Monday, 2 June 2014


Muslims are under attack from Orangemen in British Occupied Ireland, after outbursts racist and sectarian from Prime minister Peter Robinson and his spiritual Pastor McConnell. A Muslim man and his friend were assaulted in his own home, after their windows were smashed by loyalist followers, of Robinson and Pastor McConnell, in their north Belfast home, just hours after his house was targeted in a race attack. Muhammad Asif Khattak was attaCked after being subjected to a barrage of racist abuse by a group of loyalists, outside his Parkmount Street home at 3.15pm on the Lord's day.

He was chased into his home and attacked along with another man inside, by supporters of Robinson and Pastor McConnell. The attack followed appeals by Muhammad Asif Khattak earlier, for Prime Minister Peter Robinson, to apologise personally to all Muslims, after he supported sectarian, insulting attacks made by a British loyalist, firebrand, pastor, who denounced Islam as "satanic". Bottles were thrown through Muslim windows in the early hours of Sunday morning at 2.50am.

Mr Khattak who lives with a friend, said he no longer felt safe living in Belfast, just like Catholics in British Occupied Ireland. "If we go outside in the street, people will start swearing at us what can we do?" he said."We are treated just as foreigners, we don't feel accepted. We are scared now and my family and friends are telling me to come back to London." Prime minister Peter Robinson is still backing hate comments made by Pastor James McConnell.

The latest attack in Belfast, comes after four loyalists in a car, attempted to kidnap a man walking on his own in north Belfast. Earlier more than 5,000 people attended an anti-racism rally in Belfast. It was held after Alliance MLA Anna Lo, said she was quitting politics, due to ongoing Orange racist abuse, directed at her by loyalists supporters of Robinson and his spiritual protestant Pastor McConnell. Ms Lo said previously, she was leaving northern Ireland, after sectarian comments made by Prime Minister Peter Robinson in support of his racist pastor, who attacked Islam.

Ms Lo received a large vote last week, as a candidate in the European elections and was "angry" at the support given to hate preacher James McConnell. McConnell attacked the Islamic faith, describing it as "Satanic" in a sermon at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle church. He also said, " I don't trust them". Peter Robinson continues his defence of Pastor McConnell's "right to freedom of speech". A speech at the protest against, Robinson and McConnell said,"A clear rise in racial prejudice is shaming. Widespread and growing Islamophobia is shaming.The fact that Anna Lo MLA is now considering leaving British Occupied Ireland, due to racism – that's shaming. Shame isn't enough."

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