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Josef Goebbels the Nazi’s propaganda minister was it appears a little more enlightened than his current British counterparts when confronted with the unique challenge of prostitution when Weimar Germany  secured the rights to host the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Goebbels demonstrated that the Nazi regime was civilized while providing warm, Teutonic hospitality to foreigners. Visitors to Berlin were not disappointed by the low-key nightlight replacing Weimar Berlin’s infamous social scene. 

Goebbels relaxed controls on prostitution with approximately 7,000 prostitutes given the freedom of the City, ensuring male visitors could be given an intimate introduction to Germany’s virtues with an erotic spin of the concept of Strength through Joy. Relaxation of the regime’s sexual prohibitions was also made for foreign visitors on sanctions against homosexuality. Tolerance and welcome were the order of the day and the Berlin Olympics gained widespread press approval without a trace of a concentration camp or internment

Contract this then to Olympic London 2012 with a London prostitute who recently said she was  threatened by British police with being interned without trial, just like political prisoners of conscience interned without trial in British Occupied Ireland. She also said she threatened with being tortured like Marian Price a political prisoner interned in solitary confinement now for more than one year along with other comrades in a British concentration Camp for political prisoners because they oppose repression in British Occupied Ireland.

Prostitution is legal in Greece, the home of the original Olympics. Greek prostitutes are mostly linked to state-sanctioned brothels or legal bordellos. Licenced prostitutes see a doctor every second week, however sensitive, hygenic people around the world have already condemned Olympic London 2012 because of its medieval form of sexual slavery and dark age barbarity.

One British magazine claims that a £2 million NHS contract will see all prostitutes working the London Olympics, micro chipped. They claim that emergency legislation means the British authorities will  extend the programme to pet dogs, cats and ferrets in time for London 2012. The hookers and animals they say, will be automatically immunised with shots, recorded on minute subcutaneous implants, tracked by a Home Orifice GPS systems.

According to one British prostitute, who got a clean bill of health along with an ID jab in the bum, she said .
"Feckin' bastards charged me one hundred quid - or a blow job round the back of the surgery - for me pains," She then collected her official Hooker Passport before heading for work. where the bar-coded implant acts as an official permit to hustle inside the Olympic Stadium perimeter and and can be monitored by local police stations. London girls will still however be subject to strict quarantine rules before the Games on the orders of  the Americans according to Olympic sources.

All of this contrasts with more enlightened countries such as Canada who at  their Olympics issued a brochure containing information and guidelines on how to handle requests for photographs and interviews. They informed sex workers about how to handle media aggressiveness, and how to refuse an interview.
The Canadians in contrast to the the British wanted their prostitutes to feel safe, confident and not intimidated."All people should know their rights with the media and if they don't, then they should be informed," said a spokesperson, adding that sex workers have been asked impertinent questions with rude and aggressive behavior from the media.

Its an interesting story for a couple reasons, one that British Olympic organizers want swept under the carpet. Personally, I do what I can to welcome and oblige guests but the British Olympic organizers don’t share my sense of hospitality. How to reconcile Victorian Judeo-Christian values with the real world ?The question is not really whether prostitution is good or bad but whether the usual abstract, British, moral, posturing is more important than harming real people like their sadistic Viceroy in British Occupied Ireland who is currently perverting the course of justice.Olympic stories can be uplifting for the human condition, rather than the usual British bloodletting wars. Of Course with the British, there is always some sordid down-to-earth muck in the mix, a tangle of thorns, they hide from the eyes of the world. 

Currently for instance sex workers are 'cleaned off the streets' trying to make London presentable for the Olympics. In Newham home of the Olympic stadium, the number of sex workers arrested, has also surged, according to an anti-poverty charity in Tower Hamlets. Police have closed 80 brothels in Newham alone, in the last 18 months, according to a spokesperson for the Conservative group on the Olympics.Prostitutes are being told to stay away from their homes Newham under and they have also been given curfews from 10pm to 6am. Locals complain the British Tories are afraid to let any overseas visitors see the real London? They are removing  "graffiti" and street art, something a growing number of people are coming to appreciate but not the stuffy Tories. Boris Jonson the mayor has been pictured pissing on their street art murals.

The crackdown on prostitution in London ahead of the Olympics, is making sex workers on the street "vulnerable to crime", one charity maintains. Ms. Merkova, manager for Safe Exit, which works on street prostitution, said: "We are concerned that in the run-up to the Olympics, increased levels of enforcement and new bail conditions imposed on women have made them more vulnerable to crime and violence.

According to the BBC's latest Olympic bullscutter, Home Office figures show 70 brothels raided. with another 33 targeted in Westminster and Camden, along with Newham's 80 brothels already closed. The BBC should know ,because they are London brothel's best customers constantly demanding cheap hand jobs. One local woman told me, when she was sitting on my cock, that she been subjected to increased “harassment” by police, which included being detained without charge, fined and told to move along.

Most of the more than a hundred prostitutes 'lifted' in the five main Olympic boroughs, have either been relocated or humanly put down according to local media. British City officials have  been working also, on moving the homeless from the areas. Generally they are simply disappearing. Newham, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Hackney and Waltham Forest are all equipped with massive prostitute traps, catching any returning sex workers.

TV Sports analyst Mark Marvins said; “Frankly, there’s not much point making a fuss about this. Whenever cities have a major event like this happen they usually do massive sweeps like this to eradicate the rabble. I’m sure these types of people won’t be the only ones rounded up in the sweeps, it’s simply that in England no one speaks up for the homeless, or the Chavs and so no one will notice. The hooker problem, though, is slightly different because people coming to the city are going to want to clean their pipes and if they can’t find whores they will go after local girls which could result in a lot of pregnancies with foreign daddies.

If officials are too aggressive there will probably be a lot more young ladies with big bellies. Possibly even more rape, which certainly wouldn’t be good either. Hopefully, at the very least, they are just moving these workers to other areas where they accessible and not eradicating them entirely. That would be very problematic, at best. Foreign people like whores and like having lots of sex when they are away from their loved ones. I fear that this sweep will just result in other areas reaping the benefits or, like I said, rape.”
British Tories are demanding that parents of loose girls, send them away immediately to private boarding schools for the summer.  

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