Sunday, 23 March 2014


"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. 
I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends."John Lennon


trev moffatt

3 days ago
Flight 370 was on its way to smash into a ship moored at Diego Garcia. But it was shot down before it could get there. Hence the mis-direction whilst the clean up operation took place.

Australia has spotted wreckage off their coast, stay tuned.

trev moffatt
+1vdn992 iF you can believe it. Easy op to move some wreckage. But if commercial pilots are now being recruited by Al Qaeda - the implications are immense. It would mean every flight from a Muslim country is a potential WMD. You can see why they might want to cover that up. 

fiq firdaus

6 days ago
i think mh370 is there . 

Hafiz Hasnurin

6 days ago

mohd ihsan

1 week ago
yeah i think so..usa must no about that, normal people cant hijack a big plan right? so usa? plz tell us whay is gonig on right now !!!


1 week ago
bring back our plane

joe joedd

1 week ago
The Malaysian plan is there.

praghas topekan via Google+

1 week ago
diego garcia

Keith Schlote

2 months ago
Well complain to the Brits then. They owe you a island, we don't. We got this one with no one on it.

mihai blandu

2 months ago
'non european

Maple Leaf

3 days ago
This is where the Boeing 777 MH370 is getting modified for it's next 'false flag' mission! Not good....

Sanie Spel

4 days ago
I think that there is a good chance that it may be there but the only thing that baffles every single theory out there is there is no motive attached to any theory. Hence, every theory is contradictory to itself which is the weirdest fact. The only other option is someone wanted to fly the plane to an inhabited or a island with military specialists to start a "Lost" scenario or to experiment on them. But anything such as this island that is supposedly "Secret" would not be on a youtube channel so easily like this. Anything that some higher government or military wants to hide, will always stay hidden. People aren't that stupid.

barry smith

3 days ago

Gavin Curtis

3 days ago
Now offering free parking for all 777's!! They added a runway capable of allowing oversize jets to land intact, even with only one engine. They particularly specified that a 777 be able to land.

Andy Andrews

1 week ago
No problem
if we needed for our tactical and strategic needs the ass holes on the island have to go I don't have any problem with kicking them out of there.

Can Washington Overthrow Three Governments at the Same Time?

By Thierry Meyssan

Washington is trying for the first time to show it can overthrow three governments simultaneously: Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela. If it succeeds, no government would be henceforth able to resist it.
Putin’s Triumph
By Israel Shamir 

The vast St George Hall applauded Putin as never before, almost as loudly and intensely as the US Congress had applauded Netanyahu.
China, Crimea and Pashtunistan

By Pepe Escobar 
There’s no question Pashtuns on both sides of the border are paying immense attention to Crimea. A similar secession would result in their long-life dream – Pashtunistan. 
Former U.S. Ambassador: Behind Crimea Crisis, Russia Responding to Years of "Hostile" U.S. Policy

Video and Transcript

The American president and vice president directly challenging the Russian president and threatening them with isolation is going to bring the opposite effect. 
U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission
By Glen Ford

“Washington’s strategy is to permanently ratchet up tensions to ‘new cold war’ levels to justify sanctions against Russian energy exports.” 
Petrodollar Alert:
Putin Prepares To Announce "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China

By Tyler Durden

Russia is preparing the announcement of the "Holy Grail" energy deal with none other than China, a move which would send geopolitical shockwaves around the world and bind the two nations in a commodity-backed axis. 
Western International Diplomacy as a Dead Baby Joke

By The Saker

I have just been watching the news and, frankly, I ended up laughing. 
'US Thinks it's Superior, Rules Only Apply to Inferior Nations' - ex Australian PM 


Rules are made for other people, for countries like Russia or countries like Australia, but whatever America does is right because America does it. Now that's in the American psyche.
The Crisis That Israel Manufactured

By Kourosh Ziabari
The representative of the Jewish minority in Iran’s parliament (Majlis) has recently given an extensive interview to one of Iranian news agencies and discussed his different viewpoints regarding the Israeli regime. 
The Truth About Venezuela: A Revolt of the Well-off, Not a 'Terror Campaign'

By Mark Weisbrot

John Kerry’s rhetoric is divorced from the reality on the ground, where life goes on – even at the barricades. 
Treating People Like Garbage

By Jacob G. Hornberger

It’s time for the American people to lead the world in the right direction, in a moral direction. It’s time to stop treating people like garbage. It’s time to dismantle the U.S. Empire. 
Cops or Soldiers?
America’s Police Have Become Too Militarised


FROM the way police entered the house— knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside—you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals. 
Housing: One Chart Says it All

By Mike Whitney

As you can see, prices are flatlining or drifting lower while sales are sinking like a stone. 
"Paid-what-you’re-worth" Is a Dangerous Myth.  

By Robert Reich

Fifty years ago, when General Motors was the largest employer in America, the typical GM worker got paid $35 an hour in today’s dollars. Today, America’s largest employer is Walmart, and the typical Walmart workers earns $8.80 an hour. 
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - 41 killed in violent attacks in Iraq: Fifteen people were killed and five others injured when a suicide truck bomber attacked a police brigade headquarters in the village of Anjana near Adheam, some 120 km northeast of the capital of Baghdad, a local police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - Baghdad now world’s worst city: According to the latest survey by the Mercer consulting group, which when assessing quality of life across 239 cities, measuring factors including political stability, crime and pollution, placed Baghdad last.
Syrian troops killed 93 rebels fleeing famed Crusader castle: He did not say how many were killed in the several hours of fighting it took to take the castle, but acknowledged that several of his men died in Thursday's battle for the Crac.
24 killed as rebels fight to take Syria border post:At least seven Syrian soldiers and 17 rebels were killed Friday as three Islamist groups battled to take a border crossing into Turkey.
Syrian forces regain control of Western Homs: Standing at the gate of a Crusader castle captured from insurgents less than 24 hours before, a Syrian army officer declared on Friday that government forces were now in control of the western half of Homs province.
Syria rebels lay siege to strategic city: Al Tilal al-Humr, the last government held village in Quneitra province, looks set to fall.
Lebanon: Tripoli death toll hits 25 as clashes intensify: Fighting between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Tripoli intensified Friday evening, with no end in sight to the violence that has increasingly targeted Lebanese soldiers.
Fears as Islamist fighters flock to Lebanon: Fears are mounting in northern Lebanon over an influx of highly trained Islamist fighters following the Syrian government’s seizure of a Crusader castle from rebels.
Turks defiant in the face of Twitter ban: Some 2.5 million tweets were posted within three hours of Twitter getting blocked in Turkey.
Israel Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid, Says UN Rapporteur: Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said Israel carried out a "systematic and continued effort to change the ethnic composition of East Jerusalem".
Palestinians threaten to seek statehood at UN if prisoner release canceled: Abbas returns to Ramallah from Washington, says he made no concessions in his talks with Obama.
US: Disappointed by lack of an apology from Israeli Defense Minister : After Ya'alon publishes 'clarification' of controversial comments in which he called US 'weak' on Iran, US says 'Ya’alon has not offered an apology for his offensive and highly disappointing comments.'
US puzzled by Iran's mock-up of an aircraft : Iran is building a crude mock-up of an American aircraft carrier at a ship yard on its Gulf coast and US officials said Friday the goal of the project remains a mystery.
9 killed in Taliban attack on Kabul hotel: The four gunmen were swift as they entered the Kabul hotel, making their way to the restaurant where they pulled out small pistols and began shooting diners in the head, killing nine people, including two Canadians and an Afghan journalist, his wife and two children, officials said
U.S. Watchdog: Afghanistan on the Brink of Blacklisting: World powers are on the brink of blacklisting Afghanistan, further isolating the war-torn country and torpedoing its chances of ever joining the global marketplace, a top U.S. watchdog official said Thursday
US Proposal to Donate MRAPs to Pakistan Exposes Kabul Rift: The United States is considering donating some of its 1200 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles known as MRAPs in Afghanistan to neighboring Pakistan after considering the high cost of transporting the vehicles out of the country when the NATO-led combat mission in Afghanistan formally comes to an end in December
US Boycotts Pakistan’s Push For Greater Transparency On Drone Strikes: The United States is refusing to participate in UN Human Rights Council talks about greater accountability for human rights violations in covert drone wars.
Nigeria: B’ Haram: 109 Catholics killed in three states: No fewer than 109 members of the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri were killed while 107 children are now orphans. 27 female members also lost their husbands as a result of frequent attacks on the diocese by insurgents.
Libya closes airport after rockets hit runway: Libyan authorities closed the airport in the capital Tripoli on Friday after rockets hit a runway on Friday, officials said. “Flights were halted but the airport has been reopened using a second runway,” a spokesman for the transport ministry told a reporter visiting the airport.
U.S. to hand over tanker with contraband oil back to Libya: The U.S. Navy will meet Libyan authorities in international waters in the next day or two to hand over a tanker carrying contraband Libyan oil seized this week by U.S. commandos in the Mediterranean, the Pentagon said on Friday.
Kenyan parliament passes polygamy law: Female politicians storm out after parliament passes law that allows men to to marry as many women as they want.
Crimea, Sevastopol officially join Russia as Putin signs final decree: The actual transition of Crimea to existing under Russian laws and regulations may take until next year. Local rules in the new Russian region will be changed to adopt the ruble, social benefits, tax requirements and other Russian legislation.
President Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to retaliate: Vladimir Putin has mocked US sanctions imposed on Russia, saying he will open an account at US-sanctioned Rossiya Bank. During a meeting with the country's senior security officials he added that he won’t introduce a visa regime with Ukraine.
Russia sanctions would be 'catastrophe' for many firms: German trade body; If an escalation of Europe's stand-off with Moscow over Ukraine results in economic sanctions, more than 6,000 German companies who do business with Russia would suffer catastrophic losses, Germany's main trade body has warned.
European Union signs landmark political deal with Ukraine: The European Union and Ukraine signed a landmark political cooperation accord on Friday, committing to the same deal former president Viktor Yanukovich rejected last November, a decision that led to his overthrow.
Russia's Medvedev says Ukraine owes Russia $16 billion: agencies: Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said in a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Friday that in total Ukraine owes Russia $16 billion, local news agencies reported.
Fitch cuts Russia outlook to negative from stable: "Since U.S. and EU banks and investors may well be reluctant to lend to Russia under the current circumstances, the economy may slow further and the private sector may require official support," said Fitch, which affirmed Russia's rating at triple-B.
Human Rights Org Condemns Alleged Attack on TV Chief in Ukraine: “The acting authorities must send a signal that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated in Ukraine,” said Heather McGill, Ukraine researcher at Amnesty International.
New Ukraine province in play as ethnic Russians push new secession referendum: Ukranians in Kherson, the province just north of the peninsula, are believed to be pushing a secession vote of their own in what a local leader angrily denounced as "treason."
Here's The List Of Americans Who Just Got Sanctioned By Russia: “The Speaker is proud to be included on a list of those willing to stand against Putin’s aggression," said Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
Putin’s quiet Latin America play: To the alarm of lawmakers and Pentagon officials, Putin has begun sending navy ships and long-range bombers to the region for the first time in years.
Maduro Accuses US Of Meddling In Venezuela Riots: In reality, though, the country that has the biggest influence in Venezuela today may not be the United States. China and Cuba have the most clout with the government in Caracas, and both support Maduro
Brazil, Mexico, France to back Argentina in bonds case in U.S. court: - Brazil, France and Mexico are expected to file papers in the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday backing Argentina in its legal battle with bondholders who refused to take part in debt restructurings from the country's 2002 default, according to a source familiar with the litigation.
Mexico’s Oil Belongs to Its Citizens, Not the Global 1%: On the anniversary of Mexico's 1938 oil nationalization, artist Yoshua Okón argues that the "energy reform" currently underway in his country will deprive citizens of income directed toward education, health care and anti-poverty programs.
Uruguay agrees to U.S. request to take some Guantanamo inmates: "They are coming as refugees and there will be a place for them in Uruguay if they want to bring their families," said Mujica, who spent 14 years in prison before and during his country's 1973-1985 dictatorship.
The British home secretary warns Yahoo that its move to Dublin is a security worry: Internet firm is known to be unhappy about snooping and would be under no obligation to hand over material under Irish laws
British Move Toward Censoring “Unsavory” Internet Speech: Security and Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, has stated that the government is not content with censoring language viewed as terroristic but wants to remove “”unsavoury” content.”
US judge slams surveillance requests as “repugnant to the Fourth Amendment”: Federal Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola denied a US government request earlier this month for a search and seizure warrant, targeting electronic data stored on Apple Inc. property.
Fortune 100 Companies Have Received a Whopping $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently: Military contractors, oil companies and banks are the biggest 'welfare queens' around.
Iraq veteran gets $4.5 million settlement for police injuries during Occupy Oakland protest: He gave an outdoor press conference not far from where he was injured, saying he had not expected to be disabled due to police action at home, having survived war-torn Iraq.
Enough! Say Students Tasered in School: Syracuse irresponsibly lets its police officers use Tasers in public schools, leading to excessive force and injuries, two former high school students claim in Federal Court.
March 21, 2014
Roger Waters: Why I Must Speak Out On Israel, Palestine And BDS

By Roger Waters

It has even been said, cruelly and wrongly, that I am a Nazi and an anti-Semite. 
The Shocking Truth
Rabbi Meir Kahane On The Jewish State And The Arabs


For some peculiar reason, it is Rabbi, Kahane, the ultimate Jewish bigot who reveals the full truth re Jewishness and the West.
Eleven Years After US Invaded Iraq
Bloodshed, Rape, Torture & Executions in the Country Are Ignored

By Kevin Gosztola

The result of the Bush administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq so the US government could make the country a client state and secure control of the country’s oil reserves has been horrific for Iraqis. 
Syria's Recent Victories Betray Last Year's WMD Lies

By Tony Cartalucci

The global public must recall how events like the August 2013 Damascus "chemical attack" were insidiously executed, lied about, and eventually buried when their political capital was spent. 
Ukraine as Stalking Horse
The Rise of Fascism in the West

By Norman Pollack 

Kerry and Biden are the cheerleaders for imperialism and, increasingly, militarism, for they, and Obama, recognize the two are inseparable, to which they seem especially dedicated.
Violence and Terror
The Ukrainian and Colombian Road to Empire Building

By James Petras

Coups and juntas, orchestrated by longstanding political proxies, and highly militarized states run by ‘Death Squad Executives’ are all legitimized by electoral systems designed to expand and strengthen imperial power. 
Ukraine Will Become Part of Russian Federation
U.S. Will Self-Destruct in Near Future: Dmitry Orlov


"The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch. It's a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future." 
Pickle Boy Steps Up - Dill, Sweet, or Kosher?

By Fred Reed

I have a strategy. If we want to do those Russian rascals in, bring’em lower than dirt, we ought to arrange to have the American public elect their government. 
The CIA Spying Scandal, Watergate And The Decay of American Democracy

By Eric London

The White House functions as an arm of the military-intelligence apparatus in alliance with the financial aristocracy, with Congress little more than a bribed rubber stamp body. 
Dead Dollar Walking
The Facts About US Government Debt 

Video By Stefan Molyneux

There will be no economic recovery. Prepare yourself accordingly. Where has all of that money really gone? 
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - Baghdad cafe attack pushes Iraq toll to 46 dead: Late night bombings at a Baghdad cafe left 13 people dead, officials said Thursday, pushing the toll from a day of nationwide blasts, shootings and shelling to at least 46.
Iraq invasion was about oil: Maximising Persian Gulf oil flows to avert a potential global energy crisis motivated Iraq War planners - not WMD or democracy
Syria: 11 rebels killed fleeing famed Crusader fort:Army says: Syrian troops killed 11 rebels as they fled the village of Al-Hosn, home to famed Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, for the nearby Lebanese border Thursday, a military source said.
Dozens of wounded Syrian rebels flee into Lebanon after ambush: Forty one wounded Syrian rebels crossed a river into Lebanon on Thursday after the Syrian army ambushed the fighters as they tried to flee a besieged area, two Lebanese medical sources in the area said.
First U.N. aid trucks cross from Turkey into Syria: U.N. aid trucks crossed from Turkey into Syria for the first time on Thursday, in a move relief officials hope will pave the way for greater humanitarian access to civilians hardest hit by three years of war.
Abbas vows not to ‘capitulate’: Palestinians say they’ll seek membership in international organizations if Israel doesn’t carry out final prisoner release
IAEA: Iran meeting commitments under nuclear deal: Iran is continuing to implement its commitments under a landmark nuclear agreement reached with world powers late last year, the UN nuclear watchdog said in a monthly update on Thursday obtained by Reuters.
Russia says Iran, world powers far apart on uranium enrichment: The positions of Iran and six global powers seeking to rein in its nuclear program are "far apart" on the issue of uranium enrichment, Interfax news agency quoted the Russian negotiator as saying on Thursday after the latest round of talks this week.
France says 40 Islamists killed in recent Mali operations: French soldiers have killed about 40 Islamist fighters, including some senior commanders, in Mali in recent weeks, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Thursday.
Ten killed as violence surges in Egypt: Ten people were killed in violence across Egypt on Wednesday, months ahead of a presidential vote meant to put Egypt back on a democratic path after last July's army takeover.
C.Africa hatred at 'terrifying level': UN: The UN's Human Rights chief says violence in the Central African Republic has reached a "terrifying level," with cannibalism and lynchings reported.
Small US Army team heading to Libya to begin prep for larger training mission: About 500 soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division will train 5,000 to 8,000 Libyan forces in basic combat skills as part of a larger international effort to improve security in the North African nation
10 policement killed, 14 civilans injured as Taliban besiege Afghan police station: The spectacular attack in Jalalabad, the capital of the eastern Nangarhar province, was the latest in the countdown to next month’s presidential elections. The assault involved a suicide bomber, two remotely detonated bombs and seven insurgents and set off a four-hour gunbattle with the police.
Gunmen attack hotel in Afghan capital; police kill 4 attackers: Taliban gunmen attacked a luxury hotel on Thursday in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul, police said, and four of the assailants were killed in a shootout with Afghan security forces.
Pro-Russian crowds seize 3 Ukrainian warships: Shots were fired but there were no casualties as the Ukrainian corvette Khmelnitsky was seized in Sevastopol, according to an AP photographer at the scene. Another ship, the Lutsk, was also surrounded by pro-Russian forces. An AP photographer later saw Ukrainian servicemen disembarking a third ship, the Ternopil corvette.
Obama imposes new sanctions, warns Russia : New sanctions would target additional senior Russian government officials, other individuals with "substantial resources and influence," and a bank. A short time after Obama’s statement, Russia announced that it was imposing entry bans on nine U.S. lawmakers and officials in retaliation for Washington's sanctions over Crimea.
Merkel: EU ready for sanctions if Ukraine crisis worsens: European Union leaders will make clear to Russia that the bloc is ready to impose economic sanctions if there is any further escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.
Russia will demand compensation if France scraps warship sale: "There is no doubt the Russian side will defend its rights ... and will demand compensation for all losses we might sustain if the Mistral contract is breached," state-run RIA quoted Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov as saying.
We will hold joint military exercises with Britain and US, says Ukraine: Downing Street source said Britain had not “committed” itself yet to the exercises and declined to elaborate on whether they would involve sending British forces to the Black Sea region.
Rights groups condemn Ukrainian nationalist MPs’ beating of media chief: The acting authorities must send a signal that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated in Ukraine,” said Heather McGill, Ukraine researcher at Amnesty International.
Argentina accuses US, UK of hypocrisy over Crimea: You can't be in favor of territorial integrity in Crimea and against territorial integrity with the Malvinas in Argentina," Fernandez said. While most Latin American nations support Argentina's position on the islands, citizens of the Falkland Islands Government voted by 99.8 percent to remain British.
How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation: It was a full 19 minutes before Wahl resigned. Inside the offices of the Foreign Policy Initiative, a neoconservative think tank in Washington D.C., a staffer logged on to the group’s Twitter account to announce the following:
Venezuela arrests one opposition mayor, jails another: The steps follow court orders instructing mayors of opposition-run municipalities to dismantle street barricades set up by demonstrators, which have become flashpoints for more than a month of unrest that has killed 31 people.
Details of Illegal Torture That the CIA Doesn't Want You to Know About: This latest news plucks away even the fig leaf afforded by Bush Administration attorneys. Some say it would be unfair to prosecute anyone told that a tactic was permitted.
Local Reporter: Jay Carney is given Press Briefing Questions in Advance : Video - A CBS reporter from Arizona reveals that President Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney, receives questions from the press in advance of his daily press briefing. In fact, she says, the reporters often receive the answers in advance of the briefing, too.
Raw Video- Connecticut SWAT terrorize college dorm looking for plastic sword: College students face death over plastic sword at Connecticut Junior College
We No Longer Have a Government, We Have a Mafia: This government, with unprecedented audacity and speed, are transforming our nation run on laws and institutions, into one run on patronage and privilege – more like a mafia of the 1%, than a government of the people.
Beef Prices Surge Most In A Decade As Food Inflation Soars: WSJ reports, that beef prices surged by almost 5% in February - the biggest change since Nov 2003 - means pinching consumers and companies pocketbooks that are still grappling with a sluggish economic recovery.
Poor 'live like animals' says Boris's privately educated sister after going on 'poverty safari' : The experience changed her initial view that poor people spent all their money on cigarettes, television and alcohol. “The poor people you see on the box are all fat. How, in God’s name, can you be overweight and hungry? Now I know.”
Bay Area city votes for $12.30 minimum wage: That would be nearly $2 more than San Francisco's current minimum wage, which is the highest in the region.
March 20,2014 
Unknown Snipers Once Again Stir Up Violence … This Time In Crimea

By Washingtons Blog
Shouldn’t We Find Out Who’s Responsible Before We Start Beating the War Drums? 
What Did We Get for Our $5 Billion?
Ukraine: Follow the Money

By Daniel N. White 

We don’t give a shit about the welfare of Afghans and we don’t give a shit about the welfare of Ukrainians either, even if they are white and European. 
Violent Video: Ukraine TV Boss Beaten Up, Forced to Resign 


The head of Ukraine's state TV company has been attacked by at least three MPs from the far-right Svoboda party and forced to resign. Ironically, one of the men involved in the assault was the deputy head of Ukraine's committee on freedom of speech.
Today Every Free Person in the World Has Won! 

By The Saker 

There is no limit to the hypocrisy, lies, evil, stupidity and aggressive nature of the AngloZionist Empire. 
The Cruise Missile Liberals

By David Edwards 

It takes a special kind of talent to use Libya to argue for Western 'action' to relieve civilian suffering in Syria without so much as mentioning the impact of that earlier 'action' on civilian suffering in Libya. 
Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?: 

Video - 

This chaos in Libya was deliberate. It was deliberate because Libya was a stable African society in North Africa, where the leader of Libya wanted to use the resources of Libya for the reconstruction of Africa—the water resources, the oil resources, the financial resources, and the intelligence of the Libyan people.
US Mainstream Media Journalists With “Blood on Their Hands”

By Eric Sommer

Hey U.S. mass media journalists: A large number of you writing in outlets like CNN, Fox News, New York Times, and Washington Post have blood on your hands.  It may initially sound exaggerated, but you are complicit in mass murder. 
What Is Really Going On In Venezuela


This is what's really going on in Venezuela since January 2014.
Netanyahu Orders IDF to Prepare for Possible Strike on Iran During 2014

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have ordered the army to continue preparing for a possible military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities at a cost of at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year. 
Feds Confirm Bush-era e-mail Surveillance


The U.S. government has acknowledged that it swept up huge volumes of data from emails in the U.S. for several years without any court approval, based solely on the orders of former President George W. Bush. 
Edward Snowden: Here's How we Take Back the Internet 


The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it. 
What Do Children Need?

By Robert J. Burrowes

Did you know that the simple act of not listening to how a child feels destroys it emotionally and makes it powerless? 
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - 37 killed in another bloody day for Iraq: In the city of Fallujah, 60km west of the capital, government-led shelling and fighting between soldiers and gunmen killed 15 people and wounded 40, according to Ahmed Shami, the chief medic at the city's main hospital.
Tripoli sniper fire kills one, wounds six: A precarious calm in the northern city of Tripoli was shattered Wednesday by sporadic sniper fire that killed one man and wounded six others, including an 8-year-old child, security sources said
Syria army 'fighting for control of famed Krak fort': Syria's army on Wednesday entered Al-Hosn in the central province of Homs and was fighting for control of the famed Krak des Chevaliers castle, a security official told AFP.
Russia says U.S. decision to shut Syrian embassy is disappointing: The Russian Foreign Ministry suggested Washington's actions were aimed at "regime change" to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad whom Russia has protected at the U.N. Security Council and with arms deals.
Israeli attack kills 1, targets Syrian forces: Israel hits several Syrian military and security targets that 'enabled and aided' Tuesday's attack on IDF troops which left four Israeli soldiers wounded, IDF Spokesman says
Syria warns Israel more air strikes could destabilise Middle East: A Syrian army statement said the air strikes were a “desperate attempt to escalate and worsen the situation” and to divert attention from Damascus’s battlefront advances.
Israeli airstrikes add fuel to fire in Syria: Israeli warplanes unleashed a series of airstrikes on Syrian military posts early Wednesday, killing one soldier and wounding seven in one of the most serious clashes between the countries in the past four decades.
Israel warns Assad after Golan Heights blast:Defence minister Yaalon says Syria government accountable for bombing of Israeli patrol in occupied northern territory.
Israeli occupation forces kill 15 year old Palestinian, south of Hebron: Witnesses said the victim had been foraging for local plants when he was shot, but the army claimed he and two others had been vandalising the security fence.
Israel approves 184 new (illegal) settlement homes: Israel's Jerusalem municipality approved building plans on Wednesday for 184 new homes in two Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, land that the Palestinians want for a future state.
Sephardic Jews Won't Face 'Strict' Spanish Citizenship Rules, Justice Minister Says: When Spain finally offers citizenship to Sephardic Jews, will you qualify?
Propaganda: Ex-Israeli Air Security Chief Yeffet: Iran May Be Behind Jet Mystery: Yeffet, who is also a former member of the Israeli Secret Service, believes the two passengers traveling with stolen passports may be a key part of the mystery, despite authorities discounting their culpability.
Iran's Zarif 'sees signs of comprehensive nuclear deal': Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted by the Fars news agency as saying "an understanding is possible that respects the rights of the Iranian nation". Earlier, he and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said their two days of talks in Vienna had been "substantive".
Islamic scholar Gülen calls conditions in Turkey worse than military coup: “What we are seeing today is 10 times worse than what we saw during the military coups,” he said, adding to that “we face similar treatment [as seen during the military coups] but at the hands of civilians who we think follow the same faith as us.”
17 killed in suicide bomber attack near checkpoint in Afghanistan: Seventeen civilians were killed in Afghanistan at a checkpoint near a market when a suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden in a rickshaw that he was driving.
U.S. funds meant to help Afghan police salaries may instead be going to "ghost workers": A government watchdog is raising fresh concerns that U.S. funds meant to help pay Afghan police salaries may instead be going to "ghost workers," according to a letter he sent to military commanders in Afghanistan.
Pakistan: Six killed in Pakistan explosion: At least six people were killed Wednesday in a mortar shell explosion in Pakistan's North Waziristan area.
Egypt: 6 killed in deadly shootout: Brigadier general, colonel and five fighters killed in clashes between military and armed group in Qalyubia province.
Teenager killed as Egypt marks anniversary: Teenager shot during clashes between police and protesters marking third anniversary of first constitutional referendum.
Libya asks U.N., world for help after wave of bombings, violence:- Libya called on the United Nations and international community to help fight what it called a war on terrorism, the government said on Wednesday, struggling to stop the major oil producer sliding into widening chaos and instability.
UN sanctions against Libyan oil exports: The resolution on Wednesday, sponsored by the United States, authorises member states to inspect vessels on the high seas
Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?: Video - This chaos in Libya was deliberate. It was deliberate because Libya was a stable African society in North Africa, where the leader of Libya wanted to use the resources of Libya for the reconstruction of Africa—the water resources, the oil resources, the financial resources, and the intelligence of the Libyan people.
Pro-Russian forces take over Ukrainian naval base in Crimea: Crimean ‘self-defense’ forces overtake Sevastopol base without firing a shot
Ukrainian servicemen leave Navy base in Sevastopol as Crimea protesters storm HQ: At least 30 Ukrainian naval personnel have left the Ukrainian Navy headquarters in the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula after demonstrators stormed the premises early in the morning.
Ukraine Plans to Withdraw Troops From Russia-Occupied Crimea: Bowing to the reality of the Russian military occupation of Crimea a day after Russia announced it was annexing the disputed peninsula, the Ukrainian government said on Wednesday that it had drawn up plans to evacuate all of its military personnel and their families and was prepared to relocate as many as 25,000 of them to mainland Ukraine.
Russia to Build Bridge to Crimea: Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian government on Wednesday to start preparations for the construction of a bridge linking the southern Russian Krasnodar Territory directly with Crimea.
Constitutional Court Approves Russia-Crimea Treaty: Russia's Constitutional Court has approved the treaty between President Vladimir Putin and the Crimean authorities, moving the breakaway region yet closer to its accession into Russia.
President Obama: No U.S. Military Action in Ukraine: "We are not going to be getting into military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message,” President Obama said.
US destroyer en route to Black Sea for 'routine' drills: The USS Truxtun departed the Greek port of Souda Bay Thursday to carry out joint training with Romanian and Bulgarian forces, the US Navy said in a statement.
Ukraine crisis gives NATO alliance new purpose: The crisis around Ukraine "is providential from the point of view of NATO," said Nick Witney of the European Council on Foreign Relations. "It gives it a new lease on life."
McCain’s Eleven Point Plan For War: McCain would start of course with money. Not his own but ours. His first point is to pass the one billion dollar loan guarantee to Ukraine currently stalled in the Senate. Just an appetizer, as he foresees much more US money “to strengthen the IMF’s ability to be a stronger partner to Ukraine.”
Revealed: Inside the Senate report on CIA interrogations: Intelligence Committee probe concluded some techniques used in CIA interrogations were not legally authorized
Pentagon watchdog 'not aware' of NSA bulk phone data collection: Admission that DoD office doesn’t have investigations open into the controversial surveillance comes as new report reveals NSA can harvest every call made in unnamed foreign country
How Much Would It Cost To Store All US Phone Calls Made In A Year?: These estimates show only $27M in capital cost, and $2M in electricity and take less than 5,000 square feet of space to store and process all US phonecalls made in a year.
Malaysia MH370 investigators: Files deleted from flight simulator: Investigators discovered that data from a flight simulator found at the pilot’s home was erased, adding more confusion and frustration to an already tense hunt for the jetliner that disappeared with 239 people on board.
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