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SHATTER : Urban Dictionary ; Combination of Shitter and Splatter

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A type of medical marijuana concentrate.
My condition was flaring up so I took a dab of shatter
by badfish565 September 20, 2013
 66  6

Another name for methamphetamines.
I snorted some shatter and stayed up for 3 days.
by pokesmot March 04, 2006
 56  47

A combination of the words Shit and Splatter, used to describe the aftermath matter dripping off the bottom of a toilet seat, following a vicious case of diarhea.
Man. don't use stall #2 - someone really shattered the toilet seat
by Themayer December 26, 2009
 27  26

a completely repulsive person, place, thing, or idea that you cannot stand the idea of. a noun used in a sentence without a verb so shatter is acting as a gerund without the -ing or verb part.
person 1: did you hear X likes you?
person 2: ew hell no X shatter!
person 1: dont be so harsh! its true though
by Darth Vadewhore January 06, 2013
 21  25
Shatter’s spokesperson has refused to say whether or not Shatter intends to correct the record or apologise to whistleblower, Maurice McCabe. 

Clare Daly 
TD said Mr McCabe has been “vindicated” but “is still not in a position to do his job properly and he hasn’t been apologised to and is still in a very vulnerable situation”. 

Shatter was urged to make a comprehensive truthful statement on the treatment of the whistlebower, Maurice McCabe, and to apologise for what Fianna Fáil's Micheál Martin called, “wronging him through the allegation of non-cooperation.” This was a lie.

A statement by Shatter last October following the publication of the internal penalty point inquiry by Assistant Commissioner, John O’Mahony was a lie. 

The 'justice'

 minister told the Dáil the garda whistleblowers, including Mr McCabe and now-retired garda, John Wilson, “did not co-operate with the Garda investigation that took place. Now I do not know why that is...” Another lie.

Correspondence from Mr McCabe to the Minister for 'justice' shows he was frustrated, that he was not interviewed as part of the 'inquiry'. 

Another Coalition Minister who is a self-confessed liar, Mr Rabbitte said: “It ,would appear that Maurice McCabe was available and so on, but wasn’t actually examined on the issue. 

Quite clearly, if he said that in the Dáil he was under that impression. If that wasn’t his genuine understanding of the situation at the time, it’s simply unthinkable that he would have said otherwise. There may have been a simple mistake here and if it is it should be corrected.” 

Asked if Mr McCabe deserved an apology for his actions while also being described as “disgusting” by the Garda Commissioner, the Labour leader Eamon Gilmore's response was, “I think we need to look now at the information provided, we will do that. I will be discussing it with the Taoiseach and we will take it forward.

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