Monday, 23 July 2012


Many believe that London will be rocked by a false flag operation at the 2012 Olympics. It has been proven by MI-5 Whistle-blowers that we live in the age of false flag terror from British Occupied Ireland to the Euphrates. We need be ready even if the 2012 Olympic Games could come and go without an incident. It is  better to be prepared for false flags and be ready just in case something something does happen. 

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On the subject of false flags, a recent major survey and data-mapping exercise involving Guardian readers, found that more than half of UK all her majesty's commoners call themselves non-British. From over 16,500 people in four countries of the UK, only English residents are likely to call themselves British. When asked where they live a huge majority of Scottish, Welsh and Irish rejecting the British tag. Overwhelmingly people identify themselves with their home nation, with just 6,594 saying they were British, while 2,874 said Scottish, 2,386 English, 1,355 Welsh, 895 Irish and only 129 calling themselves northern Irish, with 1,309 people choosing other, notably in Cornwall.

The survey by the Guardian on the constitutional future of the UK clearly demonstrates a Disunited Kingdom, confirming more in-depth, controlled studies on national identities.The social identity surveys alongside in-depth studies in Wales and British Occupied Ireland, demonstrate wide differences in the national identity of people across the UK. Recent studies find that if forced to chose, 52% of people in England choose being British first, while just 19% of Scottish and 30% of Welsh while the vast majority of the people of the island Ireland identify themselves as Irish without British interference of occupation.

The extreme militarization of London 2012 has been seen by many seasoned observers as strange and extremely exaggerated based on information in the public domain. England is not expecting an invasion, or presently under military attack but the secret service rulers of Britain and Occupied Ireland are preparing like its going to be the end of the world. What exactly is England afraid of, the break-up of the United Kingdom perhaps with Scottish Independence and with it the domino effect of the disappearance of its commonwealth, with its considerable resources of raw profit in the City of London ? If the City of London goes, Wall Street is next !

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