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The Lies, Misinformation and Propaganda of the Orange Order

The Lies, Misinformation and Propaganda of the Orange Order This is exclusively a Protestant Association; yet detesting an intolerant spirit, it admits no persons into its brotherhood who are not well known to be incapable of persecuting, injuring or upbraiding any one on account of his religious opinion: its principle is, to aid and assist loyal subjects of every religious persuasion, by protecting them from violence and oppression.” – from “Rules of the Orange Order” available online.

When I was first asked to do a blog, I was flattered, but was very unsure of how to do it. I know it’s basically a type of journalism and Gonzo journalism always appealed to me (putting yourself as the main character and the topic flowing around you – see Louis Theroux or Hunter S Thompson) – but I had no idea how to go about it, in this context.

I thought my first topic should be the Battle of the Boyne, the falsification the Orange Order choose to ignore or deliberately forget. As much as this topic may anger some people it does have it’s merits: arguing with Orangies, being armed with ammo to take them apart, is fantastic in my book. Education is key and we need to know what we’re up against. Hopefully this Blog can help, in some way or another, make the Order a proscribed organisation.

Discrepancies, and Facts, the Order Would Rather People Do Not Know

The Orange Order was created nearly a century after the Battle of the Boyne. It’s true that no one wore Orange Sashes in the battle. Catholics and Protestants fought on both sides as it wasn’t really a sectarian war – it was a war to see who could win the English Throne, by a Scot and a Dutchman fighting in Ireland.

To identify each other, King Billy’s men actually used green (green sprigs in their hats) to know whom they were shooting at. The term “turncoat” stems from battles in this era when men who changed sides would turn their coats inside-out so not to be shot at by new-found comrades.

The Irish had ties – unity even – with France at the time and the pope, temporal monarch of Italy, was an enemy of France and so he sent troops from Spain and Italy to help King William of Orange. Spain and Italy were Catholics. No doubt he wouldn’t have won that battle had it not been for the Pope’s armies. There was also a Papal banner flown by William at the battle, and his victory was celebrated by High Mass in the Vatican..

Discrepancies and propaganda, that the Orange Order are happy to believe or share, goes even further. The famous picture of Billy on his horse, sword in the air, ready to charge, Is a falsification. He was surveying the battle field the night before and a stray musket-ball hit him in the arm, so he was in a sling for the duration of the battle (pity there were no Barret .50 calibres back then).

Even the colour of his horse is up for debate. The pictures used in banners and sycophant servitude that are hung on their walls shows him on a white horse, but knowledge of the time shows that the chances were that he had a brown horse, although this is mainly conjecture.

The Twelfth you Say?

They cannot even get the date correct. The Irony of which is that the have their 12 of July celebrations a day early was in fact down to a Pope: Gregory the Third, if I remember correctly.

In the 3rd Century Anno Domini (I refuse to acknowledge the “CE” (“Common Era” and BCE “Before Common Era), Pope Gregory charged his astrologers to come up with the year and date: known as the Gregorian Calendar. I don’t know what year the BotB was placed at but in the Gregorian Calendar it was placed at the first of July.

When the new calendar was done (technological advances, like high power telescopes instead of working through star movement and placement of the sun) let the world know the exact year.

A leap-year miscalculation was over-looked for quite sometime so when the transfer was made the 1st of July became the 12th although due to this leap-year miscalculation the first should have read the 11th.

So much hatred and “culture” celebrated on the wrong day.

The Orange Order have the problem of tenaciousness. For senior members to know this yet not change matters smacks of ignorance, a betrayal – of sorts – on their own people in the lower ranks who are nothing but sectarian troglodytes anyway.

The Real ‘King Billy’

Historical fact at the time from Jacobites in Scotland portrayed him as a homosexual (which I, as Republican Socialist, have nothing against. In fact, I wish all men were gay as that leaves me the choice of women – I joke of course). Even his biographers are divided on this subject, though someone who marries their first cousin only to have, what I would still call an incestuous child with her, then go to war, and affectively steal the British Throne from her father is not a trustworthy person to say the least.

It’s also rumoured his taste was in young men (at the time there would be no age-limit on working nor would there be any age limit on marriage, to my knowledge – so a “young man” could most definitely be, what we’d refer to as a tween, a child from the age of 11-13 – or someone definitely under 16).

As guilty for his crimes in Ireland he also sanctioned the Glencoe Massacre in Scotland and his legacy would have no doubt influenced the harsh punishments inflicted on Scots during the Catholic Jacobite uprising in 1745, and the Highland Clearances which were not unlike the forced exile Ireland suffered: tartan being banned, bagpipes being banned, Gallic being banned, kilts being banned et cetera).

The hunchback whom Loyalists look up to so much actually died quite an embarrassing death: his horse was startled by a mole and he fell of it and died. Either from an extract from a poem, or a maxim at the time, gave thanks to the “little gentleman in Black Velvet” (I wonder if that’s where the song title comes from?).

Orangemen, Sectarianism and their Evils Through Out the World

We all know how an evil organisation like the Orange Order should be proscribed: Nothing but pure hatred and sectarianism. The Ku Klux Klan were set up by men from the North of Ireland and from Scotland – Protestants and immigrants who were possibley Orange Order members at some point, although this is conjecture on my part, the facts would suggest they had Protestant Supremacy drummed into them from a young age.

What I can tell you is that Orangemen have deluded themselves into believing they are almost a Revolutionary group.

Years ago when I had hiatus from Republicanism, I worked in a call centre where I spoke to someone and we argued, though unheated, as I really wanted to know his side and let people know what nonsense is being told at those Halls.

He told me “’Orangism’ is a system of good for the world”. I asked “where, perchance?” and he told me that South Africa’s Government up until the 80’s were Orange, or employed a system of Orangism.

He was careful not to mention Apartheid, which I jumped on straight away. So the Apartheid Regime took their ethics, morals and policies from the Orange Order. It really does not surprise, does it? It seems this oxymoronic – or should that be moronic - Orange Dogma means WASPs get the best of the best: job opportunities, police protection, theft, robbery and murder. Sounds familiar doesn’t it; like the Orange Order in the North (and in Scotland) which we all know and despise, making sure they secured jobs in Harland and Wolfe (“No Pope Here” it was written, literally, on the walls), issued Pogroms, Gerrymandering and Murder.

First Hand Experience

I did work as an apprentice electrician: the first Catholic to work for the company. I go the job through a college course in February and in September, when the boss would have paid the college to take me on as an apprentice, I was sacked. People were refusing to work with me. A guy from my college class told them I was a Celtic fan and they drew their own conclusions. One 4th year apprentice from the notorious Orange Hole here in Scotland, Larkhall, left when I was taken on. They tried to bait me into political talk too which I refused to do then go whinging to the boss that I was spouting “IRA stuff to the [small] workforce”. Eventually no one would work with me as I was, and I’m not being paranoid, a Catholic.

Us and Them

We believe in a 32 County ,Socialist and Democratic Republic for all – to amend the slogans at the time – “Catholic, Protestant, Agnostic and Atheist”. Simple as. They want division: a right-wing, supremacist group who think all other races are sub-par, that they are beneath them. The paranoia with Catholics is something else: they’re so servile they think we accept autonomy in any form whether it be from Monarchy, the Pope or Totalitarian Communism (I heard reports than Orangies here in the 70’s were card-carrying Communists, not all of course, because a universal Revolution would mean the Vatican would loose all the priceless art work they have). Hopefully at least one Loyalist might read this and think again. Doubtful as these people are told what to do and when, and don’t have any ego – in the psychological sense – at all


The quote at the beginning, probably taken from their own rule-book, is full of contradictions and unashamed bigotry.Note they say “it’s for everyone from every religious background”, but this must mean non-Catholics, non-Muslims, Non-Jewish etc. Also, it says “It admits no persons into it’s brotherhood who are not well known to be incapable of persecuting, injuring, or upbraiding anyone on account of his religious opinion” which to me says “unless you are full of hatred toward all religions bar non-Catholic Christianity then you cannot be a member.

A running theme seems to be lower members are probably kept in the dark and ignorant as possible. This is an organization who thrives on marching through areas they are unwanted in, to a cacophony of anti-Catholic music, as some sort of supremacist march: we all know now if it wasn’t for Catholics from Spain and Italy there would have been no victory for them.

Even if that was not the case, we are talking about an event which happened 324 years ago. The world was appalled at Apartheid, and segregation in the Southern States if the USA and would not put up with the KKK marching through Harlem or any other district in the USA, specifically Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Compton or anywhere else. Shockwaves would reverberate around the world so why should we suffer this intolerance which goes much further than some drums and flutes? It’s far more deep seated and penetrates every day life from employment to housing From internment by remand to blatant flaunting of the law by ex-loyalist prisoners.

Ignorance and hatred is what keeps the Order thriving. I’ve heard the most peaceful marches take place in Donegal so in a United Ireland they’d be free to celebrate this “culture” they keep rambling on about”, though the facts would havew to be part of the schools’ curriculum.

Pól "Sandsy" Ó Seachnasaigh

Post Script

It's come to my attention that readers from around the world may find it a little difficult in imagining such an atrocity as the Orange Order, so I decided to update my Blog with a bit of a cross-comparison.

I find the easiest way to show the world what the Order is will be to compare them to the KKK, the South African Apartheid Government (who actually were "Orange" and I've even heard they have Orange marchers there but it definitely wouldnt be to celebrate the Queen of England; Protestantism, yes, White Supremacy - undoubtedly -but not the Brit Crown) and the Israelis.

What I hate is that if the KKK tried to march through an Afro/Caribbean-American ghetto the media would be everywhere and I mean world-wide media but really, what is the difference between the KKK and the Orangemen?

Both believe they are superior, that White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants are somehow better than everyone else. A lot live in poverty - that whole stereotypical redneck racist in a trailer park somewhere in Alabama, and have a pot in which to piss, yet have extreme right wing views... I mean, the comparisons could go on for days. I have an Italian-American friend who told me that some WASP churches in the Southern US States hate Catholicism more than anything else (and that's saying something). He said the Catholic Church is viewed to them as "Satanic" becaused us Catholics pray to Saints and they think praying to a person is akin to worshipping the Devil: idolitary at it's most extreme - yet seeing themselves as superior to Afro-Carribbean descendants isn't idolising themselves, not to mention the fact they'd like to lynch and enslave black people like happened in the past? Of course I dont mean all WASPs in the Southern States; just those who think they're superior in any way.

Add to the fact the Apartheid Government South Africa were Dutch and believed in this "Orangeism" concept... a segregation for white Protestants who have first class citizenship - and another for the Africans themselves.

The Unionists/Loyalists/Orangies had Catholic pogroms going on, gerrymandering, denial of civil rights for Catholics. The difference is that the world boycotted and shamed South Africa's Apartheid to disband (I know I'm simplifying things with that comment) and got the USA to totally turn against the KKK bar some creationist nut-jobs, but why isnt the same being done against the Orange Order? Culture and Heritage? The Europeans had a culture and heritage of killing and suppressing Africans. The KKK had a culture and heritage of lynching Afro/Caribbean-Americans, so "culture and heritage" goes out the window when it infringes on the rights of others!

The South African Apartheid Orangemen were as bad as the Brits in the North, or Ireland.

Their version of the FBI was called the Bureau of Strategic Service so the acronym "B.O.S.S." would be used and we all know it's a slavery terminology.

No country in the world really wanted to trade with the Apartheid Government, least of all weaponry. The personification of Satan, in the guise of Thatcher was different though: she actually supported the Apartheid regime (as well as tyrannical despot Augusto Pinochet) saying, and I paraphrase, "South Africa [Apartheid Government] needs to be given the carrot as we cannot always use the stick [the United Nations I assume]" South Africa became masterful at copying and manufacturing their own weapons from RPGs, Assault Rifles of all kinds, Pistols, sub-machine guns.

It was these copied weapons, some better made than the originals, which found their way into the hands of the UDA, themselves helped by the top of British Intelligence, the Force Research Unit (FRU) - the shadowy, insidious and, for a long time officially non-existent, "brother" of MI5.

It was they who asked Nelson to join the ranks of the UDA. Nelson brought loads of weaponry and ammunition, including RPGs - from South Africa to the North, in two cars. One of which was seized but one got through; the UDA's cargo was caught but the UVF halved their own shipment with the UDA (The UVF were always very willing to let the UDA take credit for murders and bombings which they themselves had carried out - no doubt so they could escape judicial repercussions and continue to make money through extortion, drug dealing and ripping off the Crown they "love" so well for Tax. "God and Ulster"? more like "For Gold and Treasure").

I think the disgusting tale of Nelson, the FRU/MRF and collusion is definitely the topic of another blog as there is so much that needs detailed.

Indeed the abused seem to turn abuser. Not all the time and when Ireland is reunited I think the IRA should exist in the shadows so that people used to being oppressed don't turn into oppressors themselves, and to make sure the government of Ireland remains incorruptible.

As I said above about the oppressed turning oppressors: concentration camps were invented by the Brits in the Boer War in South Africa in the 1890s, and we know how bad the European South Africans became (imagine it in the hands of the Brits? Nelson Mandela would probably have been disappeared, not jailed).

The Jews were sent to concentration camps/extermination camps (although so did communists and gypsies) and Israel is now the most right-wing near-Nazi/Fascist country in the world;Look at how they treat the poor Palestinians and the justification: "the Torah [Jewish oly book, largely the Old Testament to Christians] said we're entitled to it"? Really? A book written thousands of years ago which says adulterous women should be stoned to death.

The plans for Israel were drawn up in 1919 by Lord Balfour. The council who voted the Balfour Declaration only had one person against setting up a Jewish state - and that ,man was Jewish himself. The existence of Israel is antisemitic itself because it means that "Jews come from Israel" so then American Jews aren't really American, Irish Jews aren't really Irish etc. But if you want the best example of the oppressed turning oppressor look no further than your local police unit. Next time you are pulled, the cheekiest policeman out of the bunch was 99% chance bullied at school. Probably has a big nose or big ears, something noticeable. They hide behind badges, like people hide behind governments. Governments should always be afraid of the people and it should never be the other way around.

Anyone who wants to be join the police or become a politician should be instantly disqualified from doing this job for the sol fact they want to do it. Police and Politicians give people a certain amount of power over others and the fact they want this power should mean they can never be anywhere near it. Power corrupts and people looking for that little bit of power are more susceptible to corruption, in my eyes anyway. Yes a United Ireland will need police and politicians, but maybe the wee woman who's known everyone in her area all her, and their, life would know who'd be best at the job? I'll even begin the slogan - "Policemen/women and Politicians in a United Ireland: Applicants Need NOT Apply".

Sources: “Irish” by John Burrowes”

Glue by Irvine Welsh

The UDA: Inside the Heart of Loyalist Terror by Henry McDonald and Jim Cusack

My own memory, conversations I’ve had and bit’s I cannot remember the source, like the reference to the mole.

The quote at the top was found online as “rules for the Orange Order” but in a criticising way, from the website “rules of the Orange Order”, typed from Yahoo search engine.


State Sponsored Terrorism Part 1: MI5, FRU, MRF And The DET: The Brits Most Sinister Weapon.

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