Sunday, 17 June 2012


The International Olympic Committee has started an investigation into Olympics officials and agents breaching its rules on London 2012 ticket sales.The IOC had an emergency meeting of its executive board after serious complaints by the Sunday Times.The IOC has now asked  its independent ethics commission to investigate the British scandal of London 2012. They will also review how Olympic tickets are distributed among countries worldwide.

The Sunday Times has lodged a dossier with evidence detailing accusations that Olympic officials and agents have been caught red handed selling thousands of tickets on the black market for many times times their real value.The Times also alleges that its lengthy investigation found corruption involving officials of London 2012.

More than a million London 2012 tickets have distributed worldwide at hugely inflated prices among all the nations taking part in the Games but London 2012 is obviously infiltrated with touts. British Olympic committees are meant to ensure that allocations is only sold only within Britain but has already failed.

Undercover journalists posing as  ticket touts from the Middle East were offered crooked deals on London 2012 tickets. A senior Olympic official has already resigned after being filmed offering tickets for cash. An IOC statement said: "The International Olympic Committee has moved quickly to deal with allegations that some National Olympic Committees and Authorised Ticket Resellers have broken rules relating to the sale of Olympic tickets."

The London 2012 organizing committee claims it will support the IOC in its investigation "in any way we can". However London 2012 has been beset by many controversies with the British taxpayer paying vast sums of monies to finance the Games. British taxpayers will be paying through the nose for years to come to try pay off debts of billions upon billions of pounds financing the Olympic London 2012. London 2012 have become known as the Scum Olympics for a variety of reasons but principally because of their association with torture and human rights abuses in British Occupied Ireland.

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