Wednesday, 30 October 2013


The British government has warned it could resort to legal action, to silence newspapers seeking to publish Edward Snowden's NSA revelations. It's the latest in a string of attempts to block the release of embarrassing documents. To talk more about the NSA revelations and the UK government's attempts to curb them, I'm joined live now from Bristol by investigative journalist Tony Gosling.

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David Shayler a former MI5 officer insists, that MI5 secrecy Is used to work against the public interest. Excessive secrecy legislation is also being used to hide MI5 from scrutiny and allow them to overrule Parliament, the Judiciary, indeed all of the estates of Government, rather than protect the security of the people.

There are persistent accusations over many years, that they control all the elements of power, with secret information that compromises all the leading players of Britain's power elite. Using the 9/11 terrorist narrative, has helped MI5 expand it's budget, remit to the point of State of the Art palaces of power. 

Knowledge is power and secret knowledge is perverted power in that sense that unbridled power, without the checks and balances of transparency, always corrupts. MI5's culture of secrecy is a disgrace by any standards of democracy, which demonstrates that currently,Britain clearly is not.

Agent Shayler wrote, "While working for MI5, I was routinely told not to include too much detail in reports disseminated to government. The reason was nothing to do with the security of MI5's sources, but simply to avoid scrutiny and hassle for MI5. If ministers had accurate and detailed information, they could hold MI5 to account over its investigations. Without it, ministers have to accept MI5's own assessment in specific operations and in general.

Put it bluntly, ministers responsible for MI5 are left feeling grateful that MI5  even bother to confide in them at all. I have a very good example of this.

In March 1995, I prepared a report on terrorism which was designed to bring Whitehall up to date with key developments at the time. When I left the Service in late 1996, it had still not gone out to MI5's masters in government, even though it concerned major new information that was vital to the government in formulating policy towards a particular country.

It is a journalistic myth that MI5 will hand a 'file' or 'dossier' to government. Nothing could be further from the truth. MI5 usually disseminates brief reports to Whitehall which contain mostly assessment, but with little detail of the actual intelligence or the source of it.

Government 'colluded' with MI5

Of course, when I first went on the record with my very reasonable criticisms of MI5, the government had two options. It could have changed the culture of secrecy in Britain by having an open inquiry into what I had to say and what MI5 had to say about my criticisms.

This would of course be in line with the principles of natural justice and it would also have increased parliamentary and public confidence in the secret state in the long term. 
Instead, the government chose a second option. It chose even to refuse to take possession of my intelligence, even though this highlighted an illegal operation carried out by MI6. In other words, ministers decided to collude with the intelligence services in a cover-up.That is what happened in my case. In the case of these traitors, they must go on the record and explain MI5's thinking."

MI5 has reintroduced internment without trial and also use secret trials, using secret evidence where the victim is not allowed to know charge or sentence. MI5 is also currently using its unbridled powers, to discredit Scottish Independence by currently interning five human right activists, who are legally pursuing Independence. A false flag operation by MI5 is expected, before the referendum, to discredit home rule.

Currently in British Occupied Ireland, MI5 are  using their agents to create false bomb warnings, while at the same time, blaming Irish republicans. Much of their activity in recent years, have been efforts to dismantle the Irish Peace Process, which is bad for their business. If the process is successful, it makes MI5 redundant , hence their provocation and fear mongering. A prime example of how they operate can be found with the video and article below on Martin Corey.

Who dares to speak for an innocent man whose voice has been silenced behind the wall of 21st Century British repression in Ireland?

Martin Corey has been locked away in Maghaberry Prison since 2010 without charge or trial on the basis of closed evidence. Visit the website to learn more: 

Nobody knows the reason why Martin was arrested, nor has a reason been given. This is very worrying, indeed all free minded people, all who believe in free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement should be worried, all who believe in a democratic society where everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion should revolt to this 63 year old mans defense. As an Irish Republican Martin Corey believes in the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland, he believes Ireland and her people have a right to practice unheeded their own independence. Is this why Martin was interned? When did it become a crime? Was it with the signing of the Belfast Agreement (GFA), is this the new start, the new beginning we were all promised?

The reality on the ground is that not much has changed and so it becomes obvious that Martin Corey is being held Hostage by the British Government because of his Political Beliefs, all those who believe in justice and equality must support this campaign.

If you would like any further information please contact:
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