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My favourite people, are often called prostitutes and whookers, which seriously worries me. Am I one as well ? Is that why I copy and paste so much, hoping there are plenty of socialists out there? Anyway the best whookers in the world come from Galway, when you climb into them, they are the best ride in the world. I know, I have checked, it has cost me a fortune but then either way, it costs a fortune anyway, ask any Playboy of the Western world, he'll tell you the world's a stage and some, so I'm going to get off now. The real purpose of all this, is the two copied and pasted articles and videos below, from Information Clearing House, which I recommend as a source of real news. Oh! and please don't forget Martin Corey you were great with Marian Price :

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guest· 2 hours ago
Thank you Mr.Galloway.
The poor dumbed down Britts have been misled by their controlled "Auntie" B.B.C.for too long.
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Joe Palooka· 2 hours ago
George , you've got an uphill battle on your hands trying to use logic with women !

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bjmaclac· 1 hour ago
The world gets more and more surreal - particularly as the presstitute "in-crowd" in both the UK and North America (even including Canada's CBC) uncritically excepts as irrefutable fact that the Assad governernemnt is evil incarnate and that there is no question about his use of chemical weapons. It wa particularly interesting when Mr. Galloway spoke of Israeli and US possession and use of WMDs how quickly the host put a damper on any further discussion on that fact.

Contrast this panel discussion to the one ICH presented a couple of weeks ago.

It is truly a fascinating (if not alarming) spectacle to watch this self-deluded sophistry in full display.

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agitcam· 1 hour ago
This Nelly Jones person is such a snotty elitist boob can she really think she makes sense to people?
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greenwing· 25 minutes ago
A pair of rude and arrogant bitche's, towing the warmongers point of view.

Story on Israel and N.S.A. Is Not ‘Surprising’ Enough to Cover In NY Times

September 17, 2013 "Information Clearing House - "NYT" -- Many Times readers have been writing to me for several days about a story The Guardian broke last week, describing how the United States routinely shares with Israel intelligence information that the National Security Agency gathers on American citizens.
The story was published five days ago, and by late last week I was already hearing from dozens of readers. One of them was Phyllida Paterson, of Silver Spring, Md., who wrote:
48 hours and there is still nothing in The Times about how the N.S.A. shares U.S. citizens’ raw communications data with Israel. This explosive story ought to be front-page news. Word is spreading and The Times is losing credibility by the hour. Friends of mine who never before believed that newspapers suppressed news are shocked by the evidence before them. Do you really want to push more readers into the arms of The Guardian?
After a weekend in which no mention was made in The Times of the article, I asked the managing editor, Dean Baquet, about it on Monday morning.
He told me that The Times had chosen not to follow the story because its level of significance did not demand it.
“I didn’t think it was a significant or surprising story,” he said. “I think the more energy we put into chasing the small ones, the less time we have to break our own. Not to mention cover the turmoil in Syria.”
So, I asked him, by e-mail, was this essentially a question of reporting resources? After all, The Times could have published an article written by a wire service, like Reuters or The Associated Press.
“I’d say resources and news judgment,” he responded.
In a world with many news outlets, he said: “We can spend all our time matching stories, and not actually covering the news. This one was modest and didn’t feel worth taking someone off greater enterprise.”
The Times has been working on “enterprise” – that is, journalism that it produces itself, usually through investigative digging or other deep reporting – with The Guardian and ProPublica based on leaked information from the N.S.A. Many of the articles in recent months have been broken by The Guardian and The Washington Post, after the former N.S.A. contractor Edward J. Snowden’s leaking of the information.
The Times published the first of the articles in that collaboration this month, and there is more to come.I’ve written about this several times, most recently saying that it was good to see The Times getting more fully involved in developing these extraordinary revelations and resisting government requests to withhold the story.
I disagree, however, with Mr. Baquet’s conclusion on this one. I find it to be a significant development and something that Times readers should not have to chase around the Web to find out about. They should be able to read it in The Times.

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Dennis Morrisseau· 2 hours ago
Mr. Baquet is not a free man. He and the publisher should both be ashamed of themselves.

2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor - Vietnam era] retired
W Pawlet, VT 802 645 9727

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guest· 2 hours ago
Of course Israel gets US raw intel. immediately & has done for years.
Israel owns the US airwaves & much more having sold many of the computerized coded systems that run through Tel Aviv.

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Human Right· 55 minutes ago
About 3 years ago two Israelis and one American were caught spying on the pentagon. Eric Holder released the two Israelis saying it would be anti-Semitic to prosecute a Jew. The American is still in jail.
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The NYT is not a relevant source of investigative journalism, because it reports the positions of anonymous governmental sources, which diminish credibility and build fantasy.
Many representatives should be wary of Israel.

It is not their ally/friend in the ME region.

Israel will bring down the States and many know this.

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