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Olympics London 2012 : NO BLACKS NO DOGS NO IRISH

We'd all like to think that the days of these signs warning away certain "undesirables" were something of the past but certainly not London 2012 which is still unfortunately infested with rcism leading up to the Olympics in its obsessive immigration ignorance.

Estate agents are breaking international race relation standards by discriminating against Irish, Blacks or tenants with dogs and pretending their property is taken when this Irish undercover reporter requested info on it but jackpot when and enflish chappie strolls in it's available.

Landlord comment;"And exactly what business is it of yours or anyone else what people choose to do with their OWN property?"

Reply: "If your "property" is an island somewhere far from other people, then you might have a point. But once people start living together in groups, especially at the level of density one gets in a city, then there have to be rules about behavior anyplace where such behavior affects other people around you. The point of those rules should be to keep friction between people to a minimum, not to give certain groups an advantage and to shove other groups down. Prosperity for all comes from peace and harmony.
Few benefit from conflict, but many benefit from community."

Landlord comment;  All in all, I rent MY property to whoever I feel comfortable renting it to – not because I am ordered by some political rule as to what I can do with my own property

Reply: Everyone is entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean all opinions are of equal value.

Barring people from renting because of the colour of their skin or where they are from, or what they believe, is otherwise known as racist, bigoted and illegal, thankfuly.

As I said, feel free to be a racist and break the law but don't expect any respect for doing that.

Bye bye now!"


'No Irish', 'Irish out' is all too common to me, growing up in Ulster, with a lot of no go area's for Nationalists and other Irish from the south.

I'm sure we can sympathize with other nationalities, our shared history under imperialism and in today's world, this emergence of heightened, public xenophobia and discrimination in jobs/housing which was rife in pre-70s Northern Ireland.

It's a crying shame this is continuing. Though Nationalists/Catholics were fighting for civil rights in their own country of birth, the same rights should be afforded to all people."

This bigotry and racism goes right up to the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who has in the past, referred to black people as "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles" and declared, in a discussion on 7/7, that "Islam is the problem". Jonson was extremely offensive earlier this year to London's Irish community, when he said: "I'll tell you what makes me angry - lefty crap," he thunders in response. Like? "Well, like spending £20,000 on a dinner at the Dorchester for Sinn Fein!" The Mayor of Londonreferring to the annual St Patrick's Day Gala Dinner, the £150-per-ticket black tie event that ran between 2002 and 2008 and was, ahem, self-financing?

The dinner that Boris cancelled in 2009 to save money despite the fact that it was, um, er, self-financing? The dinner that wasn't held "for Sinn Fein" but at the request, and for the sake, of the Irish community of Kilburn, Cricklewood and other parts of the capital?

He lied, the annual dinner for London's Irish community was totally self-supporting and to dismiss it as "lefty crap" and "for Sinn Fein" isn't just wrong but offensive. Irish footballers, television stars, singers and politicians  attended the St Patrick's Day dinner, including the mayor of Dublin and the Irish ambassador to the UK.

As a spokeperson for Ken Livingstone pointed out :To call the annual, self-financing, St Patrick's Day dinner "lefty crap" is both profoundly ill-informed and also an attack on Irish Londoners and their contribution to this city. Irish Londoners came together to celebrate the part they play in the life of London  and Boris Johnson has slapped them in the face. He is out of touch and ignorant of the facts. Another commented, "Poor Boris. It’s hard for a toff to be well mannered towards anyone but his own." No Blacks No Dogs No Irish was regularly seen all over England, particularly at boarding houses, where labourers would stay. Fortuantely it is not as common it used to be in your face but its still very much there in Olympic London 2012.

Donall MacAmhlaigh who came from County Galway, described the era well, in an Irish book called Dialann Deorai (Diary of an exile), from what at that time was a largely Irish speaking West of Ireland. He joined the First Battalion of the Irish Army, the Irish-speaking unit stationed in County Galway. After three years in the army, he emigrated to England. An Irish Navvy is also his account of six years labouring there. He died in Northampton in 1989 after a lifetime writing and working on building sites.

The Irish labour which helped rebuild Britain after the war expanded an existing culture, mainly in the areas where the A5, the main road from Holyhead, hits North London. The workers brought their regional loyalties with them. MacAmhlaigh took up navvying(builders labourer) with Mike Ned, a Curran from Cornomona. They mounted a wagon and set to breaking the ground with picks but when the ganger(supervisor) puts them on the mixer carrying bags of cement, MacAmhlaigh cannot straighten his back the next morning, but luckily finds himself digging a hole next day for three shillings an hour plus bonus.

The book a collection of stories of work in hotels, in fields, on building sites, for railways and at the US Air Force base at Brize Norton. The work, hard as it was, was still better than Ireland, where an Irish labourer digging a Tube line in the fifties could make as much in a night as he would make in a week in Ireland. MacAmhlaigh and many of his comrades stay in huts on remote sites as theywere unwelcome in the boarding houses.

Brendan Behan described Irish labour under, gangers with the names of Bruiser Joyce or Horse Face Toole. The Irish world in London was a rural one, dependent, like many emigrant communities, on the remittances of migrants. London life was as far as people could manage it still a small-town life. They attended Mass on Sunday and fasted on Good Friday with a few pints or more in the evening.

MacAmhlaigh found the English well-dressed compared to the people back home. They were tall "and you’d never think from them that they hadn’t had enough to eat for years." The world MacAmhlaigh described is mostly gone for the Irish where emigrant Irish can now fly home for a weekend. The world of the start and the ganger is now the world of  agricultural labourers, the Chinese cocklepicker and the Filipino nurse. The Irish are coming back to join them with mass emigration again and while the signs,`No blacks, no dogs, no Irish’ are less frequent, they might as well be in many places of London 2012

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