Thursday, 31 May 2012


As is the tradition at the funerals of Galway Whookers, wakes last at least  two or three nights or maybe a week. Food, liquor, tobacco, snuff, and suchlike are plentiful. In the countryside on the west coast of Ireland where the Whooker comes from, the liquor served, consists of whiskey or poteen or the people's whiskey, which is very potent and illegal, as people don't waste their money paying tax. In the South China Sea it is a little bit different, in that its rice whiskey, known as Sato or something like that and to compensate for the lack of poteen, the tobacco would be considerably stronger having far more of an aphrodisiac quality about it.  Laughter, singing as well as crying filled the air of the Galway Whooker's wake, as mourners shared humorous stories involving the deceased's contribution to numerous parties of all sorts.

 In addition to this merriment, sexual games were played involving groups of twos and threes shagging and phucking which included the shawoman demanding the attention of a few notorious gang bangers present. The shawoman being a bit of an exhibitionist and a sacred whore all rolled into one as a mother goddess with  Sile na Gig like qualities. In keeping with a myth of where a potentially violent incident involving several men was avoided by a woman exposing her breasts and pussy to attackers, the ugliest and more grotesque males, with hunky punks were obliged to phuck with the less attractive women in groups, on the edges of wake to keep evil spirits form London 2012 away particularly at doors and windows protecting these openings.

 While all of this may appear to have been disrespectful to the Galway Whooker, it was not the intention. It is thought that the merrymaking and orgasmic aspects of the wake are customs influenced by the Irish pagan heritage of the Galway Whooker besides the need to stay awake for a long period of time. The culture of the South China Sea encourages these activities and tries hard to encourage people to indulge in sensual pleasures and orgasmic delight as much as possible. The result being that the wake and orgies may continue for a phucking week. Besides the wailing and gnashing of teeth there is considerable moaning, shrieking, grunting and roars of ecstasy above the din of the continuous crying and wailing of the keeners crying for the deceased Whooker

No feelings left out of the mourning process in the South China sea. Between the extremes of tears and ecstasy, the orgies, orgasms, sadism, masochism, laughter, heartfelt poetical lamentations and boisterous songs, there are debates. The mourners round the kitchen table, poteen or whiskey laced tea in one hand and all sorts of tobacco in the other hand, it is inevitable that  heated discussions were conducted on topics concerning religion, politics, economics or the phucking english. I must add that on this occasion, a lengthy and most passionate evil curse, was delivered on the Olympics of London 2012. Eventually a dacent row brought proceedings to a conclusion, where all that was left was participants involved in some seriously passionate, phucking and phighting, That my friends is why I needed my rest on the last occasion.

                Olympic Protest London 2012 Galway Whooker R.I.P.

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