Thursday, 21 June 2012



  • British vigilantes calling themselves republicans and directed by Lord Muck are conducting a campaign of shootings that have have in the last year alone forced more than 200 youngsters out of Derry, which Lord Muck has decided will be Britain's City of Culture in 2013.More than 85 youngsters have been shot in the last three years in what they call "punishment" shootings by a British paramilitary police operation, called Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) in Lord Muck vigilante violence.

  • Those shot are mostly teenagers brought along by  parents or relative at a pre-arranged appointment to be shot for allegations of drug dealing or other supposed anti-social behaviour. Like Marian Price who is interned without trial and thus removed from preventing this barbaric savagery, there is no trial. With parents and vigilantes like these who needs enemies. The preposterous part of the equation is that these British mentored groups pretend to be seeking Irish freedom.

  • Up to four teenagers are being forced out of Derry city every week, while it prepares to be the UK's City of Culture, the families of those shot which includes the mother of a young man that was murdered in February, say they live "in a city of fear". Last February RAAD gunmen shot dead a former boxer, Andrew Allen, 24, just outside Derry in a family's   house in Co Donegal, when the British paramilitary police vigilantes disguised as republicans were shamed when he stood up to them, so they killed him. His mother, Donna Smith, said the peace process no longer meant anything to her or her family.

  • John Lindsay who has written a new book "No Dope Here" says: "On average there are about four young men being forced out of the city by RAAD and other vigilante groups per week."The figures are being recorded by at least two community groups who are called into liaise between the organisations and the men.There are, on a conservative basis, more than 200 who were put out of Derry over the last 12 months. They are going to places as diverse as Belfast, Armagh, Dublin and of course England, anywhere where they have friends or relatives to flee to. And they are told if they don't leave they will be shot or even killed.How can they call this the City of Culture when they (RAAD) are going around butchering children? Something has to be done, it has to be stopped before another family is sitting in the situation that we are in: me without a son, my other children without a brother and two small children without a father."

  • He said: "I think it is quite obvious the community is beginning to rise up against this and as a result of that it is quite clear that RAAD are about to make the biggest mistake of their lives. They are about to bite off more than they can chew because if the community in Derry turns against you then you are going absolutely nowhere.And I think they (RAAD) do need to be going somewhere and they need to be going to prison. And I would hope as a result of the rise in opposition to the activities of RAAD that people will come forward to give all the information they have about this group."

  • There has been several demonstrations against the attacks and against RAAD members who are colleagues of Lord Muck who collaborated with the British in its "war" against Irish communities in British Occupied Ireland. against the attacks. Lord Muck has given token protest against the vigilantes to disguise his involvement in the same way he has made just token protest on internment while politically supporting it. Lord Muck licks arse before he gets his victims in the back.

  • The British use Occupied Ireland for experiments with materials and methods used for policing and crowd control. Besides currently experimenting with vigilantes to replace police in Britain, they are also experimenting with internment without trial in instance of Marian Price. Since Marian was interned, there is very little organized opposition in Derry, to the activities of Lord Muck and his British infiltrators into the Republican movement. Britain has also experimented with police shoot to kill policies against communities, along with plastic bullets and techniques practiced by Kitson in other colonies.

  •  Britain was found guilty of torture in British Occupied Ireland by the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg. The British Government promised to outlaw sensory deprivation torture in British Occupied Ireland subsequently but like the Peace agreement have broken almost all of their undertakings. They are currently torturing Marian Price and other political prisoners in solitary confinement, who are in considerable pain and daily agony. They have refused to admit UN observers. 


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