily to qualify. Did you know that there are 80,000 prostitutes in my hometown London alone and what are they, if not bloody sacrifices on the altar of tradtional marriages of monogamy?. I look forward to having all of them within our fold shortly.

These traditional fundamentalists like Iris Robinson have a lot to answer for. Now you have that horrible Julie Burchil, calling us "Born Again Cows" and others saying that we in the PSNI are little more than walking masturbation aids, while they are so sensually null and void, that they have to be paid to indulge in fornication, saying that our men and women can be had, bought, sold from one man to another. Burchil had the audacity to further say, that when the sex war is won, prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal. Even our Jerry Falwell who said, "Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them, but the big difference in the PSNI is that we can always repent daily and be reborn or born again a thousand times daily, even if your were an RUC man you can do a desk job or some sort of hand job under the counter, we're very flexible, we have to be."

This has become a rather messy article but its the subject matter. I am putting it up because a lot of confused Catholics are getting more and more upset with their Papal whore as well their Shame Famers. They are as a result of becoming more open to the alternative of hymen regeneration. We should always be ready to help, heal them by bringing them to water, look how far Lord Muck has come. The bad news however is that there are still fundamentalist and other alleged believers out there, who are running to the devil and the wrong whore house.The organized church gig is all over. It's all running into the EU and the final whore system, mark that down. 

All of this leads to other questions like, what about Shame Fame women ? Do their loose women eat a lot of gravy soup too?, Do these type of women enjoy the stable diet of the Lord Muck meal? Do they have sensitive delicate tongues or the rasping variety. What about their virgins, male whores or even their born again virgins? Do the Shame Fame sluts have a more refined palate or is Lord Muck the only one who appreciates this blend of excrement and arse biscuits. The accusation is that they are all cheap, fast and easy. But then again, as the born again man said, "I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you."

Shame Fame Party discipline has been tightened with no party member allowed to disagree with the central organization. In fact one guy who tried to disagree once, was later found as a dead body floating in a canal. However to relieve the stress caused among members, they have thrown in a few sweeteners, like bi-weekly mass orgies at the Stormont Castle Hotel. Here they can be openly gay but lesbians are excluded because "they like their pussy too much." Their Stormont policy is B.Y.O.W. which means "Bring Your Own Whore", while at the same time, there is often an exchange of prostitutes with Baggots born again Londoners some of whom also work for MI5. It is now fashionable to trade prostitutes as a form of power sharing, with very little power to go round, as Paterson who is a pervert on the Ghengis Khan trip, kidnaps Irish women and tortures them in solitary confinement.

Of course none of this would be possible without a compliant media or the sub-species of fools who vote and pay for it all. Zombies who are fooled on election day after election day, with a moron media diet. Reproduced generation after generation as they fuck like rabbits. The British strategy of Irish zombie management, has been sustained successfully with the collaboration of these type of whores for centuries. Of course there can be no doubt that the whore masters of Shame Fame are very well off in their own right, with quite a number of "socialist" landlords screwing working class people, who get poorer under their 'guardianship' and are forced to become street whores themselves to get a few arse biscuits from their table. Even a few grassroots Shame Feiners who are working class people themselves, have been forced to sell their children into whoredom, all enabled by their own corrupt whore masters.

So where you may ask, are all the decent, ethical, politicians with a heart and conscience in Occupied Ireland. The short answer simply is politically interned without trial while an un-elected English overlord has thrown away the key. If not interned without trial, they have been assassinated, along with any supporting professional lawyers. The Stormont Castle Shame Fame millionaire whore masters, give an odd grunt of disapproval to ensure re-election and keep the children of the poor to be used as cannon fodder for another forty years of war

while their own spoiled brats

lick their silver spoons and grin

knowing they’ve got it made

because their daddy is a whore
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