Wednesday, 14 May 2014


A Chara,

As I mentioned to you last night, all the Royal sinners after sticking their snouts in the Royal trough at Buckingham Palace, have been instructed to wear their purple ties in honour of Her Majesty's Royal Banquet. Apparently the deal was, that in return for Her Majesty paying her best tailors in Saville Row close to half a million pound sterling to attire Royal Sinn Fein for Her Banquet, they agreed to sport Her purple colours thereafter in honour of Her Majesty.

Saville Row as you know a chara, is a street in Mayfair, central London which the Balcombe Street ASU was quite fond of. Known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, that included Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill, Savile Row was designed by William Kunt Initially, the street was occupied mainly by British military officers and their wives.

Since Royal Sinn Fein accepted the Queen's Shilling, they have been parading around the length and breath of Ireland in their Royal attire. Gerry Kelly and the farmer Murphy from South Armagh, even had the audacity to do an Easter Parade in Newry, where the poor gobsmacked people haven't seen the likes of this Royal attire, since Lord Gerry Fitt and Rory McShane did their twirl before Bobby opened the floodgates in Fermanagh South Tyrone for the people of no property. I cant help but wonder what Bobby and His comrades would think, watching it all today?

Anyway a chara, the latest news, is that Willie Frazier has endorsed Royal Sinn Fein in the forthcoming elections, maintaing that Royalist Sinn Fein is more Loyalist than the DUP themselves and has asked people to vote Royal Sinn Fein, including for his voters to give them their second vote. He has also asked his followers to join the IRA. Please do not share this with too many of your comrades, as it might affect the chances of Royal Sinn Fein in the forthcoming election. Your discretion as always is I know assured, That is all for now a chara,

Keep the Faith,

beir bua
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