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Orange Order Riding the Goat

The vulgar practice of "riding the goat" still constitutes part of many Orange Order ceremonies of initiation in Orange Lodges, in British Occupied Ireland, that has its origin in the superstitions of English antiquity.

The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, depicted their mystical god Pan with horns, hoofs and shaggy hide calling him "goat-footed." This demonology was modified by early Christians, with Pan giving way to Satan, so in the common mind, the devil was depicted as a male goat, best-known for his horns, beard and the cloven hoofs.

Then came the Orangemen and the Orange Order with their belief in orgies, where the devil appeared as and Orangeman in the lodge, wearing a sash ,riding a goat, before he proceeded ride all remaining humans and also engaged in further bestiality with any remaining animals in the lodge. 

These orgies of Orangemen, witches and animals were vulgar, unhygenic, blasphemous ceremonies, that also practiced initiation ceremonies on young virgins, both male and female, into their Satanic rites, with other vulgar, illiterate type Orange Order mysteries, that actually included human blood sacrifice.

A lot of it started in England, being subsequently brought to Ireland to subdue and brainwash the natives, where the Orange Order became accustomed to the practice it in their Orange Lodges "to raise the devil." There are also considerable secrecy rituals which leave the initiate in no doubt, under pain of death about keeping all thee matter secret. 

To this day censorship is practiced in Britain, British Occupied Ireland and the so called Free State from this basis. This goes all the way up to the BBC world service, broadcasting disinformation, copper fastened by the British Official Secrets Act which will destroy any truth teller. The current pedophilia pandemic in Britain, exported to all its former colonies, is best exposed in the Jimmy Savile/BBC scandal, along with the Kincora Boys Home, Dunfermline, Jersey, etc. etc.. It goes on and on and its core is the heart of the Former British Empire in the City of London.

So today we still have the abominable practice of "riding of the goat," which is still widely practiced in British Occupied Ireland. It is also practiced by the freemasons worldwide, that includes  groups like the notorious Skull & Bones group, believed responsible for 9/11, disappearance of MH370, assassination of JFK and of course British War Crimes in Occupied Ireland, such as the Belfast Butchers. Authentic Irish Republicans demand that these practices are banned and the Orange Order disbanded.


Groucho Marx once said he'd never want to join any club that would accept him as a member. For my part, I'd never want to be part of anything sectarian, and unfortunately that's what Orangeism has become. It's time the Order either disbanded, it's been infested by sectarianism - Ulsterman

The Orange Order is an abomination and needs to disband IMHO - Anonymous

" never want to be part of anything sectarian, and unfortunately that's what Orangeism has become." Real Prod

"The Orange Order order has not became sectarian overnight or over recent decades here...they have always been, whether prohibting marriage to a Catholic or whether the fact that a surge in membeship and OO activity in the 18th century 'just happens' to correlate with the granting of a Catholic seminary in Maynooth in 1829 or with the rather late granting of Catholic emancipation...there are loads of Historical precedents one could cherrypick, from riotous behaviour in New york and Austrialia in the 18th century to riotous behaviour now. Just because if in your pa's day there was less riots doesnt make it unsectarian - Anon

An ideological difficulty in trying to define Orangeism, as with Fascism,ideologically its not its as structured as a piece of crap(peanuts included)! - Atheist

Please don't call the Orange Order christian, its not! it was founded by some free masons, which is a non-christian religion. Also orangeism is sectarian and is used by London to divide and conquer the Irish in tribalism blasphemous biblical christianity - Scot

Most Protestant people in Northern Ireland and many parts of Scotland have heard the saying "riding the goat" in regard to one joining the Order Order. But what does this mean? Those who have went through Orangeism's 3rd level the Royal Arch Purple will be familar with what "riding the goat" really signifies.
Before the blindfolded Royal Arch Purple candidate experiences "riding the goat," he is led over to within four or five feet of the front of a purpose-built ladder, symbolising 'Jacob's ladder'.We can see therefore, as the Arch Purple candidate ascends this mysterious ladder, he is taking a blasphemous, symbolic, spiritual journey.The Bible warns, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables" (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

William J Schnoebelen states in 'Beyond The Light' (p. 215), "he [the Mason] is spiritually connected to an organisation whose rites can effortlessly slide into witchcraft and devil worship and fit beautifully! If Freemasonry is so godly, how can it possibly be interchanged by both witches and satanists so freely?" - 

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