Friday, 3 August 2012

Hitler's Olympic's London 2012 Censored by Indymedia Ireland

The following article was censored by Indymedia Ireland, who are continuously involved in censorshit, similar to Hitler book burnings in Munich, prior to his holocaust and after the British holocaust in Ireland, both of which disappeared over 12 million people. Fascist and Stalinist censorshit, are really two sides of the same coin, which this author personally does not approve of, but those who engage in censorshit such as the Pensive Quill are fascist in deed and should know better.

The Olympic Torch carrying the Olympic Flame from Olympus in Greece, came via a very circuitous route around the world. Thousands of Brits lined the streets to watch it pass. Held overhead by a runner, the Torch is light enough to carry for long distances while producing a bright flame visible to all even in daylight. It can withstand wind, rain or a fall without being extinguished, while carrying enough fuel to burn all day. At night it must allow refueling while still lit. The Olympic Torch represents a major technological achievement, while its design has remained the same since before WWII.

Its invention is the single most archetypical symbol of the Olympic. The Olympic Flame for millions of people in the years since its invention, continued all over the Britain before the start of London 2012. The British like many other promises, said they would create a new Olympic Torch with a smaller carbon footprint but like the promises of the peace process and ending torture, they once again failed to deliver. The Torch for London 2012 is still Hitler’s design. So London 2012, the Olympic Torch still burns the same mixture of propane and butane as designed by Adolf Hitler, its inventor all those years ago.

Yes, thee Adolf Hitler that German engineer of advanced German engineering. The fact is, the whole torch relay thing is Hitler’s  concept. Before Hitler in 1936 there simply was no torch relay. Hitler adopted a very intimate, hands-on, Olympic approach and has had a long lasting effect in many ways. The Olympics of London 2012 remain a live entity of Hitlers creative vision, that the Olympic Committee have worked ceaselessly to keep.

Hitler besides inventing the Olympic Torch, worked with filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl to define the aesthetic of Olympics London 2012, creating a work of evolved art which the world had never remotely seen before. Hitler and Riefenstahl’s Olympic concept continue to inspire London 2012 today. Hitler and Riefenstahl actually branded the Olympics, which Olympic committee dare not change. They have recognized the creative genius of that vision, which London 2012 cannot equal and they try their best to recreate it every four years.

Yes the Olympics happened before 1936 but were a really low-key event. Hitler made 1936 Berlin Games a centerpiece of global propaganda which London 2012 cannot match. Hitler spared no expense in producing an unforgettable spectacle on the global stage, that London 2012 cannot touch. The 1936 Games Olympics were Hitler’s special project, with his fingerprints all over it, right down to the Olympic Torch he personally invented. Hitler took a simple sporting event and raised it to a ritual, that continues to mesmerize the world. The Olympics of London 2012 are still the pinnacle of Hitler’s creative work as an artist.

So as the best athletes from all world compete in London 2012, tens of thousands of spectators with TV cameras reaching billions all over the world, the focus is on Hitler’s torch at the London 2012 Games. The British recreated again, Hitler's glorious human transcendence of the evolution of  the German master race in all of its power and glory, right in the middle of London 2012.
Londoners, once again in east London lost their homes to create the Olympic Village. Hitler once again certainly has had a tremendous influence on the architecture of London going right back to the early 1940. Londoners are now celebrating his influence on their city.With the creme de la creme of the world’s athletes competing beneath snipers and surface to air missiles in the highly fortified Olympic enclave, Hitlers vision is truly alive again in London 2012. Hitler Hype ?

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