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How to Attract Abundance, Spiritual Success Tip #1: Appreciate Others
by IHSAN on MARCH 10, 2011

The act of appreciating another is one of the most powerful ways to not only transcend the self and overcome the ego, but also one of the most effective ways to attract goodness and abundance into your life.

Commonly known as the Golden Rule, which is generally paraphrased as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” desiring and appreciating the good fortune of another is so important that it may even be said to lead to the essence of true belief.

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” — Jesus

“That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind.”

“The most righteous of believers is the one who is glad that others should have what is pleasing to himself, and who dislikes for others what for him is disagreeable.”
Quote of  Muhammad

That this is fundamentally the goal of spirituality is demonstrated beautifully in the movie The Book of Eli, where true belief is contrasted with hypocrisy, and Eli, the messenger and servant of truth, ultimately summarizes the core lesson of the spiritual path as simply, “Want for your brother what you want for yourself.”

“Want for your brother what you want for yourself. At least that’s what I got out of it.” — Quote of Eli (The Book of Eli)

The Problem of Egoism and Selfishness

The fundamental spiritual problem that plagues humanity is egoism, or selfishness. And the laws of life are such that they are designed to propel us towards growth, evolution, progress and ultimately the transcendence of egoism and selfishness.

One consequence of being self-centered, perpetually fixated on oneself and one’s needs and desires, while being blind and oblivious to the desire for the same good for others, is that it actually repels rather than attracts good from coming to us.

We all suffer from the problem of ego, so it’s nothing personal. What we choose to do about it is what matters. By becoming attached to our faults and identifying with them, we get stuck in them and fail to transcend them. Yet by consciously acknowledging a personal defect, rather than ignoring or suppressing it, we become capable of simply letting it go. In fact, the simple act of acknowledgement and bringing to awareness already begins the process of dissociation, or detachment.

“The next time you think your perfect, try walking on water.” — Bumper Sticker

Personal Inventory. How Do You Feel?

What do you feel when you see someone who has been blessed with something you want and that you may currently lack, such as good health, abundant wealth or a joyful relationship? Are you appreciative and grateful for the good that another has been given, or do you feel jealous, envious, resentful and angry?

Did you know that feelings of jealousy, envy or bitterness will actually repel rather than attract abundance and prosperity to you? It’s true, and making a conscious choice about how you choose to feel in such a situation can make a critical difference with regards to the possibility of you ever getting what you want in your own life.

When we feel jealous or envious, we are essentially affirming scarcity, and we are saying, with our emotions, that we do not have. This energetic exclamation of lack prevents having, for if we believe that we do not have a thing, how can we ever attract it?

By being appreciative of the good that others have and that you may currently lack, you are in effect affirming prosperity and attracting abundance to yourself through a prosperity consciousness, a reality and paradigm based in Truth and reflective of true belief in the Divine, in the goodness and infinite bounty, abundance and grace of God.

Weeding out such negative thoughts and beliefs from our souls is a fundamental teaching of Sufism, the path of self-purification and the spiritual dimension of the religion of Islam. For the harm of jealousy and envy, known as hasad in Arabic, is so great that an entire chapter of the Holy Qur’an is essentially a prayer of protection from its evil.

Attract Abundance: Appreciate Others

To come into alignment with Truth and enter into harmony with Life, CONSCIOUSLY PRACTICE APPRECIATING OTHERS. When you see a good quality in another, take a brief moment to to acknowledge that good without feeling lack, without feeling jealous or envious.

As an exercise, seek evidence of what you want and what is good in others. Affirm their existence and the possibility of you coming into vibrational harmony with them by going out of your way to appreciate in others what you currently lack.

Look at those with great health, abundant resources, healthy relationships and anything that is a favor from God with gratitude and appreciation, and simply say masha’llah, God has willed such. Become self-less, and so become purified of ego.

Let feelings of love and gratitude dominate your consciousness and define your state. Soon, you will begin becoming part of the very things you appreciate and they will naturally gravitate towards you, attracting them to yourself because you are now emitting attractive positive emotions rather than repulsive negative emotions.

Our world is changing, and we have the opportunity to change for the better. There is a new possibility, a new world, coming into existence. This new earth is based in love, not hate, in cooperation and compassion, not competition, in abundance and prosperity, not lack and scarcity.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we address the spiritual diseases that plague our souls. There is a divine will, a divine purpose, for humanity that we become the honored and noble servants and representatives of the Almighty. And life will continuously encourage us to become more self-less, less self-centered, and ultimately learn to leave the ego behind so we can embrace our divine destiny.

Master Your Self, Master Your Life

Written by: Ihsan on March 10, 2011

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Pat February 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm
I beleive it helps transcend the one who is appreciated as well as the other who appreciates, especially when that which is appreciated is of true virtue. I certainly appreciate the message of your article and your faith in such laws, both are an inspiration to follow.
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