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A vital part of Orange culture in Ireland, is called 'Riding the Goat,' which is a critIcal part of the initiation ceremony, of joining the Orange Order. The reason it is so vitally important, is that like all freemason groups, secrecy is the most important part of the brethern, for both business, political and terrorist reasons. Before and after their various ceremonies annually they often kill at least a few Catholics, accompanied by many beatings of vulnerbale Catholics. It is a culture built to terrorize the native Catholics and as the heading of this page demonstrates, the message remains constant, 'Croppies Lie Down.' 

If the natives retaliate, they are immediately locked up in prison by their paramilitary police for many years, who almost always, look the other way at Orange Order activity, as many of them are secret members, as are almost all of the politicians, ruling the colonial statelet. This initiation cermeony has been going on for so long, that it is now in their genes, as are the victimization charateristics of the native population, after eight centuries of colonial rule. I have my own nightmares myself, as strange as all of this may seem to the outsider. 

I recall as young child growing up in the west of Ireland, waking up regularly, with the same re-occurring nightmare, that I never could understand, until not too many years ago, I read the details of our Irish Holocaust, not taught in our schools, of what actually happened, during the Irish Holocaust. I always experience extreme loneliness, a sense of isolationa and a sense of intense loss, as I travel through the west of Ireland and particulary by train, where you can still view the desolation. It feels so empty, like it has been emptied and robbed of it's vitality. 

While many visitors may find it beautiful, I mostly felt it was still in mourning, for its terrible loss, not just during our holocaust but our still inexusable emigration of so much life, a theme of sadness and yearning, which can be found underlying most of our music, if you listen carefully. I will return to that in a moment, with a second article further down. I learned also many years ago, after I stopped drinking, that you better develop a sense of humour, with regards to Irish politics or you will not last very long, otherwise it will at least drive you to alcoholiism, if not insanity. I do not intend to offend readers ut my often black humour is a survial technique. Brendan Behan expressed it all best, when he wrote, Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis. I believe he is correct and both are related to their holocausts. He too recommended infinding the humoour indaily life to survibe Ireland's ongoing tragedy.

Anyway to get back to what we carry in our genes, and please forgive me again, if I do have a perverse sense fun about this particular item. Yes, I must still have our psychosis. Apparently a third generation of Orange descendants of the Orange Order populate Wichita County, Texas, where a married Texan woman, had the shock of her life, yesterday morning, as she surfied the web. She found a video of her husband, having sex with his real sweetheart, yes you guessed it, a Billy Goat, as we call a male goat in Ireland. I'ts called grabbing the goat by the horns in Texas and Riding the Goat by Orangemen in ireland.

She discovered the secret love in the sex life of her husband, who was regularly uploading the porngraphic videos of his goat bestiality, on his YouTube account and sharing them to his Orange Orange buddies and Orange Order brethern in Ireland. Oh if these Orange wives only knew the half of the extent and consequences of it, as their Taig neighbours do, the unhygenic nature of it all, aside from undestanding their many trips to the doctors and probable venereal condition, would there be hell to pay.

His wife said, “He was always so affectionate with animals. I would never have imagined any of this in my whole life,” as she was clearly in a state of extreme shock at her discovery. Well I wish her all the best on her next trip to the clinic and I would advise all you Lillies out there, to check your pussy cat immediately and get to a hsopital for tests, as soon as possible. Many animals carry HIV and all sorts serious, serious conditions. Ebola was first contracted from animals in bestiality like goats. So check out your husnband's secrets and then your nearest Emergency Hospital Department. 

These disgusting, bestial videos, now been removed from YouTube and have helped put the 42-year-old Orangeman, from the picture above in prison, as should all Ornagemen who committed this most heinious crime, against the poor defeceless billygoats they have raped, in their initiation ceremonies. According to her husband's personal diary, she learned, that her husband had raped other farmyard animals, having sexual intercourse with many of animals on the the family farm, such as lambs and even the the Xmas turkey. I don't wish to spoil you Xmas dinners and their possible contents, but I do know this occurs on awid scale, down in the parts of Armagh, that Willie Frazier comes from, because it was observed, when they were under surveilance, as I learned personally, from the photos that were thrown in front of me, when I was regularly taken for interrogation in Gough barracks. 

Bestiality is way of life, widespread within the Orange Order communities over generations. So it's not just the Catholic communites who have problems with child abuse. Of course the added culture of fear imposed by the British mentoring sectarianism, while the Orange Order culture od secrecy, ensures the sick code of silence that enables t, is not broken. Perhaps William Frazier might consider demonstrating some backbone, ethics or testicles by focussing his ivestigations in his own backyards and exposing it. 

The systemic abuse of both chldren and animals, is cultivated and mentored by the British intelligence services, to groom future compliant poiticians since they did a deal with the Catholic church, when Maynooth College was first established to educate priests. Up to that time the Catholic Celtic Church which was pushed undergound with Penal Laws, had been the defenders of the native population. This continues to this day, if you don't take my word for, it go do your own research. I would appeal to the American Irish community in particular, to help organise the removal of the British source of this secret, sick colonial, cancerous culture out of Ireland immediately. Below is a comprehensive article on the Irish Holocaust from the website, 

Toll of Irish Holocaust. 

The 1841 census of Ireland revealed a population of 10,897,449. This figure includes the correction factor established by that year's official partial recount. When, between 1779 and 1841, the U.S. population increased by 640 percent, and England's is estimated to have increased, despite massive emigration to its colonies, by 100 percent, it is generally accepted that Ireland's population increase was 172% 10. The average annual component of this 172% increase is x in the formula (1+ x)62 = 1 + 172%; thus 0.0163, or 1.63%. Accepting that this 1.63% rate of annual population increase continued until mid-1846 (one human gestation after the late-1845 beginning of removal of Ireland's food), the 1846 population was 11,815,011. 
Assuming that rate continued, the population in 1851, absent the starvation, would have been approximately 12,809,841. However; the 1851 census recorded a population of 6,552,385; thus there was a "disappearance" of 6,257,456. This population-loss figure of 6,257,456 is scarcely susceptible to significant challenge, being derived directly from the British government's own censuses for Ireland. It is reasonable to assume that the rigor established in the recount of 1841 became the standard for the 1851 census; so that any residual undercount would be systemic, affecting 1841 and 1851 proportionately (and, if known, would increase the murder total). These 6,257,456 include roughly 1,000,000 who successfully fled into exile and another 100,000 unborn between 1846 and 1851 due to malnutrition-induced infertility. Of the 100,000 who fled to Canada in 1847, only 60,000 were still alive one month after landing.11 Among the 40,000 dead was Henry Ford's father's mother who died en route from Cork or in quarantine on Quebec's Grosse Ile.
Thus; though from 1845 through 1850, 6,257,456 "disappeared," the number murdered is approximately 1.1 million fewer; i.e., 5.16 millions. Consequently; if Britain's census figures for Ireland are correct the British government murdered approximately 5.16 million Irish men, women and children; making it the Irish Holocaust. This number, 5.16 million, exceeds the high end of the range (4.2 to 5.1 million) of serious estimates of the number of Jews murdered by Nazis. The least reliable component of the foregoing arithmetic is the number assumed to have successfully fled. If the fleers who survived prove to number, say, 900,000 instead of 1,000,000, the murder count will have to be corrected from 5.16 to 5.26 millions. This amount of adjustment, up or down, of the 5.16 millions murdered is determinable by sensitive review of the immigration records of the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Australia; and of government records on the Irish who fled to Britain at the time. We invite bona fide documentation of the foregoing; whether in confirmation or rebuttal. Economists and historians are disqualified if their published work on the events of 1845-1850 covers up the British army's central role therein. Such individuals lack the standing to participate in this truth-quest. 
To our knowledge nobody else has ever published the above arithmetic or named the food removal regiments and battleships.Evidence that other truth-telling accounts exist would be greatly appreciated. Irish academia shuns and slurs Tom Gallagher's Paddy's Lament and Englishwoman Cecil Woodham-Smith's The Great Hunger for mentioning the Food Removal. Woodham-Smith fudged, but not enough to satisfy the cover-up cabal. For example; she reported that the 1841 partial recount established a correction factor of one-third for the 1841 census figure; but she used the uncorrected figure to calculate! By this and other fudges she arrived at a population-loss of only 2.5 million. She allocated only half a page to the core facts of the Genocide; the food removal data, while using some two hundred pages to describe British government "relief measures" as if they were something other than cosmetic exercises; a cover-up. But just as Telefis Eireann out-Britished Yorkshire TV by refusing to co-premiere the latter's 1993 exposé of the 5/17/74 British bombings of Dublin/Monaghan streets that murdered 33 and maimed 253; and as the Irish police menace the survivors of that bombing instead of arresting the known British perpetrators; so do Irish historians out-British Woodham-Smith by ostracizing her for exposing the Food Removal. They out-do themselves in describing the "benefit" of the Irish Holocaust; how Britain reduced poverty in Ireland ( by murdering those it had impoverished! They promote the notion that only the blighted potato crop belonged to the Irish while Ireland's abundant livestock, grains, etc., all "belonged" to mostly absentee English landlords. By that insane standard all of the property and production of Europe and Asia, excepting starvation rations for workers, would belong to W.W.II GIs and their heirs (or to the Axis had it won). 
Irish are not guilty. Though many Holocaust Irish, like many, say, Auschwitz Jews, took deadly advantage of their own weakest, neither the Irish nor Jewish communities had hand or part in the conceiving and planning of the genocides from London and Berlin; respectively. But, the German government repented and paid $100 billion (dollars) reparations to Jews while the British government and its Dublin surrogates still use terror and slander against those who commemorate the Irish Holocaust. It is still dangerous - after 150 years - to reveal the truth of it...

Nollaig Shona Daoibh and don't forget to check your turkey! 
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