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MILITARIZED OLYMPICS :British Occupied Ireland Comes to London 2012

According to Ms.Claire Evans paranormal expert the flaming torch symbolizes the Olympics and Satanists have always known it represents Lucifer. She elaborates in an excerpt below :

" London 2012 Olympic Games a Human Sacrifice?


Signs are everywhere that something significant is going to happen at the Olympics. Having familiarizing with occult symbols I have found them so numerous, it’s astonishing. Perhaps I am just more aware of it but I feel these symbols far outnumber those in previous Olympics and they do not convey a great message.
People have always assumed that the torch relaying ceremony is derived from an ancient pagan tradition in the Olympics. It did not exist until the ceremonial lighting of the flame at the Olympic stadium in 1936, Berlin, under the orders of Adolf Hitler. He wanted it to symbolize the celebration of the Third Reich, Germany governed by the Nazi Regime.
It is true that a flame burnt 24 hours a day at Olympia in antiquity but the Games were never opened by the torch relay. Messengers heralded the opening by running through the streets instead of people running with the torch for 12 days.
The Olympic rings are not ancient either. They made their debut in 1920 at Antwerp, Belgiuim and were designed by Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the IOC and the father of the modern Olympic movement, in 1913. It was supposed to represent the first 5 Olympics but was disbanded when the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated triggering the First World War.
Hitler’s influence incorporated the OIympic Rings into Olympic pageantry in Berlin and it has stuck ever since. Of course it is not savoury to equate these rings with Naziism. Leni Riefenstahl, the Olympia filmmaker and who also chronicled the rise of Hitler, forged the rings by etching them in a stone altar in the ancient city of Delphi, Greece, to mislead the world into believing the rings were an ancient pagan symbol and not associated with Hitler.

The Nazi Olympic rings

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Source: Nazi Olympic rings

I would strongly advise anyone planning to go to the Olympics to cancel. "

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