Wednesday, 2 July 2014


A Ku Klux Klan flag was erected in east Belfast this week after a spate of racist attacks have taken place. This is the same loyalist part of Belfast where Conor Murphy and the Belfast Butchers carved up numerous innocent Catholics and left bits of them all over Belfast, its not clear if the Londonderry butcher Martin McGuinness helped as a cross community token of solidarity.

Unlike Royalist Sinn Fein, Naomi Long of the Alliance Party said: "It is essential that every right-thinking person unites against those who engage in racist, bigoted or otherwise intolerant behaviour and does so with consistency.

It is also critical that the all-party talks this week stop ducking the issue of the use and abuse of flags and emblems for the purposes of intimidation, and face up to dealing substantively with this challenge to a shared future and to the rule of law.”

Last year 982 racist incidents were reported to the RUC/PSNI, an average of three every day but the British paramilitary police with the full support of Royalist Sinn Fein, prosecuted just 12 of them.

The PSNI with the full support of Royal Sinn Fein said it would not be taking the Ku Klux Klan flag in East Belfast down and that it would instead adopt "a multi-agency approach," whatever the phuck that means. When asked if a hate crime had been committed or not, the British Paramilitary and Royal Sinn Fein police said they could not comment.

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