Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Last year Marian Price was the Irishwoman of the Year, who inspired me on International Women's Day.I want to thank all of the people who helped make Marian's release possible. Besides the traditional female warriors of Ireland, you all know who they are, I would sincerly like to thank the many women internationally, who campaigned relentlessly on this internment issue. You have put to shame most of your heartless Irish sisters.

Now please excuse my language but what the fuck is going on with the other women In Ireland this year ? Because I and the rest of the Irish diaspora aren't hearing about it. Have all the women of Ireland turned in to self-centered bitches who don't give a fiddlers about their sisters in trouble ?

Why do Irishmen seem to care more about this than the women. What the hell has happened to the tradition of those fine strong, noble, Irishwomen, like Marian Price of the past, there isn't even a proper celebration of International Women's Day in Ireland this year, unless it is top secret. What the hell is going on ? Tell us about in the comments please or invite your friends and colleagues to share their views too or are ye going to stay as sick as ye're secrets, whispering in dysfunctional Ireland forever, bitches?

It is indeed a melancholic subject, for those who have walked the length and breath of Ireland, including the British Occupied six counties to observe the female sex in all of their selfishness and self-centredness,as they abuse the young gentlemen of Ireland.These hardworking husbands and partners are daily grinding, while their wives and mistresses are strolling around, spending all of their hard earned money, while their males slave work ceselessly for an honest living.

Now for telling it as it is albeit tongue in cheeks, I will probably be labelled a misogynist, sexist or a chauvinist pig or some other form of psycho babble speak. Whether by intent or not, modern Ireland has deteriorated to such an extent, that men are held to saintly standards of conduct, while Irish women are not. Traditional standards to which women used to be held, like beauty, a modicum of chastity, kindness and child rearing ability have been abandoned, because of oppression in today's American feminist culture, where an Irishman's responsibility is to everyone else, while an Irishwoman's prime duty is to herself. Irishwoman are entitled to good men, while modern effeminate Irishmen must fight, jump through hoops, beg to earn a good Irishwoman.

Disagree? I have been assured by a very knowing American feminist of my acquaintance living in Dublin, that her toddler daughter pushed a little Irish boy over a kindergarten toy. She called it "Girl power." If it had been her son, who pushed a little girl, it would neither be cute or commendable. It's not just her. Irish women in general are sending out the vibe, that Irish women are entitled to behave badly, while men do it for selfish, evil reasons. Irishwoman bully their men, under the cover of fighting off male oppression,while if a man bullies a woman, he is locked up. When Irish women abandon their family, it's like, she probably wasn't happy in the home. When an Irishman abandons his family, he's a bastard. When women break a man's heart, they say something like, she deserved better anyway. When a woman goes ape shit, she's just in a bad space, she probably didn't put herself in but when a man goes ape shit, he's labelled as ape shit anyway. You modern Irishwoman, unlike real men, cannot be employed in building houses, handicraft or cultivate the land, you can only seldom make a living by stealing, A principal gentleman in Offaly, protested to me that even in that part of the Irish Kingdom formerly known as King's County, renowned for this art, who even stole the whole parish of Lusmagh from Galway, that he knew of just a few hundred Offaly women qualified to make a living in this art. I could go on. till the cows come home, about it,

In spite of the common belief that Irishwomen want to be equal, they also want to be princesses. while most of them under the Coalition Government, have turned to the ancient profession of whoring, for pocket money, to finance some of their more expensive tastes, like powdering their nose or dropping their ecstasy at their nightly toy boy disco, while they still want the chivalry and equality, with no responsibility to anyone, but their selfish, self-centered selves. Every Irishwoman expects to be treated like a princess by an Irishman, but very few of them want to treat their man with the respect that he's entitled to. In an Ireland where Irishwomen, own vast amounts of property and can live independently, they still qualify relationships according to what an Irishman can offer. Does he take you to dinner? Did he buy you a big diamond ? Does he patiently wait on your emotional abuse? Does he buy you drinks? Does he say you're beautiful all the time? Is he emotionally available? Is he a good father? Does he have a good job? DOES HE EXPECT NOTHING IN RETURN?To hell with them I say !

These are the qualities of your modern Irishman, who selflessly provides while thinking only what is best for his lady. What, then can a modern Irishwoman be expected to contribute ? What constitutes you modern Irishwoman in this modern Ireland? Sex? Only if she hasn't got a headache. Household responsibilities? Only if she enjoys it or hasn't got something better to do, and even then a modern real Irishman is expected to help. Child-rearing only if she doesn't want to outsource parenting to daycare, and even then a real modern Irishman is expected to help. Emotional support? Only if your modern effeminate Irishman is not too much of a pussy. Helping financially? Perhaps, but she'll resent you for being a bad provider and you'll be reminded about it. Commitment? Only if you satisfy her every and behave yourself, like a good little boy and do nothing divorce-worthy like getting older, losing your job or treat her less than a princess. Respect for your personal needs, desires, ambitions? No way Patrick, not likely.

Is it any wonder why the best Irishmen are emigrating to Thailand, or don't want to get married anymore and prefer a couple of horney bisexual Thairish women instead?Irishwomen,it's time to decide what you want. The blessed Virgin, a princess or a real Irishwoman of equality, who isn't so feckin selfish and self-centred, who can take responsibility. Those of you who are trying to have jam on both sides, are forcing all the real Irishmen off the island, to where we are treated with respect, patience and large daily doses idyllic sex. with women who know how to have jam on both sides, witha real Irishman in bed,

Saoirse on International Women's Day to all you Sisters who have empowered and intelligently paid the Price of Feminine Freedom, which as you all experienced, doesn't come for Free ! Thank you all so much ! 
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