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Orangemen are a peculiar, primordial, phenomena of history, that includes anger, hatred, sectarianism, racial supremacy, colonialism, evil rituals, controversy and pain.Founded in County Armagh, it started as a Protestant organization, based predominantly in British Occupied Ireland, it eventually had lodges throughout the British Commonwealth, Canada and in the United States.
The Orange Order originates from a seventeenth century battle of supremacy between Protestantism and Catholicism.William of Orange, originally of the Netherlands, led the fight against Catholic King James at the Battle of the Boyne.

The Orange Order is best known for holding parades, called the Orange Walk, mainly in Ulster, Scotland and Canada. The parades take place through a very long, heated, inflammatory marching season, asserting white Protestant, British, racial supremacy, climaxing on the 12th of July. Its origin in Armagh, was a microcosm of late 18th Century Ireland, with three major religious denominations represented there, in roughly equal proportion, a Catholic majority in the poorer south, an Episcopalian majority in the north, and Presbyterians more numerous across the middle.
Each group had a corresponding ethnic identity, Irish-Catholic, Scots-Presbyterian and English-Episcopalian. This  finely balanced religious demography, accounts for persistent sectarian tensions there, which eventually spread elsewhere.

Because of their numbers, native Irish Catholics appeared threatening to their British planted Protestant neighbours, while in counties Antrim and Down Catholics were a clear minority. The Presbyterian farmers of Antrim and Down at one stage, embraced the union of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter in the United Irishmen of Presbyterian origin. In Armagh it was different. When the Masonic lodges of Antrim, Down, Derry and Tyrone endorsed parliamentary reform in the winter of 1792-3, the Armagh masons condemned them. Reform was denounced, as it was too similar to a campaign at that time for Catholic emancipation, being too close for comfort for some,

Orange Lodge No 1 was created, following a violent clash, between armed Protestant bands and Catholic Defenders, at a crossroads village, named the Diamond, beside the village of Loughgall. There were 30 Catholic Defenders killed on that Monday, 21 September 1795, while thee no Protestant fatalities.The Battle of the Diamond was one of the most bloody, in a sequence of skirmishes, between Protestant Peep O' Day Boys and Catholic Defenders, stretching back to the mid-1780s. The ”Battle of the Diamond” only lasted fifteen minutes, centered in Dan Winter”s Bar, which was located at the Diamond crossroads. It resulted in Winter”s premises being burnt to the ground by the Catholics,  known as ”the Defenders”. The public house was the focus of the attack as it was the gathering house for the Protestant militia, the Peep O Day Boys.

Then the local gentry families, such as the Blackers and the Verners, got involved with the Orange Order and these men of property effected a take-over within 18 months, culminating in the establishment of a Grand National Lodge boasting several peers and prominent Protestant ultras, in Dublin in 1798.
These English gentry used the Order as vehicle to divide nd conquer the ordianry Irish, reasserting leadership with that division, over a volatile tenantry. Generals Lake and Knox harnessed the Orangemen and used them, as a counter-insurgency force, during a period of class crisis much the same as is happening today in British Occupied Ireland.

Over 2,000 Orangemen marched on the first 12 July commemoration at Lurgan-Portadown in 1796, with estimates for the 1797 membership census, rising to 80,000, many of whom were also  enrolled, in the British Government's sponsored YeomanryThe Orange Order of today draws members from all classes of Protestant society in Ireland. Its members are required to give their allegiance to the principles of Protestantism. The Orange Order is Loyalist, strongly supporting the Monarchy of England over Ireland, which is naturally a problem for Irish people. Politically, the Orange Order pulls all the strings 
of puppet  Unionist politicians to this day, passionately promoting a Union with Great Britain, against the wishes of the vast majority of the Irish people.

The Orange Order seeks to uphold the rule and ascendancy of a Protestant monarch in Ireland. Its membership criteria, is that an applicant be Protestant. The order is organized in what are called, 'lodges'. Lodges, created when members wish to set them up, with many linked to British military postings, worldwide. At the heart of the Orange Order is the right to parade anywhere, even when those parades standing for a Protestant Monarchy supremacy in Ireland, causes considerable offence. Unionist Members of Parliament are drawn from the ranks of the loyal orders. Almost every minister in the British Occupied Ireland government from 1921 until the imposition of Direct Rule in 1972 belonged to the Orange Order. The Orange Order has faced considerable scrutiny from everyone, except the British authorities, with regards to most members displaying an ambiguous or often dual membership or relationship, towards loyalist paramilitary sectarian murderers and their activities.

Early in the 1992, loyalist gunmen killed five Catholics, who were in a betting shop on Ormeau Road in Belfast. Months later, a parade along the road sparked fury when some of the Orangemen present made “five-nil” hand gestures as they passed the murder scene, This being just one example of the norm, Their initial decision to reject the Good Friday Agreement placed the organization closer to the DUP, rather than the more moderate, pro-agreement Ulster Unionists, with many members asserting, that the Orange order had become far too political and sectarian.

The routes of Orange Order marches, take on a symbolic meaning for communities. The annual stand-offs over routes, put the organization at loggerheads with most law abiding Irish communities. The Orange Order, however, has accused the native Irish of bad faith but in 2000, one senior figure, said that the Orange Order was losing moderate members, because it was increasingly dominated by 'ignorance and malevolence'.
Images of Orange regalia, with loyalist paramilitary sectarian murderers in the background, are causing the Order big problems, he said. When leading, loyalist paramilitary, Johnny Adair, turned up at protests, it did little to dispel accusations from Catholic critics, that the organization was now essentially paramilitary.

The secret Satanic spirituality of the Orange Order is now also under further scrutiny.Their brands of Satanism, whether theistic or LaVeyan being highly materialistic and carnal, recognizing the humans as animal and encouraging the most dark primal tendencies is disturbing for many. The welfare and happiness in their selfishness comes first, ahead of the welfare of others. While the Order publicly may condemn violence, it does however in many cases venerate basic natural instincts, that are often perverse, while placing a strong focus on survival, power, self-indulgence, and materialism, taking an elitist stance on stupidity and evil in the process.

The nucleus of their evolving, ruling class, religious views are definitely have a political and economic rationale, for elitist criminality. Many of the most brutal human endeavors in Ireland have been underpinned by the Orange Order form of religious zealotry and bigotry. In the mind of the modern Loyalist bigot the Orange Order, provides spiritual legitimacy for what otherwise is, to say the least morally questionable behaviour.

The secret Orange Order has particularly of late, evolved into practicing the secret evils of Freemasonry. It is also practicing the Masonry’s Satanism along with ancient pagan mystery cults, that includes the common practice of human child sacrifice. The inner doctrines of its secret societies provide a theological foundation for Judea/Christian heresies that enable such, while their selective use of Kabbalism and Gnosticism are also using ,selective “scientific” legitimacy, mixed with Gnostic myth, for all sorts of sadistic, evil ceremonies . As evolutionary, progressive, thought grow, variants of their Satanism often in the form of secular humanism serve to disinform. The rise of several cults as exemplified by the Tara group and the Shankill Butchers being just better known examples  of their various mystical sects and Irish counterculture. The metastasis of Orange Order thinking, continues politically in warped Unionism to this very day.

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