Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I do not endorse some of the content and language used in the linked article below. I feel using the word Jew rather than Zionist in this article is a grave error on several occasion. Some of my best friends and many of the most talented people I have known are Jewish. I personally do not believe that Alan Shatter is fair reflection of Jewish people in general. However I do believe he is a dark force in Irish politics, with a hidden agenda. That is just my opinion, I may well be wrong. He is an elected public official, paid handsomely by Irish taxpayer's hard earned money and is therefore fair game. What do you think ? I am really interested in other people's opinion on him, as other publications have been censored pending legal action. Please be aware of this when commenting, as I detest censorship of any kind, particularly of the Anthony Mcintyre, Pensive Quill variety. The linked article on him is below

 Alan Shatter Link
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