Saturday, 25 October 2014

INTO THE MYSTIC from Mental Slavery to Green Yogi

A post on my dream of self liberation for my island Ireland, that includes material of the Green Yogi, Van Morrison and the Orange Order

What Are You Tolerating in IrelandThat Drains Your Energy?

Alive or just breathing? Most people feel drained and exhausted by the end of the day. If we are made of energy, and we have none by the evening hours then perhaps it is wise to reflect upon the choices we make in our daily lives. Do we work a job that we ultimately hate? Do we justify it by telling ourselves what our culture ingrains, "that it's normal and common to work at a job we don't necessarily love, and those who do are just lucky or knew somebody in the field?" I think this is one of the biggest societal control mechanisms that we not only believe, but feed into and accept without much contemplation. Maybe you are doing what you love everyday, so what about the people you surround yourself with? A long time ago I was introduced to the idea of vampires being present in our life- people who suck the life out of you. They are takers, parasites, burdens and thrive off depleting other people's energy and have no sense of self-reliance. You may be in a relationship with one, they may be your boss, they may be your parent. The point is not to judge them as "bad" but to have the awareness of how you feel in the accompaniment of these people. I think its extremely important to protect our energy, for it is the vital force that sustains our spirit. If we are constantly around people, or part of situations that are sucking the life out of us like a vacuum, then perhaps it is time for us to let that go, and "detox" our energy field. I have heard that there are 3 ways to deal with anything: accept it, change it, or leave it. If you are with a partner who you feel is depleting your energy, and you feel there is not a good balance, then changing it or leaving it are best because when we accept things that we just know deep inside are not good for us, we are really insulting our soul. We are suffocating our spirit when we knowingly engage in activities, relationships, and work that we don't feel is a vibrational match to feeling good. I think in preparing for the New Year, it is wise to go forth with committing to living your life in the direction of your dreams. Life is short, we are here for a short span of time, "a parenthesis in infinity" as Wayne Dyer says. With today being the last day of the year, perhaps this is a great time for reflection. A simple life is a happy life. I think we forget that we don't get to keep anything we accumulate in this life. We spend our whole lives chasing the bigger and better things, forgetting that those things too are impermanent, as are we. Finally, I believe that instead of making a list of new years resolutions of what we want to accomplish in 2016, perhaps we should make a list of things, people, and situations that we want to let go of, and that no longer serve us. I urge you to look inside and question your existence.Why are you here? What have you come to share with the world? I challenge you to listen to your heart and follow what would really make your soul sing, and live from that. I believe everyone is born with something to offer the world that is identified through ones interests or talents. Why are we living robotic lives that have nothing to do with what we really want? Perhaps we have been conditioned to think its okay, and if you want to live your life that way, so be it. But those who know they are destined to live successful, abundant, and happy lives, will find a way, and not an excuse.

via Green Yogi
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