Friday, 24 April 2015


Low Intensity Operations is a controversial, prophetic book, on the conduct of modern warfare. Published in 1971 and written by Frank Kitson while working with the British Ministry of Defence, on how the army should deal with insurgency operations. Its propositions evolved into the massacre of Bloody Sunday and the death of 10 Irish Hunger Strikers imprisoned in British Occupied Ireland. To understand how the British deal with revolutionary resistance, to their Occuption, one must read Low Intensity Operations. It is still being used in Occupied Ireland today, particularly within the Prison, in collaboration with the DUP/Sinn Fein Adminstration at Stormont, using embedded British Agents, using Dirty War tactics,to break Irish POWs, as they attempted with Bobby Sands and his comrades.

These Dirty War tactics, are also being used today in the conveyor belt system, that is interning by remand, numerous other innocent Irish republicans, attempting to exercise Free Speech and other peaceful methods of protest, against the British Police State. Currently, there is unrest again today, with the POWs being abused again and currently in lockdown, as a result of provocation, by the British Agents adminstering injustice and provocation as per their DirtyWar manual. This is occurring daily for the last twenty years, since the signing of the Pseudo Peace Process, which in reality was a consequence of Sinn Fein's surrender,to Dirty War tactics, followed by their collaboration in the pstchological torture of the POWs and sanitizing, Political Internment by remand. The Pedo Poachers, have become the Gamekeepers for British Occupation in Ireland. According to an anonymous whistleblower within Sinn Fein, they discussed with Tory leaders, while dining in Buckingham Palace with the Queen, the implementation of draconian austerity measures, along with the logistics of eliminating any politcal opposition, with expanding Political Internment, after the current election.

Of course in any type of Democracy, none of this would be possible, without a compliant, corrupt media. Irish Blog asks you to make a stand against the Irish Presstitute Media. We often complain about the mainstream, corporate media, but few of us are actually prepared to work to challenge the disinformation and lies, that has led to so much needless human suffering on the Island. We know what the problem is, but most of us are complacent. We prefer to leave the effort, to bring about positive, change, to others. We each must take responsibility. Quality information is a key part of personal and community empowerment. We must seek it out from reliable sources, without a commerial or exclusively, self-serving political agenda, and share it with others, to empower our communities and defend ourselves against economic and political treason, by those whom we elect. 

This can often be simple to create, sometimes made complex to share, with modern censorship technology, but we must try, for our own sake and others, to have balance, in the Age of Self. The Irish Presstitute Media, are engaged in the deception and exploitation of our people and abuse of our resistance activists. We must also resist, in a peaceful broad front, while still keeping our own particular identity or parties identity, to the fore, along with our demands, in street protest. We must call our media and elected political collaborators to account, and boycott tactically in solidarity. In the event of British State violence, we must defend ourselves by any means necessary. With persistence, we will liberate ourselves, our island and together determine our own future, free from outside interference and oppression.
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