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On the 29th of October 2013 Independent TD, Luke "Ming" Flanagan - Roscommon and South Leitrim, will be presenting a bill to the Dail, to reform the Irish drug laws that effect the botanical plant, genus cannabis. 

The legislation will call on the Irish Government to develop a commercial cannabis industry in Ireland and cannabis research facilities in the medical, horticultural, biochemical and the food industries. 

It will contain plans to,

• Decriminalize personal possession 
• Allow licensed individuals to grow cannabis plants in private gardens
• Develop large scale cannabis and hemp farms 
• Manufacture and develop medicinal cannabis compounds 
• Introduce cannabis medicine to the HSC program 

From 7pm onwards TD's will be debating and voting on the proposition. 

Presently, the Irish "misuse of drugs act" has cannabis/hemp strictly controlled. Individuals and companies must possess a license to cultivate/study industrial hemp and cannabis. 

While Hemp can be grown (0.2%thc) the Goverment does no promotion nor offer incentives to advance the industry. There is a "white glove" section in the government which are right wing fundamentalists who repress all cannabis initiatives. 

In Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Czech Rep, Switzerland and Hungary and many other nations have decriminalized possession and or allow citizens to grow personal amounts of cannabis. Without interference from the justice system.

Canada and the USA (19 states) allow medical cannabis use.
Washington and Colorado have a legalized and regulated cannabis market. Uruguay recently voted to create (the first nation on earth) a legalized goverment regulated cannabis market. 

Studies from all around the world have proved that cannabis has medical benefits and uses for 100's of conditions from cancer to AIDS. 

By having regulated cannabis the Irish nation would bring in millions of euro into the economy and reduce the money, time and effort spent on enforcing our draconian drug laws. Having a legalized cannabis market would potentially create thousands of new jobs and help counterbalance the huge amounts of emigration we are having presently.. 

If you want Ireland to be a cannabis friendly nation you must speak out and demand the legalization of cannabis. Spread the word and start your own campaigning regarding this important date!

Contact your local TD and demand that they vote this legislation through! Email, phone call, text message, speak to them, write them a letter and demand that they VOTE YES on this matter.

Use as an easy way to contact politicians.

On the 29th Oct we will be outside the Dail all day so come along and show your support the more coverage we get leading up to this day the better chance it will get voted in.

What you can do

1. Write call email your local elected TD's, Councillor and Senators
2. Spread the news to everyone you know who is pro cannabis
3. Talk with those who don't know or understand the benefits of cannabis. Get informed and get knowledgeable about it!
4. Start debating in your colleges 
5. Start your own campaigns by forming groups on line.

Sorry my video aint the greatest but do all you can to get the message out.


Please follow the Republic of Ireland Cannabis Social Clubs as they set up a cannabis social club model in Ireland that will look out for the recreational/medical users of cannabis.

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Legalize Cannabis Ireland November 6th

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  • Mac Lochlainn 
    This is our chance! & without the likes of Ming Flanagan in the Dáil we won't get such an oppertunity again.. We Shall honor his effort.
    It's time for the IRISH to show the WORLD what we can do for the cause, the world is changing & we will be apart of the process.
    The government doesn't represent the Irish people.. WE are the Irish people & it's about time that we remind them of that.
    Keep spreading the word & when October 29th comes make sure you are apart of it.
    Tiocfaidh ar la!
  • Stonchie89 
    Legalise it some people can't drink n go off d head but I've never bin around any 1 who has had a bad trip on weed its not a gate way drug that depends on d persons so make it legal it's in d medical eu law we can go to amsterdam n bring back a 3 month weed prescription n it's part of the eu laws so by not lettin us they are breaking the law gangsters in suits lock them all up we wil never get out of this recession but taxing it would make d country better in every way. Legalise the plant

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Brian Clarke 
  • cthefreeman 
    Legalize it.......Hmmmm.....let the Govern-men produce it and they will then thank us by letting us use it aswell.....for a while anyways...probably about long enough for the Irish folk to forget that it was their own campaigning that gave the Goberment the permision to 'Legal-ize' it ......and then years later......they will restrict it back to Guberment use only...and BINGO,Cannabis belongs to 'them'
    Clever little trick eh? happens to work.
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    answer from Cllr Christy Burke: Hi I will vote NO >Regard s
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    Part 5
    We need a friendly prices, not a 50euros for one and half gramm....and we dont wanna be investigable after one burned joint
    We wanna peacefull Ireland!
    Best Regards and Best wake up call ever
    Ondrej ( halfO'Irish)
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    Part 4
    If you will legalize it, and I wanna a joint, and I think it is not a cocain or other chemical shits, only just a plan what growing outside an being already 10000000000000000 years, then I have to go to the some marked places where I can buy my weed and of course pay tax as well......
    :( its a 2013 not a 1960 :( wake up pls and make a real democracy, and look at your people, and try to guess what he need :(
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    Part 3
    thats mean lots of money and good feedback from citizens for you, and lots of oppurtunities and happiness for us.
    If I wanna joint, then I get my self to city center and after 1 hours I have it for prices what declare fcking dealers, and I think they is not self-employed, and never pay a tax, just make a crime, fighting between each other....its a fcking bad
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    Part 2
    For ecample I dont drink, I dont like alcohol, but must say sometimes I take a cannabis at the weekend, cuz I need some relax as well, we all need some relax, thats may alcohol, or a joint, doesnt matter. tell me please, how much money, taxable money get the goverment from alcohol-business? I think its a mint of money, and please imagine that you also get money, after every cannabis-dealing, and you can give more work opportunities, big hemp-farrms, gardens in a whole isle..etc..
  • Yossuan Yossuan Von Grünigan 
    I WROTE to
    PART 1.
    Hi, I would like it that you vote YES if in october when you gain an ocasion to voting about Cannabis legalization.
    I love Ireland, is a Green Isle, jewel of Europe, but take not: dying slowly, cuz not enought work, IMF debit, not enought money to social protection, big crime in a drug-business what goverment has to prevent and does need lots of money.

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