Saturday, 1 February 2014

STONE-A-DRONE :Get Yo Ass Outta Shannon Ireland

Video: Afghans stone US drone

Still from a video uploaded on a Facebook news page called ‘Afghanistan 24/7’

Footage of a group of cheering Afghans stoning a Predator drone has appeared on the internet showing a group of several dozen Afghans standing next  to a crashed MQ-1 Predator drone. Such aircraft are flown through Shannon airport in Ireland and are used extensively by the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan, for surveillance and murdering airstrikes in the middle-east Afghanistan

The cameraman taking footage is heard laughing and cheering as some youths throw rocks at the drone from a safe distance. Drone crashes are normally not reported by the Pentagon and the CIA, which operate them in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. Some transparency campaigners say the Americans are stonewalling  Freedom of Information requests for drone crash records. While 79 year old Irish writer and peace activist Margaretta D'arcy has been jailed for protesting the Americans breaching Ireland's neutrality, with yhe secret collusion of Irish Government ministers who are paid handsomely, while Ireland's civilian airport has been renamed Bogram Airbase bythe Airforce.

Like the drone incidents above this happen fairly often, especially with the fleet of unmanned American and British aircraft rapidly expanding. Last year at least two military drones crashed, while this month the US Customs and Border Protection grounded its entire fleet after one of the drones malfunctioned during a patro off the California coast. The latest report from Afghanistan came earlier after an Iranian TV channel's Press TV said a US drone crashed in an Afghan province near the town of Shindand.Taliban fighters however claim they shot down the drone as it was performing and airstrike on their stronghold on January 10. It is not certain if stones brought down the American aircraft

Comments after the downing  byAlly Hauptmann Gurski echo those in Clare and Limerick around Shannon Airport currently, with rude utterances such as "Obama is a worthless piece of excrement," which Ally claims, does not achieve anything for anybody. He says, "Presidents preside over systems, one part of which is extending the reach of American corporations through a variety of means. I once saw a TV interview where a c-i-a person said that protecting economic interests of his country is what they do, new job after the end of the cold war. The factory for brown fizzy sugar water in Afghanistan must be safe.

Obama is protecting the businesses of his country - whatever it takes. They fund everything so he must comply. also protect these businesses so Obama. must protect them.

The Russians claim that "This is how the US hands over its drone technology to Al Queda"whom the Americans armed previously during the Russian visit,

Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr also says:

"Obama is a worthless piece of excrement,,,

Ex crement has more value than Obama.."

Whatever they say it long past time to Free the 79 year old Margaretta D'Arcy !
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