8:59 PM GMT+0700

Sounds like the plane is in one piece under the water. 

The ONLY other explanation is that the plane entered a SPACE-TIME continuum which caused the plane to go to some point in the future. 

Which means - perhaps sometime on Friday the plane will land in China completely intact.


Instead of Lockerbie, this is beginning to sound like the 9/11 Shanksville, PA crash. 

Perhaps the plane never broke up - the lack of debris indicates that the plane went into the water at a tremendous speed and plunged down. 

One commenter here proposed an electrical problem which may cause such a situation 

Is it possible to build a bomb which would disrupt the electrical system of the plane, but keep the plane intact - like some electromagnetic pulse ? 

Or maybe the electrical system was specifically targeted by a relatively small bomb place somewhere in the mechanical areas of the plane? 


I seem to remember a wide area of debris in the Lockerbie crash. 

So perhaps the plane did not break up into many many pieces of debris with an explosion. 

A small explosion could have broken the plane into a few pieces, like 3 or 4, which are all submerged in the water now. 

The PROBLEM with that idea is the decompression of the cabin tends to suck things out.


Very reminiscent of that Air France flight in 2009 that went down in the Atlantic just short of Brazil. 
It took them almost 2 YEARS to find the plane at the bottom of the ocean. 


But didn't they find debris fairly quickly?

Liberal Tinkerbelle
8:15 PM GMT+0700

I see that the press is still just praying that this is a terrorist act so they can get a lot of mileage out of this.

8:17 PM GMT+0700

Can you cite evidence that the press is motivated by a desire to see this event as a terrorist act?


“This unprecedented missing aircraft mystery -- as you can put it -- it is mystifying." 

This is not at all unprecedented. If an aircraft crashes in an area with limited or no radar coverage, it can be very difficult to find. Air France 447 took two years to find. The Learjet that went missing on Christmas Eve of 1996 while on approach to Lebanon Airport in New Hampshire was not found until three years later.

8:11 PM GMT+0700

The main portion of that aircraft took two years to find. The debris and bodies were found almost immeditaely.


I am curious about the five passengers who checked-in for the flight but did not board. Their bags were reported to have been off-loaded, and with modern baggage systems, the passengers name is often printed on the tag and correlates to the passenger's unique identifier. So, if the bags were in fact off-loaded and segregated, it should be possible for investigators to find and question them. In some cases, shortcuts are taken to avoid a flight delay, and the bags go with the flight. This could have been a catastrophic mistake and a weak point in security.


This is a big area and the the debris field could be small--that might indicate the condition of the the craft--the earth is a big place and it may take some time to locate the site, particularly if the plane was not in its expected location. 


A life jacket is easily termed "flotsam".


I'm curious about the 2 confirmed stolen passports, and the few others that are now "suspect". The media is trying to diffuse the situation by saying that these could be immigrants trying to flee the country. I doubt it.

7:58 PM GMT+0700

East Asia is a well known transit point for refugees traveling to Europe. Passports stolen in Thailand are used to board flights into the EU. One reason for this, is that per EU immigration policy, when you seek asylum, you are automatically deported to the EU country that you first entered. So if you are a refugee and want to seek asylum in one of the refugee-friendly countries, like Sweden, you really don't want to travel the land route and end up in Greece or flee by boat and arrive in Italy. You want your first entry point to be Sweden, which means flying. Right now, six Syrian refugees are in custrody in Phuket, after being caught traveling on stolen Greek passports. If you doubt this, just google it.

8:05 PM GMT+0700

What was intended destination reported in press for the owners of passports. 

Seems like the two planned 8th of March, International Day of Woman, trip of life. 

Our world and what is reported in press about terror are such a big difference.. worth a totally separate article, once this plane is found.

8:05 PM GMT+0700

The business of transporting refugees is large. An EU passport is a pretty valuable commodity. The people holding the passports were more likely trying to start a new life than take the plane down with themselves on it. 
You may have been on flights where people were traveling with stolen documents, but never were aware of it.


Until the aircraft is found, there is no way to determine what happened to it. 

The area to search is huge, it is obvious the authorities do not KNOW where the aircraft may have come down, but that does not mean they are not searching aggressively. From what I can tell, Malaysia is doing the most that a small country can do. 

As to the impatience of the families, their desire to know something is understandable, but they should realize that journalists exploit these stories by setting up conflict. The survivors want answers. Are the authorities doing enough? How can they be when a big modern aircraft is missing with transponders and black boxes with beacons to tell us where it is located? There are unlimited resources out there. Are they all being utilized? Jour 

They watch too much television, on which anything is possible since the script writer controls the story which must be completely told in one hour. While it is tough to be patient, they should accept the most likely scenario: that their loved ones died in an aircraft accident. If it turns out (miraculously) that there are survivors somewhere, then they'll have something to be happy about. Meanwhile, the lack of definitive proof does not justify poor behavior (such as throwing water bottles at an official). Perhaps these officials could do a better job of talking to them, but what do they expect? An instant answer? Something to make them feel better? That won't come until the aircraft is found. A few days either way most likely won't make a difference. The fact that they are the center of attention does not mean the world revolves around them. 

Journalists are not scientists. Their problem: no facts = no reliable story = speculation is all they have. 

Time will tell, as it almost always does. Most of the early reports of any incident like this turn out to be unreliable.

8:13 PM GMT+0700

And cable TV operators like CNN for example just keep hammering away, and because there are no quick answers, they begin speculating. This is not news reporting, it is journalistic sensationalism and it serves no purpose other than to try to raise ratings. Clean up you act Mr. Zucker.

8:30 PM GMT+0700

Isn't that the truth. I have been saying for several years now that the huge number of "news" hours on TV these days has only made things worse. When the so called news channels grab onto a story and run with it, the end result is that it creates unreasonable fear and anger in people. The problem is there really isn't that much real news so these networks grab onto every little morsel and run it into the ground just to get ratings.

dead reckoning

Who were the five people who checked into the flight and then failed to board? 

Why have the authorities failed to make public their names? 

I have traveled thru the KL airport many times - it is modern, efficient and staffed by an expert and courteous staff and backed by excellent security. 

Where are the suitcases authorities took off from the plane? 

What was inside those suitcases? 

Where is the audit trail - remember all checked baggage is issued a baggage tag, complete with bar code, which provides a permanent record. 

Where are the pictures of the two people who boarded the aircraft using stolen passports? 

What does the NRO's satellite imagery and non-photographic sensors show? 

What have the US submarines secretly searching the depths of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand found? 

8:00 PM GMT+0700

What is my aunt Nellie`s first husband`s name?

8:59 PM GMT+0700

These stories seem to bring out the amateur theorists like mice to cheese. Serially asking questions gives the commenter the delusion that they - and only they - have thought to ask these questions. Doesn't matter whether it's this event or a murder in Alexandria, VA, there they are - thinking they have all the questions that should be asked and that apparently only THEY have thought to develop (which isn't true). And where did the submarine come from? The plane suffered something catastrophic either intentional or not - it happened so quickly that there is no debris thus far - and the plane isn't where they are looking for it. That much seems to have been established so far and while it's terrible that the families are experiencing this, there is little the Malaysians or Chinese can do to change that. Now, let's see if the Chinese exploit this tragedy to say "this is why we should control the South China Sea - we wouldn't muck this up like the Malaysians." You just wait and see what they say in about two weeks.

9:00 PM GMT+0700

For example, see the theory below.


Could the plane have been hijacked, flown under the radar and landed secretly at some "friendly" regime? Outlandish, yes, but the mystery still remains. I'd like to believe the pilot pulled a "Sully" and soft-landed leaving no debris only to tragically sink, except that the pilot could have gotten off a mayday in plenty of time.

7:21 PM GMT+0700

Modern airliners have a panic button the pilot can push in the event of a highjack. Since no message was received, a highjack is highly unlikely.

8:03 PM GMT+0700

There is no "hijack panic button." There is a Mode C transponder (i.e. "radar beacon") that transmits a four digit code used to identify an aircraft on radar. One of the codes, 7500, is used to signal that the aircraft has been hijacked. This works only where there is radar coverage and radar coverage is spotty over the South China Sea. This is a major reason why it is so hard to locate the aircraft.

8:33 PM GMT+0700

Do you really think anyone here knows what you mean by Mode C transponder?


Airliners are extremely complex & fragile devices. Basically they're aluminum balloons filled with jet fuel. When they crash it's due to some minor glitch, which kicks off another minor problem, & on it goes until the entire system fails. That's why they usually claim "pilot error", because at some point the pilot makes a bad decision totally unaware there's a catastrophic cascade occurring. 
Attempting to explain what actually happened would take an entire volume, even if condensed. Far more than you have the attention span to read, & far too technical for your limited knowledge. 
So that's why someone always yells "terrorism" (sabotage), it's simpler still.

7:07 PM GMT+0700

Stick to music.

7:17 PM GMT+0700

So what do you know about airliners, flying, or anything?

7:37 PM GMT+0700

Practically nothing–and I have the sense to know that I don't know.

8:32 PM GMT+0700

Meanwhile I passed the FAA exam, & actually have a few hours logged. More significant, I've read dozens of accident reports in full, studied aeronautical engineering, & read Ernest K. Gann's books.

7:10 PM GMT+0700

Perhaps the pilot diverted, flew and crashed a long way from the seach field. There is debris, perhaps hidden in a neighboring jungle, and everyone is looking in the wrong place.

7:32 PM GMT+0700

SE Asia is densely populated. Even if it went into the jungle, there are people around who would have heard it or seen it.

7:19 PM GMT+0700

Please note: Simple explanations are for the simple minded. Go with the evidence, if we ever get any. Until then, reserve judgment & reverse Occam's razor. With aircraft the most complicated & technically tangled explanation is usually the right one.

9:01 PM GMT+0700

you haven't got a damn clue what you're talking about


What I have a problem with is the use of the word terrorism in any way without any evidence that points toward it. Our own local news people also said accident or terrorism. It is just stupid to use the T word when they have no idea as yet why the plane went down. I would certainly think faulty maintenance, or using a knockoff part long before terrorism. 
Media, I know you are always trying to do whatever to improve does saying we don`t know if it was Be responsible...if you want to work for the National Enquirer ...then by all means quit .

Crown His Majesty King Obama

Secretary of State John Kerry reminds us that increases in mysterious plane crashes were predicted by anthropogenic global warming modeling.

7:54 PM GMT+0700

Someone tell the Post to take out the trash. 
The Post is responsible for this site. Clean up the mess, stating with the above post.

8:30 PM GMT+0700

"Crown..." must be one of the people who get a sick sense of empowerment to troll around and make stupid, irrelevant comments. 

And while the 'Crown' troll is trying to do a back handed bash at Pres. Obama people need to look at dictator G.W. Bush lead around by Cheney. A Government Accountability Office report confirms that Bush's use of presidential signing statements have the effect of nullifying the law in question in about 30 percent of cases. Although they've been used by American presidents for about 200 years, signing statements -- edicts issued by the president to declare his intent to construe a provision within a law differently than Congress does -- are constitutionally questionable. But George W. Bush's use of them far exceeds his predecessors', both in number and in severity, and he has consistently used them to flout the will of the legislative branch. 


Could the plane be on an island? I could be wrong, but I think that area is dotted with little islets.

6:43 PM GMT+0700

There is hope, and if it helps, keep praying for that scenario.

7:12 PM GMT+0700

Extremely unlikely. There was no distress signal. That the plane broke apart in midair or fell from the sky uncontrollably seems certain.


The physics of radio and failure of plane electronics would explain away lack of distress signal for a plane that landed "on a dot" surrounded by waters. 

Even if plane broke in midair, distress signal equipment would still be intact and given clear weather requires irrational explanation of being absent. 

stooges explanation is rational, therefore it is correct. 

The question is he seem to speak of it with certainty of knowledge rather than logically trying to arrive to it by going over facts.


Could it be the plane simply plunged intact to the bottom of the ocean and is stuck there somehow?


No, contemporary plane has buoy that would float to the surface of the sea and send distress signal without failure. There are two, to ensure if one is faulty the other one is working. Besides, if plane was plunging from 10 kilometers up, it would have plenty of time for a pilot to say so. The only reason pilot could be silent is he is too busy steering plain with his intestinal fortitude, due to electronics failure. 

The unique case of French Airbus A-320, when buoy wasn't detected involved extreme weather event, an hurricane, which could mess with radio and swing the buoy hundreds of miles away, too. 

In this case weather is clear. So, what you suggest may not have happened.


Well, it is a big ocean. If the plane flew off course before it went down they could be searching all the wrong places.


That's the point, Rick. It was initially reported that plane disappeared over ocean. Well, look at the map of the plane's path. It goes along coastal line with quite unique shoreline.


Planes float if they land intact. Regardless of what Airport '77 tells us.

Tommy Lobotomy
7:20 PM GMT+0700

No, not possible. If plane went into a dive, it would have broken apart, either as it gained speed and wings separated from fuselage, or plane shattered as it hit water's surface at extremely high speed. In either case, ocean's surface would have been littered with debris--probably over very wide area.

Crown His Majesty King Obama

The missing plane is the result of an act of terrorism until proven otherwise. That's the world we live in, that's the most likely explanation.

7:00 PM GMT+0700

Since there is no evidence of that and no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, you obviously have inside intel that you are not sharing with the investigators. As a result, I just reported you to the authorities. Hopefully, WaPo will be cooperative when they investigate you.

7:33 PM GMT+0700

Just ignore him. He's not worth the trouble.


Given that the United States is trying to act as the global policeman, isn't it our responsibility to investigate the accident?? Wouldn't that put our myriad warships, satellites, and three-letter agencies to good use?

6:07 PM GMT+0700

Why so cynical? Do you wake up angry and come here to vent your spleen?

6:32 PM GMT+0700

Your post is so stupid. The United States as are other countries is assisting to recover the wreckage of this disaster. Why do you have a problem with that? Would you post such a remark if one of YOUR relatives was on this ill fated plane. No one is asking for your sympathy since you apparently have none, but you need to keep your thoughts to yourself since they are so stupid.

6:39 PM GMT+0700

Foolish and shallow post. Policeman step in after a crime had been demostrably comitted. Do you have knowledge that this planes loss was the result of a criminal act?


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What is known: 

plane is off the radars. 
no distress signal. 
area under the wing, when plane disappeared, is brimming with small islands, possibly sand masses hiding just under the water surface. 

An rational explanation is plane landed in one whole piece on one of those small landing blocks. 
Lack of sizeable airplane fleet and confusing terrain in the area of search would explain slowness of search progress. 

The big change of known facts is one where area under the wing turned out to be rather dotted with islands than what was initially reported as just "accident over seas".

Smiley Jackson

Still No Sign Of Missing U.S. President on Russian Invasion of Crimea!

6:11 PM GMT+0700

STILL waiting for $arah Palin to lead her NRA militia, invading Russia from her front porch in a flank attack.

6:50 PM GMT+0700

Not to worry - he was in Florida on vacation

7:52 PM GMT+0700

Nothing personal, but this is a stupid post. So now the President is responsible for airline crashes? Actually, I kind of feel stupid for even responding to a moron like you.


Two more possibilities to look at 
1) Pilot tried to soft land on sea and airplane goes underwater unbroken. 
2) Airplane had been shot down by some missile mistakenly, but govts are tight lipped about it.

3:59 PM GMT+0700

or, 3) you are in need of more sleep.

5:44 PM GMT+0700

You sounds like you know a lot more than you are letting on...

Tommy Lobotomy
7:35 PM GMT+0700

Original reports reported Malaysian Air plane had been in the air for more than 2 hours, which is to say had flown across Vietnam and was over South China Sea and approaching coast of China. Then we were told plane had been in air for only 50 minutes. If first report is the more accurate one, it is possible there was some misunderstanding between Air Malaysia crew and Chinese authorities, who are currently extremely sensitive about their air space. There is possibility a Chinese fighter plane approached the plane and though not deliberately caused the accident. In any event, there are grounds for extending search to South China Sea off coast of China. (If this is actually what happened, the Chinese -- and probably the US -- are trying to come up with story that does not cause horrific uproar -- this also may account for inexplicable delay in reporting what actually happened).

7:37 PM GMT+0700

There is a possibility aliens sucked the aircraft into the bay of their spaceship too. There are absolutely no facts to support this speculation.



....would be to head for land. Currently the search is focused on the sea, but a crash in the forest would leave no debris floating, and obscure the wreckage. The search needs to take that into account.

4:00 PM GMT+0700

You also need more sleep.


Three things. 

1. An oil slick does not necessarily denote a crash. Airliners can DUMP fuel in an emergency which can cause this phenomenon. 

2. If there was total electrical failure this may have prevented any distress calls 

3. If there was the time and the capability to control the aircraft, the sensible thing to do would be to hd

6:53 PM GMT+0700

If you dump aviation fuel in the air it will evaporate. That is why even though pilots commonly do this you have never heard of a fuel dump causing a fire or polluting any environment on land