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Royal Sinn Fein Gerry Adams Groupies

If only Lord Mountbatten could see it; Gerry Adams in Armani with all the New York society and British Royal babes chasing after him.
The late Royalist would truly appreciate the Radical Chic transformation of the Royal Sinn Fein King, as he makes his way around Ireland on his EU election lap this week.
Gerry Adams, considered the Royal working class hero by some and a cold stone murderer by the PSNI, is dubbed the King of Royal Sinn Fein by Belfast's Pensive Stones. In his essay ''Radical Adams,'' The Pensive Quil,l who  skewered the Belfast Elite in the 70's, is feting the Republican Royalists, feeding them little morsels of stones on golden trays, held by uniformed sinner maidens. 

Hollywood has also caught up with Buckingham Palace and the Irish terrorist chic. ''King Gerry's got that revolutionary aura, that whiff of cordite, says one Royalist contributor to the Pensive Quill. Bianca Jagger calls him regular at bedtime when Colette's not around, while all the rich British and American society hotties throw themselves at him and he is entertained by it.

This week revolutionary the Irish Republican Royal Socialist will stroll through the elite side of Irish towns, like he did in the New York Stock Exchange, with its chairperson, Richard Grasso. He has regular meetings with top financiers and fund-raisers and celebrities in London, New York, while going to the White House and Buckingham Palace, to see the national security advisers and top British generals. Anjelica Huston, Donald Trump and Martin Sheen, have all partied with Gerry Adams, while groupies including young  teens from across the world, work on the Irish issue. He's their Ho Chi Minh, noted Mike Barnacle, the Boston Globe columnist.
A bit of a change then for Gerry, who formerly like Republican Sinn Fein today, was so isolated, his voice was not even allowed to be broadcast on British or Irish TV or radio. It remains the same today for Real Irish republicans, who are all censored. Real Irish Republicans or socialists do not feed from the  same troughs of Buckingham Palace, they are reserved strictly for the establishment and the elite of John Bull's islands like Royal Sinn Fein.

One top Irish establishment figure praised King Adams by saying ''He took his horse to the highest fence.'' Because the Royal Sinn Fein leader, unlike Republican Sinn Fein, is so smooth, carefully calculating and manipulate from surviving a paedophile home, the official said. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty and danger of being in an organization, known to kill its own,while surrendering Sinn Fein's traditional position of Irish unity for nothing.

Last week King Gerry got a taste of the old days when courtesy of the British Paramilitary Police, the PSNI, Gerry was interrogated for four days, about the murder of the widow McConville, with 10 children, forty years ago. Gerry was back behind bars like the politically interned Irish republicans, he dumped years ago, in the guise of a Peace Process, when in fact, he surrendered their principles of Irish unity and freedom for the Irish people of no property for nothing. 

They along with their comrades,who sacrificed their lives for the Irish Cause, particularly in the last half century did not do so for a Royal Sinn Fein, dining in Buckingham Palace. Neither did the 22 Irish hunger strikers fast to the death, for a leadership feeding from the same Royal British trough. They would surely turn in their graves at the audacity and sheer extent of the betrayal.

 In essence, Royal Sinn Fein have targeted the voters of the middle class and British establishment in Ireland, while dumping their origins with Wolfe Tone's people of no property. They are no longer Republican in the remotest sense of the word, They are simply a group of populist careerist politicians, like their predecessors Fianna Fail, who will only serve the interests of short sighted greed, ignorant self interest, trampling on anything remotely enlightened, inclusive or spiritually abundant for the Irish nation as a whole.

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