Tuesday, 28 October 2014


On March 6, 1988 in Gibraltar, the British SAS SWAT fired without warning, killing three young unarmed IRA volunteers.Among the victims was also Mairead Farrell, certainly the female figure more representative of Irish republicans. Mairead is one of ten women martyrs for freedom told them ,"The legacy of Antigone" , Here's an excerpt from the book:

The first bullet caught in the face and knocked to the ground. Then they reached the other shots in the back, finendola. Was twenty minutes past four Gibraltar was lit by a pale sun of March. A local woman had unwittingly witnessed the execution. Some time later, unearthed and interviewed by a television crew, recalled: "those (men of the security forces) have done nothing but get close and shoot. They did not say anything, did not cry out, did not notice these people to surrender. And they, when they turned to see what was going on, they realized that they no longer escape. " Mairead Farrell was massacred with eight bullets, all went to sign the head and back, a little more than a meter away. On the ground next to her, in the pitch of the gas station became a slaughterhouse, the bodies were riddled with bullets of his fellow Daniel McCann and Sean Savage . All three were unarmed and could easily be arrested. Instead they were finished while they were on the ground, helpless and wounded, with more bullets fired at close range. The British government had sent to Gibraltar SWAT SAS with the clear intent to kill and give a memorable lesson to the IRA, the Irish Republican Army...

Your mind is your greatest weapon....Mairead Farrell

Your heart is your greatest weapon, but it is also your weakest defense.

Your heart will try to change your mind but your mind knows what's best for you. Sonya

In the mind, your mind controls your heart, in reality, your heart controls your mind. Wes

What consumes your mind, controls your life.

Take a step back. Clear your mind. Refresh your perspective.

Your mind is your weapon, your power. Your thoughts are powerful enough to move the world... you just have to believe they are.

If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.

Never to forget, your mind is greater than our mighty universe...

If your mind is pure, all buddha-lands are pure.

Your mind is continuously projecting projecting itself

Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart

The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results.

Remember your mind is a constant generator of thoughts, so providing negative energy to your mind will lead your mind to create negative thoughts. So provide your mind with positive energy,so your mind can create positive thoughts.Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Your biggest enemy isn't always the one holding the gun waiting to pull the trigger or the one you think hating or against you the most, your biggest enemy is sometimes your own self what you think in your mind is what you answer back to and take it as.

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