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“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” - David Ben-Gurion, a.k.a. David GrĂ¼n (1886-1973), Israeli Prime Minister (1948-53, 1955-63) revered by Israelis as "Father of the Nation"

An Al Jazeera team arrived at Khuzaa in Khan Younis to find people retrieving decomposing bodies from homes.
Witnesses said at one house youths were taken there and executed by Israeli forces. The bodies were left there for several days.
One man said: "It is a mass execution of six Palestinian youths who were brought to this bathroom. Look at the gunshots on the wall."
Al Jazeera's Gerald Tan reports.
Recruiting to Kill
It Is Not Just an Israeli War on Gaza

By Ramzy Baroud 

The list of participating countries is growing as is the number of those suspected war criminals fighting and killing in the name of Israel. 
The Experts’ Verdict
Every Israeli Missile Strike is a War Crime

By Jonathan Cook
Some 95% of the 64 Israelis who have been killed during the current fighting are soldiers; some 75% of the nearly 1,500 Palestinians who have been killed are civilian. 
Israel Uses Palestinians As Human Shields But US Lawmakers Condemn Hamas

By Rania Khalek 

Israel was condemned by the United Nations as recently as last year for its “continuous use of Palestinian children as human shields and informants.” 
Gaza: West's Weasel Words
By John Hilley

The US has 'condemned' Israel's bombing of the UN school. Predictably, their short, strangled words have been matched by precisely no political action against Israel.
American Media's New Pro-Israel Bias

By Chris McGreal

Why does TV news look like a Netanyahu ad? 
Gaza, Ukraine and the Fraud of “Human Rights” Imperialism

By Bill Van Auken

Today’s human rights imperialism makes the old “white man’s burden” of colonialism’s heyday seem like a noble cause by comparison. 
US, EU Push Russia Toward War

By Finian Cunningham

The latest sanctions attacking Russia are like a gun being pointed at Putin's head.
The Causes of World War III

By Margaret Kimberley

“Malaysian airlines flight MH17 may be the Lusitania of the modern era.” 
The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War With Russia

By Paul Craig Roberts

The threat to life on earth has never been as great as it is at this time. 
China, America, and a New Cold War in Africa?

By Nick Turse

Is the Conflict in South Sudan the Opening Salvo in the Battle for a Continent?
CIA Admits It Broke Into Senate Computers
Senators Call For Spy Chief’s Ouster

By Jonathan S. Landay and Ali Watkins

“The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is illegal, but it violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of separation of powers. 
Argentina Must Not Follow NY Court’s Dictated Path to Bankruptcy

By Peter Koenig

Criminally behaving Vulture funds can buy a judge in New York to rule the unrulable for them. 
40 killed in Gaza as truce crumbles: Some two hours after the truce went into effect, Israeli tanks and artillery opened fire in the southern Rafah area, and a local hospital said 40 people were killed.
Gaza fighting resumes despite ceasefire deal:Twenty-five people killed in tank shelling, medics say, hours after 72-hour truce between Hamas and Israel began.
Gaza death toll surpasses that of Cast Lead as count hits 1,437: In the most recent lethal Israeli attack, an airstrike hit the al-Bayoumi family home in al-Nusairat refugee camp, killing at least 11 Palestinians and injuring at least 45.
Three-day ceasefire begins in Gaza Strip: The truce started at 8am local time (05:00 GMT) on Friday, just hours after 14 more Palestinians were reported killed by Israeli tank and air fire in the coastal enclave.
Public relations exercise: White House: Little doubt Israeli fire in Gaza school strike: "The shelling of a UN facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible," Earnest said.
IDF Sniper Admits On Instagram To Murdering 13 Gaza Children: An Instagram post by an Israel Defense Forces sniper boasts of murdering 13 Gazan children in one day.
UN says illegal Gaza blockade must be lifted: UN officials condemn Israeli attacks and warn of humanitarian crisis amid 440,000 displaced and lack of basic services
Dissent is quieted with most Israelis behind Gaza war: A near-consensus in Israel supports the government’s conduct of the attack on the people of Gaza, views Hamas as the aggressor and considers outsiders’ moralizing as hypocritical
Donations to Israeli occupation force troops overflowing : The wave of donations to Israeli soldiers has led the army to clarify procedures: Soldiers are not allowed to request or accept donations to themselves or a military unit.
Robert Fisk: The world is starting to turn against Israel: Analysis: There was a time when our politicians and media had one principal fear when covering Middle East wars: that no one should ever call them anti-Semitic.
Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state: Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state.
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