Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Olympics Opening Ceremony was 'Crap' - Tory MP

The Olympic opening ceremony was boycotted or ignored by almost all of the world despite all of the hype by the BBC world service. The problem was made worse for tha vast majority of working people worldwide with cable TV companies  making huge profits televising the games for the rich with ordinary people priced out worldwide.The opening ceremony was said to be far inferior to the epic opening in Beijing four years ago by those who viewed both. Beijing who received much criticism for its human right record is however generally acknowledged to have a far superior record than Britain, particularly with its treatment of political prisoner of conscience in British Occupied Ireland.

More than 18,000 military are deployed on the streets of London, accompanied by police and private security, who add more than another 30,000. Drones in the London sky, with the Royal Navy's biggest warship moored on the Thames, RAF Typhoon jets on permanent standby, with orders to use "lethal force," while surface to air missiles are positioned in housing estates. Fear is what the British terrorist state itself actually produces. Far removed from their notional ideals, this militarized normality, embodies the reality  of our increasing inequality, growing corporate power, the continued rise of the domestic industrial war complex and the authoritarian governance of power, obsessed with global prestige and the media spectacle.

 This paradox of the self fulfilling prophecy of threats become indistinguishable from the everyday petty  narcissistic anxieties of our selfish, self-centred societies,with our deepest fears preyed upon for profit and power. Racial prejudices too are being resurrected, to advance the demand for such madness. Besides the false flag operations fueling the demand, the real target are the anarchical wars of all against all, to prevent the masses of ordinary people resisting, the injustices of a return to feudal exploitation. Britain beneath its veils of sovereign deceit with its arrangements of social division into class hierarchies is in its death throes.

Brad Evans in Truthout puts it all this way, "Any informed critical theorist knows that the political depends upon the ability to bring into question what is not seen as problematic. This drives us to question why something is not on the public agenda. How does power operate to prevent us from critiquing its most visible traces? Questioning the unquestionable requires making the implicit explicit. When we do so, it allows us to really open up the functioning of power as it impacts upon everyday lives. This is not about abstract esotericism. It is about the desire to question power, especially liberal power on the basis of its effects."

A soldier is a trained killer wherever he is but to have trained killers on the British capital's streets??? Should this be North Korea, Beijing, Syria, or Iran, politicians would undoubtedly be lambasting the despotic state of military affairs. The typical British logic however reason it to be an efficient use of resources, to maintain the democratic peace as in say British Occupied Ireland. So the distinctions are getting increasingly blurred between war, peace, global, local, private, public, soldier, citizen but then the UK was always to a greater extent a militaized society in need of a war in every generation like the U.S. now, to keep its facade of a United kingdom.

British militarism, with its psychological brinkmanship and brazen show of Olympic potential force, whether intended for an audience external, internal or both, makes militaristic posturing of a punishing state the insecure manifestation of its lost empire. Why ? because London 2012 is reflective of the dangerous world they helped create. Of curse no one wants to be blown up by a suicide bomber, thee is no freedom in that. However London 2012 with its high-profile nature and location for the Olympic Games undoubtedly makes it a prime target. Commonsense told everyone after 9/11 and 7/7 false flag or not, why people hated the targets. The simple laws of physics or cause and effect tells everyone of the need to account for our actions and our history of violence. Only then can we deal with the root of the problem and the equations of power.

The London Olympics are a presentation of the British terrorist state apparatus, with its private security firms of hangers-on, deploying mass-suppression techniques and paranoid state technologies to the export earning Commonwealth of colonial neo-colonies. Democracy, peace, freedom be damned. Along with internment without trial, the dumping of Habeus Corpus and the Magna Carta, the military zone of Olympics London 2012, researched in Occupied Ireland, is about to become the international norm of their tyranny.

In the name of security, they give us a glimpse of our future of militarized enclaves,with the most advanced technologies to ensure once you enter "the zone," you are a commodity, to realize profit and you have no political rights. Either we accept this or demand a return of political and social discussion. This requires questioning the vacuous politics of privileged boundaries and to question the framing of the questions, in such away that we expose the nature of power and violence at the source of the problem.

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