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Paula Brain hahaha, he represents the Shame Finn! Thanks chara, your pics are always great, TAL!

Brian Clarkefamily Go raibh maith agat Paula, your comments always nail it !

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
Sinn Fein have made many compromises to secure peace and that was necessary! Unionists have compromised too! I do NOT support Republican Sinn Fein! I do not want to go back to the days of tit-for-tat violence that scarred the 1980s and early 1990s! Let's respect each others differences and move forward in the interests of peace!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
A 32 county Socialist Republic is a nice ideal but unfortunately it is not achievable at the present time! For f**k's sake ACCEPT THAT and MOVE ON!!

Paula Brain You're talking like a neoliberal, Conor. A socialist republic is achievable, but it needs compromise and it needs to be built. I prefere MOVE ON, like you said, but right to a socialist republic. Look what neoliberal politics did with Ireland, Spain or the countries of the Third World. And how can be peace with the English forces in the six counties and with so many political prisioners? What are you talking about???? There can be no peace without freedom. What differences do you want to respect, those proposed by loyalists?? How can you move foward in the interests of peace when you have murderer squatters occupying the six counties???

Paula Brain And what about the Irish republicans interned in Maghaberry concentration camp? We move on and leave them behind??

Brian Clarkefamily Anyone who is genuine about peace knows full well that there must first be basic justice ! Its not rocket science !

Paula Brain That's right Brian, freedom, then peace; and justice, then peace.

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
Paula, Brian please understand that I am NOT opposed to a 32 county Socialist Republic (depending of course on what we mean by Socialist - I wouldn't want an Irish equivalent of the regime of the late Enver Hoxha in Albania for example!). However there are over a million Unionists on our little island and their needs and wishes must also be accommodated. I think that the Belfast Agreement although flawed was a fair enough compromise!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
And I am NOT a f**kin' Neo-Liberal!!

Allsún Ní Masún "I think that the Belfast Agreement although flawed was a fair enough compromise!"....bull sh*t, it was a complete sell out....they gave up everything they stood for. SF leadership is a disgrace. Many lost their lives and for what? A Got F*ck All Agreement...many lie in their graves while Martin McGuinness shakes hands with the queen, etc. I'm not against peace, but to say it is a fair compromise is an understatement when you have Irish people in gaol, peoples homes being raided regularly and smashed up children's toys, arrests, some get beaten, still we have the diplock courts without a jury, POWs getting strip searched and beaten up to six or more times a day, gaol for secret evidence, constantly stopped and searched from day to day, police still sectarian, evidence tampered with....does this look like normalisation?....a fair deal? I can't speak for the south, but the north is far from normal when people are harassed all the time.

Paula Brain Now you're saying that you're not opposed to a 32 county socialist republic, but before you said that the socialist republic is not achievable, and you invited us to accept it and move on. Your message is ambivalent. And you talk like a neo-liberal. Can you talk about another things, not just about the Belfast Agreement? What do you have to say about the POWS? And about the occupation? And about the prolonged and inhuman isolation of the Irish prisioners (political prisioners)? And about the oppression and the repression? And about all those who gave their lifes for freedom, justice and political status? You can't look foward without looking backwards before.

Allsún Ní Masún This video is from an hour sounds like another house raid again. Sounds of frightened children....

RUC/PSNI traumatising children.... as usual | Derry 32 County Sovereignty

Paula Brain I hate those scum bastards and cowards. A picture is worth a thousand words... I hope the frightened children of today are the freedom rebels of tomorrow. What kind of peace can you get with RUC/PSNI, Conor?

Paula Brain And Allsún, well said. I make mine all your words.
Peter O'Kelly · Friends with Gerard Banks and1 other
I'd say it's a charade

Paula Brain I don't.

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
I don't accept that there are any "political prisoners" in Ireland today North or South!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
Marian Price (who is now free according to wikipedia) is a former bomber who supports terrorism! The authorities have in the past imprisoned her on the basis that she was a danger to the public!

Paula Brain Terrorist is the British government, not men and women who fight for the liberation of their country. Repression and oppression carried out by British rule is responsible for the violence. I can't believe what I'm reading. You can't be Irish. Or you're English or you're a fucking loyalist.

Paula Brain You don't accept what??? You're a scum sellout bastard.

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
I am 100% Irish! Just as Irish as you and yes, even a Republican (I am in the Dun Laoghaire Green Party by the way! but my views are my own!!). I might even be more Irish than you - your facebook page says you are from Buenos Aires! And by the way I am NOT "scum", I am a human being who is just as entitled to his views as you are!! You won't get public sympathy by calling people who disagree with you "scum" or "bastard"! And by the way I am not intimidated by you!! You can shoot me dead because you disagree with me if you like but there will be others after me and you can not shoot us all dead!! That is why Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy

How does the 32 County Sovereignty Movement or Republican Sinn Fein seek to justify the murder of a Pizza delivery person at an army barracks or the murder of 29 innocent people and the injuring of over 200 others in Omagh in 1998 just months after the country had overwhelmingly endorsed the Belfast Agreement with over 80% support in the 32 counties! Surely the will of the people as expressed in 1998 overrules the will of the people as expressed away back in 1918!!
terrorists lose!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
I prefer to see McGuinness shaking hands with the Queen rather than shooting her dead even though I don't approve of her wealth and privilege! She is the English head of state and when visiting Ireland she laid a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance in memory of those who lost their lives in 1916! Of course it would be better if England had a democratically elected president but I don't know that English public opinion agrees with me!!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
If you believe there are "political prisoners" then please name them!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
I am sorry that we disagree so much but we should respect our differences!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
If you have a genuine case that there are political prisoners, I am willing to listen! I mean it!!

Conor Scott · Friends with Margaretta D'arcy
I am upset that you would call me "scum" by the way! You don't know me!

Paula Brain Well, it's so late at night and so many beers ran, but I try to comment every thing you said. I'm not Irish, I'm from Argentina. You're the one who is not behaving like an Irish.

Paula Brain I repeat, I'm not a terrorist, British government is. Why do you think I'm going shoot you? Because I said to you what I think? That makes me a terrorist? You should be more afraid of PSNI than of me.

Paula Brain How can you be agreed of shaking hands with a woman ok the crown responsible of the Irish famine- the Irish genocide- and the death of the hunger strikers??? Would you shake Hitler's hand?? Bobby Sands is a terrorist for you?

Paula Brain The list of political prisioners is well known. No one in that list is a POW for you? What do you have to say about Christine Connor?

Paula Brain And I don`t know you but you let me know your words and your thoughts. And if you say that there aren't political prisioners in Ireland, that makes you a scum bastard, and if you're agreed of shaking hands with the British queen, that makes you a sellout. It's not what I say, it's what you say and what you are.

Paula Brain And finally, you don't have any respect for Irish prisioners (you are saying they even don't exist) and for those who gave their lifes for Irish freedom. It's not about differences, it's about being in the right side. I think you're inmoral and ungrateful. And I think POWS are in prision for you and the Irish people.

Paula Brain If I'm here in Argentina, and I know the extensive list of political prisioners, and you don't, how much Irish do you are?


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